Nissan NV400 EV Ambulance interior

Nissan develops an EV ambulance for use in Tokyo

An electrically-powered ambulance would be ideal as it not only generates zero toxic emissions but also runs quietly and smoothly. However, due to the size needed to comfortably accommodate patients or injured people, it has to be quite big and as electric powertrains have become more powerful, it is now possible to have an EV […]

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Lotus Evija aerodynamics

The phenomenal aerodynamics of the Lotus Evija hypercar explained

Aerodynamics are one of the crucial elements in achieving high performance. Designers and engineers spend thousands of hours running simulations and then testing prototypes in wind tunnels to get the air to flow optimally around the bodywork. This is the work of Richard Hill as chief aerodynamicist at Lotus Cars, where he has been for […]

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1990 Mercedes-Benz 190 EV

30 years ago, Mercedes-Benz already had a practical EV based on the 190 model

For the past few years, Mercedes-Benz has begun its transition towards electrifications, creating the EQ range for a new line of electric vehicles (EVs). While R&D relating to EVs has accelerated in the past 10 years, the carmaker was already exploring electric propulsion 30 years ago. In May 1990, it exhibited a 190 (W 201) […]

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Battery pack

Honda aims to find a ‘second life’ for hybrid/EV battery packs

The lead-acid batteries in motor vehicles have been around for many decades and because they are made from elements that can be recycled, there is an established ‘business’ in collecting and recycling batteries. Even the guy who collects old newspapers will take them as the lead, plastics and even the sulphuric acid can also be […]

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GM Honda EV

General Motors and Honda to jointly develop two all-new electric vehicles

General Motors and Honda have agreed to jointly develop two all-new electric vehicles for Honda, based on GM’s highly flexible global EV platform powered by proprietary Ultium batteries. The EVs will be manufactured at GM plants in North America with sales expected to begin in the 2024 model year in North America. Production of these […]

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First look at the hydrogen fuel cell powertrain being developed by BMW and Toyota

Besides collaborating on the BMWZ4 and Toyota Supra, the BMW Group and Toyota have been working together on fuel cell technology. As Toyota has already commercialised a fuel cell vehicle (the Mirai), it can offer a good deal of knowledge and information to developing the alternative powertrain technology. “We are convinced that various alternative powertrain […]

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Toyota Mirai FCEV

Toyota Mirai FCEV fleet in Germany clocks total of over 5 million kms

As Toyota prepares to start production of the second generation of its Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV), one of its customers in Europe has covered over 5 million kilometres with its Mirai fleet. CleverShuttle, a ride pooling service in Germany, has set a record of sorts for having the most used Mirai fleet in […]

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2020 VW e-BULLI

Volkswagen’s 1966 Classic transformed into a 21st century zero emissions vehicle

In due course, it will be possible for owners of the original Volkswagen T1 to make a conversion of the powertrain to a zero emissions electric drive system. Volkswagen Commercia Vehicles (VWCV), collaborating with eClassics, has developed a conversion package which is demonstrated in the e-BULLI all-electric concept vehicle. VWCV engineers and designers formed a […]

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2020 Battista Anniversario

Battista Anniversario – the world’s first luxury pure-electric hyper GT

Automobili Pininfarina aims to offer what it describes as ‘the ultimate expression of the world’s first luxury pure-electric hyper GT’. Known as the Battista Anniversario, it celebrates 90 years since Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina started the Pininfarina coachbuilder and design house. Laying claim to being the most powerful sportscar ever to be designed and built in […]

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Lotus Evija factory

Lotus Evija production to start soon as new factory is completed

The new manufacturing facility where Lotus will build its Evija all-electric hypercar is being readied for final prototype production. Shortly after production commences in mid-2020, the first of 130 customers can expect deliveries of their cars. The first year’s production allocation is already designated to customers around the world. The hall is situated trackside next […]

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