Honda’s new premium cabin air filter can lower infection risk from COVID-19

Cabin ventilation systems in cars used to have either fresh air brought in from outside, or recirculated air. In some countries, manufacturers added filters especially to trap pollen and help those who had allergies. But generally, the system was quite straightforward and advancements were largely in improving cooling (or heating) efficiency and distribution of air. […]

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Munich Precision service centre

Munich Precision Sdn Bhd opens for business, with focus on Continental brands

While owners of new vehicles which are under warranty should (in fact, they are required to) visit authorised service centres of the brand of their vehicle while it is under warranty, there are those who may prefer to have independent workshops look after their vehicle in later years. They may feel that some of these […]

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DK Leather Seats Sdn Bhd enters Business-to-Consumer market

Demand for automotive leather seats has increased substantially since the 1960s with the rapid growth of the automotive industry. Once found only in the most expensive models, leather upholstery is now available as standard or as an option in all price ranges of cars. With this trend taking place, DK Leather Seats Sdn Bhd (DKLS) […]

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Having cleaner, healthy air in the cabin is important for these times

Air quality inside the car’s cabin never used to be an issue; after all, windows used to be down much of the time so fresh air could flow in and out. As air-conditioners became more common, windows stayed shut most of the time and this is when the air quality inside could become unhealthy. Fresh […]

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Singer Porsche All-terrain Competition Study (ACS)

Singer Vehicle Design All-terrain Competition Study (ACS)

At the request of a long-term client, Singer Vehicle Design has looked to a golden era of Porsche rallying in the 1980s, and to automotive heroes including the 911 SC/RS and the legendary 959, to reimagine his air-cooled 911s as World Rally Championship-inspired, all-terrain competition machines. Singer doesn’t manufacture or sell cars and its main […]

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Sime Darby Auto Selection service centre

Sime Darby Auto Selection Service Centre for post-warranty vehicles

Sime Darby Motors has been building up its portfolio of automotive and automotive-related brands for many years, and today represents 31 brands in Asia and Australasia. Some 20 years ago, the Sime Darby unit tried to establish a shared approach for its brands but at that time, conditions were different and the idea was not […]

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Goodyear Malaysia adds another Ultra High Performance Tyre to Eagle F1 range

Goodyear Malaysia has strengthened its range of Ultra-High Performance (UHP) tyres with the addition of the Eagle F1 Sport. The new tyre is described as ‘a fun sports tyre option with good handling and braking performance for the aspiring racing enthusiast’. “The Eagle F1 range is the embodiment of Goodyear’s long history of involvement in […]

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Mobil Super engine oil range gets third product – 3000 All-in-One Protection series

Ever since Petron took over ExxonMobil’s retail business in Malaysia, Mobil engine lubricants have dropped out of the public eye. They are still available but not at stations. Besides being sold at supermarkets and by online retailers, there are also official distributors for the lubricants which supply them to workshops as well, so you still […]

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Toyo Proxes CR1

Toyo Tires Proxes CR1 launched in Malaysia, 36 sizes for passenger cars and SUVS

Toyo Tyre Malaysia has added a new tyre to its Proxes range with the launch of the Toyo Proxes CR1 tyre in Malaysia tonight via an online event. The new tyre is for passenger cars and SUVs, especially those between the A-segments to D-segments. 36 sizes are available for the Malaysian market, ranging from 14-inch […]

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