Bridgestone Malaysia appoints new Managing Director

Bridgestone Tyre Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is proud to announce their latest appointment of Mr Michael Ching Wing Kay as the new Managing Director. Mr Michael Ching will be the leading man in terms of sales and operations divisions for Bridgestone Malaysia to help solidify the brand’s presence amongst Malaysians with his 30 years of […]

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Geely Volvo engine operations (1)

Volvo Cars and Geely to merge engine operations to create stand-alone business

Volvo Cars and Geely, both part of the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (ZGH), intend to merge their existing combustion engine operations into a stand-alone business. This will see the establishment of  a new global supplier that will seek to develop next-generation combustion engines and hybrid powertrains. The proposed new business would clear the way for […]

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Explosions that prevent electric shocks in electric vehicles after accidents

Explosions are normally associated with something negative or bad as they generate a lot of energy which can be damaging. However, there are also some explosions which can save lives – these are tiny explosions which reduce the risk of electric shocks after a vehicle has an accident. With more and more electric cars on […]

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VR Experience

VR experience to enhance journeys for passengers in future

In the not-too-distant future when cars start to operate without humans managing, the environment in the cabin will surely change. On long journeys, there may be a need for more infotainment to pass the time. To demonstrate how we might be using media in our vehicles in the future, Porsche, start-up Holoride and media company […]

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Volkswagen assembly

All the locally assembled models and where they are produced

Local assembly of vehicles has been going on since the mid-1960s when the government offered incentives to carmakers to build factories and assemble their vehicles in Malaysia, or have the vehicles assembled under contract by other parties. The move was to put Malaysia on the path towards industrialisation and the auto industry was to serve […]

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Polestar factory in Chengdu (2)

Polestar 1 production underway in Chengdu, China

Having received its World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) that makes it a recognised vehicle manufacturer, Polestar is set to accelerate ahead at its first production facility located in Chengdu, China. This new Polestar Production Centre sets a new industry benchmark in electric vehicle manufacture and will produce the Polestar 1 – an exclusive, carbonfibre-bodied Electric Performance […]

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China Eco-Car Assessment Program makes Geely work harder at attacking NVH

New car assessment programs (NCAPs) in most countries focus mainly on safety which is a high priority to consumers these days. Since the 1970s, these NCAPs – which typically include crash tests that provide data for analysis and evaluation – have constantly evolved and set tougher demands. Although passing them is not required by government […]

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BMW High Voltage Battery production in Thailand

Production of High-Voltage Batteries for BMW Hybrid Vehicles underway in Thailand

In the early years of the auto industry, the factories that produced cars and the parts for them were once confined only to the countries that the manufacturer was established in (BMW in Germany, Toyota in Japan, Ford in the USA, etc). However, as the auto industry rapidly expanded around the globe and cars were […]

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Hyundai Motor Group VEX

Hyundai Motor Group develops lightweight wearable robot to help workers

The increased automation, particularly the use of robots, is feared to reduce the number of humans needed to do work in factories. It has a lot of implications and companies are trying to find a balance in their workforce. However, humans are still needed for some types of assembly work, especially where it involves variations. […]

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