Nissan Ariya Concept

Why Nissan designers didn’t put a tablet display in the Ariya Concept

When digital graphic displays were available for use in cars, they were inserted in the dashboard, usually in the middle section. Before long, interior designers began to bring the display ‘out’, giving it the form of a tablet like an iPad slotted onto the dashboard. Perhaps this made installation easier and users would also have […]

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MINI ideas that were just for laughs on each year’s first day of April

This is a serious and challenging time and many must be getting increasingly stressed with lockdowns and fear of getting infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus. That’s understandable but hopefully, being able to laugh is not lost yet because it can be therapeutic and provide some relief, if just for a while. April Fool’s Day, an […]

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Fuel pump nozzle handle

Refuelling your car? Remember to take these precautions…

Germs are all over the place and they’ve been there all along. Over the thousands of years, the human body has managed to build up defences for some of them or making ‘deals’ that if they don’t kill the human they live in, they can just stay. Medical advances have helped to fight infections too […]

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LOOKING BACK: OX99-11 – Yamaha’s F1 car for the road

Yamaha is a well known name in the motorcycle world, especially in motorsports. And while most people know the Japanese manufacturer for its motorcycles, it actually has a history of making high-performance engines for other manufacturers. In fact, as far back as 1959, Yamaha engineers carried out basic research in automobile engine development and produced […]

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Car cabin

How motorists can help to prevent the spread of COVID-19

NOTE: This article was published in February 2020 before the COVID-19 epidemic became a pandemic and before the malaysian government issued the Movement Control Order on March 18, 2020. COVID-19, the coronavirus disease which began in December in Wuhan, China, is now spread all over the world. Malaysia, which took the necessary measures of surveillance […]

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Mirza Syami Mahzan

Toyota Vios Challenge helps Mirza Syami Mahzan get hands-on experience to develop racecraft

The Toyota Vios Challenge, part of the Toyota GAZOO Racing Festival (TGR Festival) that is now in its third season, has drawn newcomers to motor racing, achieving one of its objectives. The newcomers include mechanical engineering undergraduate Mirza Syahmi Mahzan who joins the series for the first time this season. Participating in the racing series […]

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Brake fluid

Don’t overlook brake fluid when servicing your vehicle!

There are different fluids flowing around in a car, each having a function that is important. Engine oil is perhaps the most important as it is like the blood in your body. It circulates to not only protect engine parts and reduce friction but carries away particles to the oil filter. Fluid in the cooling […]

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