New Mini Cooper 5 Door Joins the Mini Family with 204hp

A few months after the introduction of the new Mini Cooper 3 Door, the five-door version has been added to the lineup. The Mini Cooper 5 Door promises the brand’s trademark driving enjoyment, additional space, and unique functionality, combining traditional and modern styling with innovative assistance systems.

With dimensions of 4,036mm in length, 1,744mm in width, and 1,464mm in height, the new model maintains a compact footprint while maximising interior space for five passengers. The wheelbase is 72mm longer, and the body is 172mm longer than the 3-door variant, enhancing comfort and space for occupants. The design features short overhangs, clear surfaces, and distinctive accents, giving the car its characteristic Mini charm.

Innovative Interior and Design

The interior of the Mini Cooper 5 Door offers a spacious and comfortable environment for all passengers. The 60:40 folding rear seats increase the luggage capacity from 275 litres to 925 litres. The new design language, “Charismatic Simplicity,” integrates traditional values with modern technology, featuring a Minimalistic front with iconic round headlights and an octagonal front grille.

The new model is available in eleven body colours with three roof options, including a unique multi-tone gradient. Four trims—Essential, Classic, Favoured, and JCW—allow for extensive personalisation. The JCW trim, in particular, emphasises the sporty heritage of Mini with exclusive design elements and a Chili Red contrasting roof.

Advanced Technology and User Experience

Inside, the new Mini features a high-resolution central OLED display, now closer to the driver for ease of use. The Mini Operating System 9 offers intuitive control over vehicle functions via touch or voice. The Minimalist interior design includes innovative materials like recycled polyester textiles, creating a modern and airy atmosphere.

The Mini Experience Modes transform the interior with matching colour schemes and patterns, while the Mini Intelligent Personal Assistant provides voice-controlled navigation and vehicle functions. The new Mini also includes advanced driver assistance systems, such as Parking Assistant Plus and the Mini Digital Key Plus, enhancing convenience and safety.

Performance and Efficiency

The new Mini Cooper 5 Door is powered by two petrol engines. The Cooper C’s three-cylinder engine produces 156hp, achieving 0-100 km/h in 8.0 seconds, while the Cooper S’s four-cylinder engine generates 204hp, reaching 0-100 km/h in 6.8 seconds. Both engines balance dynamic performance with efficiency.

Both models deliver the signature Mini go-kart feel, complemented by precise steering and powerful brakes. The car’s compact size and small turning circle of 11.4 meters make it ideal for urban environments.

The car’s suspension and damping system are fine-tuned for spirited handling, providing a blend of comfort and precision. Optional adaptive suspension with frequency-selective damping further enhances the driving experience. The new Mini Cooper 5 Door also features larger 16 to 18-inch wheels, improving both visual presence and ride comfort.

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