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How the bonnet of the new Range Rover Evoque is made ‘invisible’

In the automotive world, advances in technology are continuous. R&D keeps pushing towards the edge of the envelope in all aspects of car design to provide motorists with a better, safer and more enjoyable drive. However, it takes time for some new technologies to reach the consumer because they need to be thoroughly tested, especially […]

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2019 Hyundai Vision T

Hyundai’s Head of Design talks about the Vision T Concept (w/VIDEO)

In the fourth quarter of year, Hyundai Motor displayed the Vision T concept, first revealed at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. The model gave a preview of some of the styling ideas that the Korean carmaker is exploring and recently, the Head of Hyundai Design, SangYup Lee, presented a deeper look at the concept. […]

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Yes, Waze MOTORCYCLE and CAR modes can give you two different routes.

Remember the recent case of the motorist driving along the motorcycle lane by the side of the highway? The police managed to identify the owner of the Volvo XC90 and after investigation, they said that he explained that his Waze GPS route navigation service was set on MOTORCYCLE mode. As a result, the route which […]

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Unusual, little known Mazda vehicles you may never have heard of

In the 100 years that Mazda has been in business, a large part of it making automobiles, numerous models have been created out of the engineering ingenuity and convention defying spirit that is in the brand’s DNA. While the public has seen the successful models around the world, there were also unusual and little-known vehicles […]

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LOOKING BACK – Evolution of the original Hot Hatch

Launched at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt in September 1975, the first Volkswagen Golf GTI was a fresh and wild newcomer. Going on sale the following year, it stormed into an automotive category that hadn’t actually existed until that moment – the sporty front-wheel drive compact car, or what would come to be […]

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Toll plaza

Before you go on that long-distance drive you have missed…

With interstate travel being permitted from June 10, many people are already making plans to do their ‘balik kampung’ journeys which they could not do for Hari Raya this year. Others are looking forward to driving beyond the state where they had been confined for over 80 days and of course, those who were stuck […]

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LOOKING BACK: The forgotten Volvo P1900 sportscar with a fibreglass body

Volvo isn’t well known for sportscars although it has had such models in its history, the best known being the P1800 that gained worldwide fame in the TV series ‘The Saint’ in the 1960s. However, that was not Volvo’s first sportscar and before the P1800, there was a model called the P1900 Sport which was […]

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ESP – the innovation that has prevented millions of accidents in 25 years

Until the mid-1990s, mention of ‘ESP’ would have had people thinking about Extra Sensory Perception, which is what those letters usually referred to. ESP was related to psychic abilities where some people could sense something that others could not, especially events that might happen. After 1995, though. ESP came to mean something else and interestingly, […]

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Alfa Romeo

LOOKING BACK: Alfa Romeo’s long history with the Italian police force

In Italy after the Scond World War, Alfa Romeo cars were legendary. They were faster than any other car, both on the track and on the road. They were powerful and they always won, like good over evil. It’s not surprising then that the Italian police force chose to use their cars. From the 1950s, […]

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