Toyota production line

War against COVID-19: Toyota to make facemasks for its workers to reduce demand on commercial supplies

With demand by consumers falling, there is no point in making more cars at this time (apart from the fact that parts may also not be available) so many carmakers are using their manufacturing facilities to produce urgently needed items for the healthcare community. Toyota is among the carmakers that is helping in many ways […]

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GM Honda EV

General Motors and Honda to jointly develop two all-new electric vehicles

General Motors and Honda have agreed to jointly develop two all-new electric vehicles for Honda, based on GM’s highly flexible global EV platform powered by proprietary Ultium batteries. The EVs will be manufactured at GM plants in North America with sales expected to begin in the 2024 model year in North America. Production of these […]

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SEAT and Lamborghini factories switch from making cars to vital medical equipment

If you follow news (and who does not?) about the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that has swept the planet, you will read about the urgent need by hospitals in every country for medical equipment. The number of cases has been growing very, very fast – in some countries, it doubles every 3 days. Thousands of patients […]

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Filtration System Design

How Ford is using its manufacturing and engineering expertise to help in war against COVID-19

During World War II, Ford Motor Company, along with factories of other industries, switched from producing civilian vehicles to vehicles required for the war effort – aircraft, gliders, generators, etc. It was a time when the whole world was in crisis – just like now when the COVID-19 coronavirus is attacking every country. Once again, […]

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Discovery Channel Vinfast

Discovery Channel presents the story of young Vietnamese automaker VinFast tomorrow night

With its motorbike-filled motorways, Vietnam has never been a country that’s been associated with the production of cars although it does have some assembly plants. But VinFast, Vietnam’s first domestic automotive manufacturer, is driving the charge to shift perceptions of the country from being a car assembly shop to a major automotive manufacturer. In a […]

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Porsche 3D-pinted seat

Porsche to use 3D-printing technology for bucket seats

Seating is an important aspect of driving and especially with sportscars, properly designed seats are vital for car control and comfort as they enable the driver’s body to be positioned correctly. Porsche will soon revolutionise sporty seating with an innovative alternative to conventional bucket seat upholstery with the concept study ‘3D-printed bodyform full-bucket seat’. With […]

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Continental 3D display

3D display becomes a reality in latest Genesis GV80

Continental is launching its volume-production display featuring autostereoscopic 3D technology on the market with the latest Genesis GV80. The new display requires no special glasses to view (obviously!) On the screen, the technology displays three-dimensional scales, pointers and objects, for example displaying a stop sign warning in the driver’s line of sight. No special glasses […]

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Ford Develops 3D-Printed Locking Wheel Nuts

Better protection for your wheels with 3D-printed locking nuts

It’s one of the worst experiences for a driver – finding their car up on blocks (or sometimes not even off the road) with all four wheels gone. Now Ford has developed unique rim nuts that can make wheels more secure using 3D printing technology. Together with EOS, a leading supplier for high-end solutions in […]

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Toyota painting process

Toyota’s new painting process with highest coating efficiency in the world

Before the 1970s, corrosion in metal car bodies was a problem and one of the reasons was that the protective layer of primer paint was not effectively applied over the metal surfaces. It was manually sprayed on so there would be some little sections that may not have been covered. And like a cut in […]

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GM Ultium

GM looking forward to all-electric future with Ultium batteries

Like many carmakers, General Motors is heading for an all-electric future and putting considerable resources into building a multi-brand, multi-segment EV strategy with economies of scale that can rival its full-size truck business. By right, the company should be way ahead in the EV field today, having come out with the first mass-produced all-electric car, […]

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