Fleet Card Initiative Supports Public Transport Operators Amid Rising Diesel Prices

The implementation of the Subsidised Diesel Control System (SKDS) programme has received positive feedback from school and express bus operators in Malaysia, who credit the fleet card for helping them maintain current fare levels without imposing additional costs on users.

Benefits of SKDS Programme

According to FMT, Amali Munif Rahmat, President of the Federation of School Bus Associations Malaysia, emphasised that the SKDS programme’s monthly diesel quota of 1,800 litres at RM1.88 per litre has effectively managed operational costs for school bus operators. This subsidy has enabled them to stabilise fares for the time being, alleviating financial strain amidst the recent diesel price hike to RM3.35 per litre in the peninsula.

“We will not increase fares at this time but will maintain the current rates,” Amali assured, highlighting the adequacy of the quota for sustaining their operations. He also mentioned that additional quotas could be requested if needed, demonstrating flexibility in response to future operational demands.

The SKDS initiative, part of the government’s efforts to reduce the economic burden on public transport and goods operators, allows fleet card recipients to purchase diesel below retail prices, thereby supporting sustainability in the transport sector.

Future Considerations and Collaboration

Looking ahead, Amali noted that any future increases in operational costs, such as spare parts and maintenance, may necessitate a review of fare structures. However, for now, the focus remains on leveraging the benefits of the SKDS programme to maintain stability.

Laili Ismail, President of the Malay Express Bus Operators Association Peninsular Malaysia, echoed similar sentiments, confirming their commitment to not raise fares amidst current economic conditions. He expressed optimism about upcoming discussions with the finance ministry to explore additional support measures.

“We will cooperate closely with the government to ensure that operational costs remain manageable,” Laili affirmed, underscoring the sector’s readiness to engage in collaborative efforts aimed at sustaining public transport services.

Government Initiatives and Continued Support

In addition to SKDS, the government’s Budi Madani programme, offering RM200 monthly for private diesel vehicle owners, farmers, and smallholders, underscores ongoing efforts to support various sectors reliant on diesel.

The proactive measures by these transportation groups reflect a concerted effort to navigate economic challenges while prioritising service reliability and affordability for commuters across Malaysia.

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