LOOKING BACK: The Volvo P1800 aka ‘The Saint’s Car’

When ‘Volvo’ is mentioned, many models come to mind and it depends on which generation is responding. Older people will think of the 122 Amazon and 244 while a generation later would remember the 850R. But everyone is likely to remember the P1800, perhaps Volvo’s most internationally renowned model ever and the one that arouses […]

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1952 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL racing car, W 194 series

Birthplace of the Mercedes-Benz SL – the racetrack

‘300 SL’ was the designation of the competition car from Mercedes-Benz with which the brand returned to international motorsports in 1952 for the first time after the Second World War. Although this car was not sold to the public, it did light the fuse for the development of the later SL-Class. The development of the […]

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Renault safety research

A pioneer in automobile safety for 100 years

Safety is an important factor that car-buyers consider when shopping today. There is an expectation that occupants will be well protected in the event of an accident and avoid serious injuries. At the same time, with advanced technologies, electronic systems can help a driver avoid an accident. Organisations such as Euro NCAP and ASEAN NCAP […]

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1968 Volkwagen Wedding Beetle

The see-through Wedding Beetle of Mexico

You’ve probably seen the beloved Volkswagen Beetle in many different forms. Imaginative creators converted the original bulbous shape into something more unique and head-turning, funny or outrageous. In Mexico, Rafael Esparza-Prieto created the Wedding Beetle, an enchanting white, wrought iron-bodied coachbuilt car from the 1960s. The talented welder and blacksmith in Mexico City was reportedly […]

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Soul Red and the importance of paint finish to Mazda designers

When you look at any car, one of the first things you will often notice is its colour. The colour can enhance the image of the car, complementing its other qualities. Mazda’s designers understand this and in their belief that ‘colour is an element of form’, there is a focus on developing colours that highlight […]

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Proton Saga 35

LOOKING BACK – Remembering the birth of the Proton Saga and what it meant to the nation

Although I’ve reported on many cars having anniversaries during the 43 years I’ve been a motoring journalist, the 35th anniversary of the Proton Saga today is one that is special. As a Malaysian, the creation of the first National Car was a significant development in the industry that I have been covering. It took the […]

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Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

LOOKING BACK – The Significance of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Alfa Romeo celebrates its 110th anniversary this year and among the many models of significance in its history is the 8C Competizione. A return to the roots of Alfa Romeo and a testbed for the future, it was created in the middle of a process of reorganisation in the automotive sector as it prepared to […]

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ClearSight Ground View

How the bonnet of the new Range Rover Evoque is made ‘invisible’

In the automotive world, advances in technology are continuous. R&D keeps pushing towards the edge of the envelope in all aspects of car design to provide motorists with a better, safer and more enjoyable drive. However, it takes time for some new technologies to reach the consumer because they need to be thoroughly tested, especially […]

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