Chery Malaysia Supports Local Athletes Heading to Paris Games

Chery Malaysia has announced its enthusiastic support for Malaysian athletes participating in the upcoming games in Paris. The company recognises the athletes’ dedication and hard work, expressing confidence in their potential to bring home the coveted gold medal.

Rewards for Medal Winners

To further motivate and reward the athletes, Chery Malaysia has pledged substantial rewards for medal winners:

  • Gold Medal Winners: Will receive the seven-seater Tiggo 8 Pro.
  • Silver Medal Winners: Will be rewarded with the all-electric Omoda E5.
  • Bronze Medal Winners: Will take home the Tiggo 7 Pro.

Partnership Announcement

The partnership collaboration was announced by Leo Chen, President of Chery Auto Malaysia, at an event attended by notable figures including:

  • Datuk Stuart Ramalingam, CEO of the Malaysian Football League and Coordinator of the Road to Gold Programme.
  • Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.
  • Zhang Guibing, President of Chery International.

Global and Local Support

Globally, the Chery Group is supporting local athletes from various countries competing in the games. In Malaysia, numerous activities, including viewing parties, have been organised to cheer on the athletes.

Chery Malaysia’s commitment to supporting the nation’s athletes underscores its dedication to community engagement and national pride, aiming to inspire and reward excellence in sports.

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