Maserati Celebrates 20 Years of Racing Legacy with Special Edition MC20 Models

Maserati commemorates two decades since its return to motorsports with the introduction of two special edition MC20 models: the MC20 Icona and the MC20 Leggenda. These limited-edition cars pay homage to Maserati’s illustrious racing heritage, drawing design cues from the iconic MC12.

Distinctive Design and Colours

Each special edition MC20 features a unique exterior finish inspired by the classic MC12 models.

  • MC20 Icona:
    • Colours: Bianco Audace Matte (white) and Blue Stradale (blue), reflecting the MC12 Stradale.
    • Design Elements: White Maserati Fuoriserie logos near the rear wheels, Italian flag motif on the fenders, blue Tridents on the wheel centre caps, and blue brake callipers. A carbon fibre engine cover is a distinctive feature.

  • MC20 Leggenda:
    • Colours: Nero Essenza (black) and Digital Mint Matte (teal), inspired by the MC12 GT1 Vitaphone.
    • Design Elements: Mint-coloured Fuoriserie logos, yellow Trident and MC20 badging, mint-coloured Tridents on black wheels, and a carbon fibre engine cover. The black brake callipers add a subtle touch of sophistication.

Enhanced Personalisation

Both models are part of Maserati’s Fuoriserie Personalisation Program, allowing for bespoke design enhancements. This program ensures that each car not only stands out visually but also resonates with Maserati’s rich racing legacy.

Interior and Performance

  • Interior:
    • Seats: Black four-way monocoque racing seats, with silver contrast stitching for the Leggenda and blue for the Icona.
    • The cabins exude a racing-inspired aesthetic, merging comfort with high-performance design elements.

  • Performance:
    • Engine: Both the MC20 Icona and Leggenda house the standard MC20’s Nettuno V-6 engine.
    • Output: 621hp.
    • Acceleration: 0-100km/h in a rapid 2.9 seconds, thanks to the lightweight 1496kg structure.

Limited Production

To mark the 20th anniversary of Maserati’s return to racing, the production is limited to just 20 units of each trim. This exclusivity ensures that each car is not only a collector’s item but also a tribute to Maserati’s enduring racing spirit.

The MC20 Icona and MC20 Leggenda are more than just special edition models; they are a celebration of Maserati’s racing heritage and a testament to the brand’s continuous innovation and excellence in automotive design and performance. With their unique finishes, personalised trims, and powerful performance, these limited-edition models are set to become coveted pieces in the Maserati legacy.

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