Lotus Exige 20th anniversary edition

Special edition for the 20th anniversary of the Lotus Exige

20 years ago, Lotus launched the Exige Sport 410, a model which made quite an impact in the sportscar world. It was highly capable on the track and also brought superlative driving dynamics to the road. The Exige delivered on Lotus’ core values of exceptional handling, outstanding grip and aerodynamic expertise. This week, Lotus has […]

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Lotus Evija aerodynamics

The phenomenal aerodynamics of the Lotus Evija hypercar explained

Aerodynamics are one of the crucial elements in achieving high performance. Designers and engineers spend thousands of hours running simulations and then testing prototypes in wind tunnels to get the air to flow optimally around the bodywork. This is the work of Richard Hill as chief aerodynamicist at Lotus Cars, where he has been for […]

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Lotus Elise Heritage Edition

Lotus offers classic heritage editions of the Elise

Lotus Cars has launched four new limited-edition versions of the Elise, each with a distinctive colour palette which pays tribute to the company’s pioneering and highly successful racing history. The exterior colour combinations are black and gold; red, white and gold; blue, red and silver; and blue and white. The famous black and gold references […]

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Lotus Evija

Lotus shows more views of its Evija all-electric hypercar via a configurator

Only 130 people in the whole world will get to own the Lotus Evija all-electric hypercar. With production of the 2,000 ps car set to start later in 2020 (now dependent on the lockdown situation in Britain), customers will soon be able to specify their personalisation requirements. The exclusive nature of the Evija means every […]

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Lotus Evija factory

Lotus Evija production to start soon as new factory is completed

The new manufacturing facility where Lotus will build its Evija all-electric hypercar is being readied for final prototype production. Shortly after production commences in mid-2020, the first of 130 customers can expect deliveries of their cars. The first year’s production allocation is already designated to customers around the world. The hall is situated trackside next […]

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2020 Lotus Evija

Lotus Evija prototypes complete high-speed testing as electric hypercar debuts in China (w/VIDEO)

The Lotus Evija has entered its initial build phase in the UK as the first British electric hypercar’s global tour continues this week with its Chinese debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show. To celebrate, Lotus premiered a new film during its press conference at Guangzhou which reveals engineering prototype #2 in high-speed action on a […]

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Lotus Evija Revealed! Facts & Figures + Video of the world’s most powerful series production road car

♦ The Evija (pronounced ‘E-vi-ya’) means ‘the first in existence’ or ‘the living one’. Each car will have a starting price of around £1.7 million (equivalent to about RM8.7 million in the UK). To book one, you need to pay a deposit of £250,000 (RM1.27 million). ♦ The first hypercar from Lotus and the company’s first model […]

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