2021 Geely Vision Starburst concept

Vision Starburst, Geely Design Shanghai’s latest concept car, shows a new design vision derived from Geely’s ‘Expanding Cosmos’ design philosophy. It continues to draw inspiration from the universe, something which Geely associated itself with when it introduced its original brand logo in 1997. The outer blue circle of the logo was said to symbolize that […]

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When Geely produced a ‘Rolls-Royce’ (w/VIDEO)

While Geely (the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group) today has design studios in Europe and Asia with world-class designers who create original styling for the group’s products (which include Proton), there was a time in the early days when Geely’s cars were essentially adaptations of models by other manufacturers. Some may call it ‘cloning’ or outright […]

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How the Proton X50 achieved the full 5-star rating from ASEAN NCAP

Car-buyers all over the world are always concerned about the safety standards of the car they are interested in getting. After all, they will be using it daily and while no one wants to have an accident, it can happen unexpectedly and when it does, that’s when the protective systems and engineering become vital in […]

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1.5-litre Powertrain in Proton X50 TGDi Flagship wins China auto industry’s ‘Nobel Prize’.

The auto industry’s move towards engines that are smaller in displacement began about 10 years ago as a practical and cost-effective way to reduce fuel consumption as well as emissions. Unlike the older small engines, the modern powerplants did reduce performance or driving pleasure. On the contrary, with modern technology, they could generate as much […]

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Geely donation to Malaysia

War on COVID-19: Geely donates RM5.5 million of medical supplies to Malaysia

From the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, the Geely Holding Group was already actively working on ways to join in the fight against the virus. Apart from making donations and providing support vehicles for frontliners, the company also used its R&D capabilities to quickly develop an in-car ventilation system that can keep […]

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Drone delivery

Geely Auto enhances fully contactless delivery of vehicles with drones

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in China, Geely Auto has been proactive in finding ways to keep its customers safe from infection. Its engineers developed a virus-filtration system that is incorporated in the vehicle’s climate control system within 20 days and then the company also introduced a fully contactless sales process. Related: Geely […]

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Geely CSR

Geely sends medical equipment and supplies to Malaysia and other countries

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic situation in China has improved, the country is able to think of helping other countries even though it still has many cases to attend to domestically. Government and private organisations have been sending medical personnel and much-needed medical supplies to a number of countries and the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group […]

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2020 Geely ICON

New Geely ICON compact SUV launched in China

As some carmakers have done in recent years, Geely Auto used online media to launch the ICON, its latest compact SUV, to an audience across China. Just like its online vehicle purchasing service that was launched earlier this month, this online event was appropriate given the restricted movements in many areas due to the COVID-19 […]

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Geely Auto ordering online (1)

Geely Auto introduces fully ‘contactless’ online sales channel

These are very tough times for the auto industry in China with the current COVID-19 crisis and cities in lock-down and people leaving them homes less. Understandably with uncertainties about the future, visiting a car showroom is less likely let alone buying a new car. Finding out about the latest models without going to the […]

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