Groupe Renault Mobilize

Groupe Renault ready for changing auto industry with new Mobilize business unit

The auto industry is going through change, not only in the way its products are powered – electricity replacing fossil fuel – but even in the way it will do business in future. Where a carmaker just developed, designed and manufactured cars, its role is now expanding to services beyond cars. It has to offer […]

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New vehicle sales in 2020 declined by 12% but exceeded 470,000-unit forecast

The severity of the COVID-19 pandemic forced governments to put their countries into lockdown, which meant that industries and businesses had to close. Malaysia didn’t escape the economic downturn that resulted, though good management at the start helped to bring the numbers down and the situation under control. This allowed the country’s economic sector to […]

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2021 Mercedes-Benz EQA

Mercedes-Benz continues EV roll-out with new EQA SUV as entry-level model

Mercedes-Benz continues its roll-out of its all-electric EQ range, which will total 10 models by 2022, with the unveiling of the EQA. The ‘A’ indicates its entry-level positioning in the big Mercedes-Benz family, and it is considered a member of the compact car line although it has a dedicated electric powertrain. Besides being built in […]

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Huber ERA 2021

UAE-based Huber pays homage to the Lamborghini Aventador with ERA

While the Dubai police force has gained fame for having a number of supercars in its fleet, there is no car industry of significance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, there is a company there which personalises and refines cars for the supercar owners. Its name is Huber and it recently showcased a project […]

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Chrysler (FCA) ‘re-marries’ to form another mega corporation with Groupe PSA

In the late 1990s, Chrysler and Daimler merged (at least that’s what the German side called the union, although it was not really so) and created a ‘mega corporation’ in the auto industry. The move had a significant impact on the industry, beginning a rush of consolidations as companies realised that big numbers were vital […]

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BMW Group Malaysia lowers BMW and MINI prices with shorter warranty periods

Cars today are generally reliable and durable, able to last a longer period of time with no major problems. This is due to better manufacturing processes, engineering, materials, etc. so the warranty is really for peace of mind, at least during the initial years of ownership. In fact, warranties typically cover manufacturing defects and wear […]

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Samsung Digital Cockpit 2021

Samsung Digital Cockpit continues to evolve with new ideas (w/VIDEO)

‘How far can we take vehicle technology?’ is a question that Samsung researchers constantly ask. While we can’t really predict the future with great accuracy, it is possible to look at innovations and advancements in technology for clues. One of the areas that company looked at is the cabin and combining Samsung Electronics’ latest advancements […]

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