2021 BMW i4

BMW reveals details of all-electric i4 sedan to go on sale in 2021

Although the model will only appear in showrooms in 2 years’ time, BMW is telling the world about the fourth model in its I sub-brand range – the i4. This will be the first purely electrically-powered model for the premium mid-range with the functionality of a 4-door Gran Coupe and emissions-free mobility. More importantly, BMW […]

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Ford Mustang Mach-E DEBUT

All-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E debuts in Los Angeles, priced from around RM183,000

Mustang. Mention of the name brings to mind a musclecar, a legendary sportscar that has tyres smoking and subjects your body to high g-forces. An icon that Steve McQueen used to rocket through the streets of San Francisco in ‘Bullitt’ in 1968. Times may have changed since the Mustang was born in 1965 but it […]

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VW’s ID. SPACE VIZZION shows the stationwagon will continue to exist in the electric age

It’s been 3 years since Volkswagen announced its ID. family of all-electric models which will begin entering various markets and segments from 2020. As a group (including other brand such as Audi and Skoda), Volkswagen will forge ahead with the fundamental change of system in individual mobility and systematically aligning with electric drives. The ID.3 […]

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Mustang Lithium 2019

900 horsepower Mustang Lithium shows that musclecars can still exist in an electrified future

It used to be when the talk was of electric vehicles, the perception was that such vehicles would be slow and boring to drive. Apart from some exotic prototypes, most were small and with battery technology being what it was, they couldn’t go very fast or very far. But that’s been changing quickly as carmakers […]

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Prototype Nissan EV shows how electric car performance will move up to the next level

Nissan, which can claim leadership in mass-produced electric vehicles (EVs) with its bestselling LEAF, has long experience with EVs. Though we only read about its advances in recent times, it had a running electric car called the Tama in the late 1940s which was used as a taxi. But EVs in those days had poor […]

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Global debut of Mazda’s first all-electric model – the MX-30

The history of Mazda has some dark periods, times when the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. Of course, nothing can ever compare to that dark period in 1945 when an atomic bomb destroyed its home city of Hiroshima and an estimated 140,000 people lost their lives. At that time, Mazda was already making […]

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Kia e-Niro

Kia’s ‘Electric Mission’ gains insights into the electrification of personal transport in Europe

Following a 4,100-km drive through the world’s most developed electrified car markets, Kia Motors collected data that provides insights into the major trends for electrification in Europe. Referred to as the ‘Electric Mission’, the project was carried out in partnership with automotive research consultancy World Shopper. The Electric Mission lasted 10 days, with a team […]

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Volvo’s first fully electric model line starts with the new XC40 Recharge

Some years back, Hakan Samuelsson, President & CEO of Volvo Cars declared that the company is determined to be the first premium carmaker to move its entire portfolio of vehicles into electrification. After starting with hybrids, the plan was to have fully electric models by the end of this decade and with three months remaining, […]

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Jaguar introduces first all-electric RACE eTAXI experience at Nurburgring Nordschleife

For many driving enthusiasts, a lap of the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit in Germany is something they must do at least once in their life. Opened in 1927, the engineers designed a 28.3-km Nurburgring circuit with various route variants, including the then 22.8-km Nordschleife. It is estimated to have cost 27 million euros converted to […]

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