Honda’s IGNITION program helps start new businesses proposed by employees

In many factories, one of the many practices where employees can be involved in improving processes or quality has been the suggestion system, for which they are rewarded if their ideas are adopted. Honda also has a program called IGNITION which was started in 2017 by Honda R&D Co., Ltd., its research and development subsidiary. […]

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McLaren Racing to enter a team in Extreme E in 2022

The McLaren name became known in motorsports when Bruce McLaren’s team won the 1968 Belgian F1 Grand Prix and grew in fame with its regular presence in different types of international motorsports. It scored many victories in American events as well as the Formula 1 World Championship. Now McLaren Racing will open a new motorsport […]

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LEGO TECHNIC Lamborghini Sian

Full-sized LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

Building life-sized models of cars with LEGO parts is not something new but it is always impressive. Continuing the partnership Lamborghini formed with LEGO in January last year, the latest project is a life-size replica of the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37, the carmaker’s first production hybrid super sportscar launched in September 2019. This follows the […]

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First Michelin Virtual Racing Series 2021 now underway in Malaysia

Michelin Malaysia’s first-ever e-Racing competition – the Michelin Virtual Racing Series 2021 – is  now underway. It is Michelin’s first major endeavour into the local e-sports industry which has seen increased activity in the past few years, especially last year when the Movement Control Order (MCO) limited outdoor motorsports events. The event, which is open […]

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2021 Geely Vision Starburst concept

Vision Starburst, Geely Design Shanghai’s latest concept car, shows a new design vision derived from Geely’s ‘Expanding Cosmos’ design philosophy. It continues to draw inspiration from the universe, something which Geely associated itself with when it introduced its original brand logo in 1997. The outer blue circle of the logo was said to symbolize that […]

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Perodua sees sales numbers from a different perspective, but expects to meet 2021 target

As some car companies report their sales figures for May, significantly higher numbers are evident this year compared to a year ago. But the second quarter of 2020 was a very unusual period, even  unprecedented for the car industry as sales and production in one month fell to almost zero. So when you are comparing […]

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