State Government to Monitor Social Media for Misinformation on Diesel Subsidy

The state government is taking proactive steps to ensure that accurate information regarding the recently implemented targeted diesel subsidy is disseminated to the public. According to Bernama, this measure is aimed at preventing the spread of false information and confusion among the people.

Monitoring Social Media

Perak Communications, Multimedia, and NGO Committee Chairman Mohd Azlan Helmi announced that relevant agencies would be tasked with monitoring social media platforms to curb the dissemination of misinformation by any party. He emphasised the importance of discussing issues based on facts rather than imagination or personal biases.

“Although there is freedom of speech, it should not be abused in cyberspace with elements of defamation and so on. Facts need to be discussed with facts. It cannot be discussed with imagination or elements that are personal and oriented towards certain parties,” Mohd Azlan stated.

Preventing Manipulation and Ensuring Accuracy

Mohd Azlan highlighted that strict actions would be taken against those spreading false information. The objective is to discipline the community to share accurate information and not to punish individuals. The state government is also advising the public to be cautious and make informed judgments about the government’s actions regarding the subsidy.

“What this government is actually doing is to prevent smuggling and return the subsidy to more important areas, especially in the aspects of development, health, and education,” he said.

Appeal Process for Subsidy Eligibility

For those who are eligible but fail to receive the diesel subsidy, Mohd Azlan mentioned that they could submit an appeal with supporting evidence to the relevant agency. He noted that the Prime Minister had addressed this issue during a recent visit to Kerian, encouraging individuals to submit appeal letters if they encounter problems related to diesel.

Diesel Price Adjustment

On June 9, the government announced a new retail price for diesel, effective from June 10. The price is set at RM3.35 per litre in the Peninsula, while in Sabah, Sarawak, and Labuan, it remains at RM2.15 per litre.

This initiative by the Perak state government underscores its commitment to ensuring that the public receives accurate information and understands the rationale behind the targeted diesel subsidy.

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