Geely Healthy Car

For a healthier motoring life, be sure a cabin filter keeps the air in the car clean

The air we breathe has always had undesirable particles and germs but in Malaysia, we are fortunate that our air is not so polluted that our health is endangered (not to say that people do not suffer from unhealthy air quality). We have not had to wear face masks before but now we have to […]

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Mazda’s Kodo Design is 10 years old and continues to evolve

Mazda’s design philosophy – Kodo: Soul of Motion – is 10 years old, having been introduced at the Los Angeles Motor Show in 2010 with the Shinari concept car. It was a preview of how forthcoming Mazda models would look and represented a bold new direction for design at Mazda. The word ‘Kodo’ literally translates […]

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Porsche Vision Spyder (2019)

Prototypes and studies Porsche has never before shown to the public

Concept cars, studies and prototypes always excite the public as they are often futuristic and contain advanced technologies that may one day be available. However, many such vehicles are kept behind closed doors, and sometimes even when they are no longer of use, they are not revealed. Over the decades, Porsche has obviously developed many […]

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Get Ready to be Excited by the New Honda City RS e:HEV

The Malaysian market is greatly appreciated by Honda Motor as this is one of the global markets where the brand enjoys a strong position. It has achieved this success for many years now because it understands that Malaysians like new and advanced technologies and features in their cars. This has led to Malaysia being the […]

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The Game-Changer Strikes Again with the 5th Generation Honda City

Introduced in the mid-1990s, the Honda City has become a household name among Malaysians and has been the first Honda model owned by many. Over four generations, the model has grown from being a popular choice to being among the best-selling cars in Malaysia. Not only has it been a leader in the B-segment for […]

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Nissan HR10DET engine in Nissan Almera Turbo

FEATURE: A closer look at the Nissan Almera Turbo engine

Three-cylinder engines in cars are nothing new; Daihatsu popularized the engine configuration in the late 1970s with its Charade and then it was widely used by Perodua. Since the 21st century began 20 years ago, manufacturers have been downsizing engines as one way to reduce fuel consumption. However, unlike those older small engines, today’s downsized […]

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Lamborghini Urraco celebrates 50th birthday

Automobili Lamborghini was established in 1963 and the sleek design of its sportscars and their high performance helped to build its reputation very quickly. With Bertone providing the designs, some of which were futuristic, almost any Lamborghini was bound to turn heads as it passed by. Innovative technical solutions One model which stood out for […]

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Mazda at 100: Proving superior and reliable engineering through motorsports

On many occasions  in its 100-year history, Mazda has demonstrated the superiority of its engineering capabilities in the highly competitive world of motorsports. By demonstrating its products in the public eye, putting them to the test against rival manufacturers on the circuits and in rallies, Mazda validated its technology. When industrialist Jujiro Matsuda took charge […]

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Favourite colours of motorists in Southeast Asia

With Henry Ford’s mass production approach of making cars having created thousands of similarly looking cars daily, individual identification became difficult unless you looked at the numberplate. However, there has been one element which has provide some degree of differentiation between cars of the same design – the colour. Ford initially offered his Model T […]

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