Brake fluid

Don’t overlook brake fluid when servicing your vehicle!

There are different fluids flowing around in a car, each having a function that is important. Engine oil is perhaps the most important as it is like the blood in your body. It circulates to not only protect engine parts and reduce friction but carries away particles to the oil filter. Fluid in the cooling […]

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Mercedes-Benz Guard

M-B Guard – offering protection of a different kind for more than 90 years

Mercedes-Benz customers cover a broad spectrum of society and there’s no denying that a large number are the rich and famous in the upper strata as well as corporate and government leaders. While government leaders and heads of state can have the protection of the police or army when they travel in their cars, other […]

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Why it’s safer for small children to look backwards in cars

On January 1, 2020, the new law on compulsory usage of child restraint systems (CRS) comes into effect. This complements an earlier law requiring all occupants in the vehicle to use the seatbelts and now, small children who cannot use such restraint systems must be placed in childseats. There are grumbles about the cost of […]

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Expectant mothers in cars

Tips for expectant mothers who must drive

While housewives may be able to limit their driving as their pregnancy progresses, there are many women who will still be driving to work daily. During this journey to parenthood (if it’s the first time), mothers-to-be need to continuously make in-vehicle adjustments to ensure optimal positioning and safety while driving. To help engineers better understand […]

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How Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) came into existence

Daytime Running Lights or DRLs are a common lighting feature on many vehicles today, even the lower-priced ones. Their original purpose was to increase conspicuity of the vehicle during the daytime, or in poor or low lighting conditions, alerting other road-users earlier. It offers the same safety benefit as a motorcycle’s headlight being kept on […]

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Rolls-Royce Starlight Headliner

The Starlight Headliner – Bringing the starry sky inside a Rolls-Royce

A Rolls-Royce draws attention not only by its prestigious presence but also by the wealth of details around the car. Every model has been meticulously crafted and the most familiar elements have always been the Spirit of Ecstasy, Pantheon Grille and ‘Double R’ monogram. Unless the windows are heavily tinted (or the curtains drawn), passers-by […]

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Daimler truck history

The difficult growing years of the truck 120 years ago

Beginnings are sometimes difficult and where the truck is concerned, its earliest years saw a great deal of resistance. In fact, it did not attract even a single buyer in Germany. Whereas the high society had welcomed the car with open arms as an enrichment of their personal freedom, the truck came up against severe […]

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