BMW 3 Series and 4 Series Receive Alpina Power Boost

Alpina, the renowned automaker famed for its unique blend of luxury and performance, has unveiled the GT versions of its B3 and B4 models. This move caters to BMW enthusiasts desiring a sophisticated package that delivers M-like performance.

The new GT models boast a significant power boost. The twin-turbocharged inline-six engine now delivers 529hp, an increase of 34hp, and 729Nm of torque. This positions the Alpina B3 GT sedan and B3 GT Touring, along with the B4 GT Gran Coupe, on par with BMW’s M3 Competition models.

Alpina has attributed this power increase to revised engine mapping. The enhanced performance allows the B3 GT sedan to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.4 seconds. The B3 GT Touring and B4 GT Gran Coupe achieve this in 3.5 seconds. All models feature power distribution to all four wheels through a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission.

Visually, the GT versions maintain a subtle yet distinctive look. They feature small canards and a front splitter, along with a redesigned black diffuser and new exhaust tips. Alpina’s signature shades of blue and green are available, alongside a broad range of BMW Individual colours. The Alpina badging is prominent on both the exterior and interior, including the GT script in Oro Tecnico.

The B3 GT is offered in both sedan and wagon trims. These models, based on the 3 Series, sport the smaller grille compared to the M3, providing a different aesthetic choice for buyers. The B4 GT, available in Gran Coupe format, shares the same power and performance enhancements.

These models will be exclusive to the European market, with deliveries starting in November. Pricing begins at 101,700 Euros (RMRM518,008) for the B3 sedan, 102,900 Euros (RM524,098) for the B3 Touring, and 105,100 Euros (RM535,348) for the B4 GT Gran Coupe.

The new GT versions from Alpina offer a compelling alternative for BMW buyers seeking a luxurious yet powerful driving experience. With M-level performance and unique Alpina styling, these models provide a sophisticated option in the high-performance vehicle segment.

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