Proton 1 Tank Adventure

Proton’s ‘1 Tank Adventure’ invites owners to experience the sights, sounds and cuisine of Malaysia while driving economically

Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, many fuel economy runs were organized by clubs and leading car companies would participate to demonstrate how economically their models could run. However, on the matter of fuel consumption, most Malaysian motorists didn’t seem to take much interest as the price of petrol was low. So, before […]

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New Proton 3S Centre launched in Kuantan, Pahang

There’s a new Proton 3S Centre in Kuantan, Pahang and it’s the third one to be opened in the state’s capital city. Operated by Pesat Auto CTM Sdn Bhd (Pesat Auto), the Proton 3S Centre carries Proton’s new corporate identity. With an investment of RM2.3 million, the 750m² area consists of six bays and four […]

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Proton receives over 10,000 bookings for Proton Saga

Proton is on a roll with their current sales growth heading upwards. Just last month, they’ve successfully registered 9,127 units which represents a Total Industry Volume (TIV) share of 17.6% for the month of August. As for year-on-year, sales growth now stands at 36% as compared to the same period in 2018 where Proton’s TIV […]

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Proton 4S Sabah

Proton opens first flagship 4S centre in Malaysia

The beginning of the Malaysian car industry can be considered to have started in the mid-1960s when the government introduced its first policy for the automotive industry. The policy set a strategic direction with the implementation of preferential tariffs for carmakers that assembled their vehicles locally, as well as used parts obtained in Malaysia. It […]

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Proton R3

Proton R3 announces Lady Racers Search and Mentor Programmes

Team Proton R3 (R3), Proton’s racing and rallying division, has announced a lady racers search and mentorship programme for teams competing in the Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF) series. The programmes are in partnership with MSF, the largest grassroots motorsports event in the country. Both programmes aim to develop motorsports at grassroots level by leveraging on […]

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Proton now has the largest 3S/4S network in the country

Every car company wants to sell as many vehicles as possible and each year, there is the expectation that there will be more deliveries than the year before. However, as some companies have discovered to their regret, the pursuit of more and more sales without equal attention to expanding the aftersales network – especially authorised […]

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Proton X70 Merdeka Edition

Special edition of Proton X70 for Merdeka celebration – only 62 units available

Each person has their special days – birthdays, anniversaries, etc – which they celebrate each year. But for all Malaysians, August 31 is celebrated by everyone to mark the day when the country became independent in 1957. Many companies have special activities or in the case of Proton, create something special for the occasion. 62 […]

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