Subaru to Cease Production of 2024 BRZ in Japan, Prepares for 2025 Update

Subaru has announced the nearing end of production for the 2024 model year (MY) BRZ in Japan, prompting enthusiasts to take notice. However, this development doesn’t spell the end for BRZ availability in other markets. Current stock will still be accessible through local dealerships, offering potential buyers a window of opportunity.

Not leaving BRZ fans in the lurch, Subaru plans to unveil a mildly updated version as early as July 2024. The refreshed 2025 model year BRZ for the domestic market will focus on new features rather than significant design changes.

One notable update for the six-speed manual version is the inclusion of a Sport mode, previously exclusive to automatic models. This mode, inspired by the Super Taikyu racing series, offers adjusted throttle settings. Additionally, Active Sound Control will now adapt automatically based on the selected drive mode, mirroring functionality found in automatic transmission models.

Enhancements for the six-speed automatic BRZ include broader RPM range coverage for manual downshift options, offering greater flexibility and control. Other improvements encompass optional Brembo brakes, STI-tuned suspension, tyre pressure monitoring, and a slight update to the turn signal lever. The 2.4-litre naturally-aspirated boxer engine is expected to retain its output of 232hp and 250Nm of torque in the Japanese-spec BRZ, albeit with an updated ECU.

While the trim structure remains unconfirmed, popular versions like the entry-level BRZ Cup Car Basic and the flagship STI Sport are anticipated to continue.

But the excitement doesn’t end with Subaru alone. Toyota is set to release a slightly updated GR86 in July 2024, likely incorporating similar enhancements as the BRZ. Additionally, a new special edition named the Ridge Green Limited will debut exclusively in Japan, limited to 200 units. Featuring a green hue inspired by the AE86, bronze 18-inch wheels, red brake callipers, Sachs dampers, and a tan interior, this edition promises a unique offering for enthusiasts.

As one chapter closes for the Subaru BRZ, another begins, promising enthusiasts an exciting journey with the refreshed 2025 model year BRZ and its array of updates.

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