General Motors Factory ZERO

GM’s Factory ZERO starts production of only electric vehicles

Roger Smith, the former General Motors Chairman and CEO from 1981 to 1990, introduced huge amounts of technology into the company in the 1980s to gain what he believed would be an advantage in vehicle production. He fantasized about a ‘factory of the future’ which would work 24 hours non-stop without needing lights as there […]

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Toyota returned to the top of the global sales chart in 2020

With motor vehicle production and sales so vast and widespread around the planet, getting an accurate tally of total numbers is not easy. However, it is generally agreed that the Volkswagen Group has been the leader since 2017. Last year, the company it displaced 5 years ago – Toyota Motor Corporation  – overtook the German […]

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Cadillac LYRIQ concept

LYRIQ concept previews Cadillac’s first EV for the showrooms

Mention Cadillac and most people outside the USA will have an image of a big, heavy, fuel-guzzling limousine. That’s what the cars of the 118-year old company looked like for decades, with the ultimate being ‘The Beast’ which is the nickname of the car used by the US President. Like the other American carmakers, Cadillac […]

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GM Ultium

GM looking forward to all-electric future with Ultium batteries

Like many carmakers, General Motors is heading for an all-electric future and putting considerable resources into building a multi-brand, multi-segment EV strategy with economies of scale that can rival its full-size truck business. By right, the company should be way ahead in the EV field today, having come out with the first mass-produced all-electric car, […]

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GM to end Holden business and also shut down manufacturing operations in Thailand

‘GM Accelerates Transformation of International Markets’ is the title of General Motors’ press release issued today and it might be meant to have an optimistic tone for shareholders but when you start to go through it, you find that it is shows how the corporation is retreating from global markets because it cannot compete. The […]

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New Corvette ZR1 features more power and a myriad of upgrades

GM’s newest and baddest Corvette ZR1 has finally been revealed, and based on first impressions, its an absolute beauty. The car has a more aggressive frontend that has been purposefully designed to channel air to the 6.2-litre V8 engine and cooling systems while minimizing as much drag as possible. Chevrolet has fitted this ZR1 with […]

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General Motors helps reunite two soldiers after fateful day

As a touching gesture and to support its partnership with the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, General Motors reunited two U.S. Army soldiers after a gap of 5 years. The duo are Staff Sgt. Eric Myers and Medic Steven Rooker, who crossed paths under unfortunate circumstances. In 2012, Myers was serving his third deployment […]

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Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition to grace SEMA show

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Chevrolet and Hot Wheels’ partnership in producing some of the most memorable toy cars that have brought great joy to many young kids. The fruits of their efforts have spawned many innovations and incredible designs that attributed to the success of both companies. And to celebrate this historic […]

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Top 9 most expensive Chevy trucks sold at auction

Vintage Chevrolet trucks are in high demand, especially those that have undergone restoration or customization work. Based on recent data, it appears that more and more trucks roll onto auction blocks around the country each year. There are currently about 9 Chevrolet pick-up trucks that have commanded huge sums of money when they were put […]

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Kobe Steel falsified claims of aluminium and copper specifications

Yet another scandal has hit Japan, and this time its from a company called Kobe Steel. Though this company maybe relatively unfamiliar to many, it is a key player in supplying the automotive industry with a whole host of parts that include doors and bonnets. Based on an article posted by The Guardian, Kobe Steel […]

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