MyCINTA System in Development to Prevent Children Being Forgotten in Cars

It has come to a point where to address the tragic issue of children being left unattended in vehicles, the Transport Ministry is developing a new system called MyCINTA, announced Transport Minister Anthony Loke.

The MyCINTA system, spearheaded by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), aims to prevent such incidents through advanced tracking and alerting technology. According to Minister Loke, the system is undergoing a refinement process to enhance its hardware and programming capabilities, with a target completion date set for 2024-2025.

System Development and Testing

“The target for 2024-2025 in relation to the MyCINTA system is to complete the design refinement process to increase the system’s capabilities in terms of hardware and programming,” stated Loke, according to The Star. The refinement phase is crucial for ensuring the system’s effectiveness and reliability.

Following the design refinement, MyCINTA will undergo rigorous testing to meet standard and regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and obtain necessary certifications before it can be implemented widely. This thorough testing phase is essential to guarantee that the system adheres to all safety standards and functions correctly under various conditions.

Prototype and Functionality

The prototype of MyCINTA was launched by the Transport Ministry in collaboration with MIROS in 2023. The system is designed to detect the presence of a child in a vehicle once the engine is turned off. If a child is detected, an automatic alert is sent to the driver or an emergency contact via phone call or application notification.

Importance and Statistics

The development of MyCINTA is a critical response to the alarming number of incidents involving children left in cars. Police data indicates there have been 14 such cases since 2020. The implementation of MyCINTA aims to reduce these incidents significantly by providing timely alerts and ensuring the safety of children.

The Transport Ministry’s initiative reflects a proactive approach to child safety, leveraging technology to prevent avoidable tragedies. As the MyCINTA system moves through its development phases, it promises to be a valuable tool in safeguarding the well-being of children in Malaysia.

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