Mercedes-AMG finalising electric turbocharger for production model

Electrification is the big thing in the auto industry today. Manufacturers are racing to develop and offer electrically-powered vehicles as well as hybrids with electric power. Even high-performance brands like Mercedes-AMG are ‘electrifying’ in various ways to combines high efficiency with additional driving dynamics. To implement this combination to optimum effect, the developers in Mercedes-AMG […]

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BMW Fully Digital Key

BMW to offer Fully Digital Key with iPhone in 45 countries

BMW will become the first carmaker to enable its customers to offer a fully digital car key, using Apple’s iPhone. Stored securely in the Apple Wallet for iPhone, car owners can just tap to unlock and easily get going by placing the iPhone in the smartphone tray and pushing the start button. The owner can […]

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Ford’s ‘Whisper Strategy’ to make motoring more enjoyable

Noise is something we adapt to over time (if it is not very loud) and where noise inside cars is concerned, different models will have different levels. The more expensive ones with better insulation and more damping materials will have a quieter interior while occupants in the lower-priced models may hear more noises. Over time, […]

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Euro NCAP assessments become tougher in 2020 with new protocols

Since 1997, the European New Car Assessment Programme – better known as Euro NCAP – has conducted independent assessments of new vehicles sold in Europe for consumers’ information. The assessments include crash tests (but are not the only aspect) as well as other active systems influencing safety performance. While several European governments, motoring, consumer and […]

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ASEAN NCAP revises crash test assessment procedures in view of COVID-19 pandemic

ASEAN NCAP – the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian Countries – is taking precautionary measures in support of efforts to break the spread of the virus and minimising effects on the community. Understanding that due to current restrictions and the possibility that ASEAN NCAP Inspectors may not be allowed to travel to conduct […]

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BMW battery technology

BMW’s battery pack technology reduces replacement costs

When people started buying hybrids and electric vehicles, the issue of battery pack costs was not so apparent. Perhaps it was due to having used batteries in conventional cars which could last a few years and replaced periodically at a relatively low cost. However, the battery pack in an electrified vehicle (hybrid/EV) is different from […]

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Goodyear Connected Tyre

‘Talking’ tyres for future vehicles will improve motoring safety

The world is extensively connected today and wherever you are on the planet, you can almost easily connect to someone else in another location. In recent years, there’s also been another type of connectivity taking place in cars where development is underway for cars to be able to ‘talk’ to each other. This is not […]

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