Innovative new process at BMW Group factory allows personalisation in painting (w/VIDEO)

Since the days of Henry Ford who said ‘you can have your car in any colour you want as long as it’s black’, the process of painting a car constantly evolved. In the earliest days, the work was done manually and took around 40 days to complete painting a car. Today, with automated processes using […]

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BMW iX Configurator

BMW iX Configurator allows customers to personalise their all-electric SAV easily

Those who are planning to buy the new BMW iX can personalise it with a configurator provided by BMW Malaysia, allowing them to include add-on packages. The wide range of packages are available to customers who have already pre-booked their cars as well as potential customers who are planning to book the iX xDrive40 before […]

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1960 BMW 700 Coupe

Regas Premium Auto has a BMW 700 Coupe in its showroom

BMW has long been associated with sporty cars and even its well known advertising line – The Ultimate Driving Machine – emphasises that. To give the young generation an idea of how sporty BMWs were like in its earlier years, Regas Premium Auto is displaying a BMW 700 Coupe at the new Heritage section in […]

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BMW Group Malaysia Financial Services CSR 2021

BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia raising funds for 2 local organisations providing food relief

BMW Group Malaysia has long been pro-active in providing assistance and support to local organisations which helps the underprivileged and marginalised communities. It has also initiated a subsidy programme to make travel in cars safer for small children by helping their parents acquire childseats. Providing food relief The latest initiative by its subsidiary, BMW Group […]

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2040 BMW i Vision Circular Concept

BMW i Vision Circular Concept demonstrates how the ‘circular economy’ can be used for automobiles

Scrapping cars at the end of their useful life has been a common practice for decades. The metal and plastic parts that can be extracted can be reused for other goods – but not necessarily cars again. BMW thinks that cars of the future should be made from nearly 100% recycled materials. This will support […]

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BMW Group Malaysia moves into next phase of electrification with new BMW i model range

Although the Malaysian government has not provided a ‘roadmap’ or formulated a policy that is appealing enough to investors, BMW Group Malaysia has gone ahead with its own electrification program, albeit in a limited manner. To date, it has introduced a fully electric BMW model (the i3) and also the MINI Electric, as well as […]

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SpareXHub to hold surplus BMW, MINI and Volkswagen parts sale next month

SpareXHub, a Malaysian-based e-commerce platform for discounted, genuine auto spare parts will be organizing a 2-week long sale next month. The sale is for genuine BMW, MINI and Volkswagen car spare parts and there will be discounts of up to 85%. The sale will take place from September 1 – September 14, 2021 between 10 am and […]

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BMW M i4 M50 MotoE Safety Car

BMW M to unveil i4 M50 as new Safety Car for MotoE World Cup

BMW M has been involved in the MotoGP since 1999 as the Official Car supplier, providing Safety Cars specifically. This year marks the first time that the high-performance subsidiary of the carmaker is providing 4 new safety vehicles, of of which is a Safety Motorcycle. For the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup at the Motorcycle […]

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BMW Art Cars in AR

BMW Art Cars now available for viewing from anywhere in the world and with AR too

BMW’s famous Art Car Collection has been shown at exhibitions around the world (including Malaysia in 2006) and now it is also being presented in augmented reality (AR) for the first time, enabling people all over the world to digitally experience the rolling sculptures. The move is in time for the 50th anniversary of the […]

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Long wheelbase BMW 330iL M Sport available for purchase from today

Long wheelbase (LWB) sedans are not new but in earlier years, they were largely limited production cars, often extended by third parties (not the carmakers themselves). Generally, LWB cars were in the uppermost segment of the market as they were seen to confer more ‘status’. It was only in the 1980s that carmakers began to […]

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