GAZOO Racing Young Talent Development Program

UMW Toyota Motor starts GAZOO Racing Young Talent Development Program

When UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) started the Toyota Vios Challenge One-Make series, one of the aims was to bring new blood into the racing scene, especially at grassroots level. Now, after three successful seasons, the company is introducing the GAZOO Racing Young Talent  Development Program. This is aimed at identifying and nurturing young Malaysian racing […]

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Toyota dealership expands scope of services

Car dealerships used to start off just as small showrooms selling just new cars, while the aftersales aspect was elsewhere or left to another party also involved in the same brand which had a service centre. However, as the profit from just selling cars alone is not significant, dealerships have expanded their scope of services […]

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UMW Toyota Motor’s short film projects the crux of what it means to be a true Malaysian

To celebrate the upcoming Malaysia Day, UMW Toyota Motor has created a short film to project the crux of what it means to be a true Malaysian. The film speaks of the values of respect, tolerance and acceptance on a personal and intimate level. Featuring two Malaysian celebrities, Shukri Yahaya and Shafiq Kyle, viewers are […]

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Toyota Honda Moving e

Toyota and Honda jointly develop a mobile power station

Toyota and Honda may be rivals in the marketplace, battling for sales and market share. However, when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it’s a different matter and where appropriate, they can work together for the good of communities. During the magnitude 9 earthquake followed by a tsunami in northeastern Japan in 2011, it […]

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2020 Toyota GR Velocity Esports Championship

Season 3 of Toyota GR Velocity Esports Championship to run throughout September

Although this year has seen virtual racing or digital motorsports take a big leap in popularity due to the lockdowns that prevented real-world racing to take place, the Toyota GR Velocity Esports Championship has actually been running earlier. In fact, two seasons have been run and next month will see the third season. Racing events […]

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2020 Toyota Hilux

Improved Toyota Hilux to be launched soon, and you can book now

An improved 2020 Toyota Hilux will soon be launched in Malaysia and bookings are now being accepted by authorised Toyota outlets for the new model which is assembled in Malaysia. Customers have a choice of 5 variants with the Double Cab 2.4 E A/T being a new addition. The new Double Cab 2.8 Rogue A/T […]

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Toyota service

Lower maintenance costs with Toyota Service Savers packages

Your vehicle has to be serviced regularly to keep it in optimum running condition which will give the best fuel economy and maximum performance. It’s also a condition of the warranty that you need to have the servicing done according to the schedule provided by the manufacturer. To make regular servicing more convenient, UMW Toyota […]

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