2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class W223

All-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class set to be a pioneer in safety features again (w/VIDEOS)

Mercedes-Benz will be launching its all-new S-Class (W223) next month and typical of the company when it comes to the prelude to a new model, information usually trickles out to highlight the innovations that the new model will introduce. In the case of the new S-Class, the company has released details of its enhanced PRE-SAFE […]

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Ford AEB

ASEAN NCAP testing to include Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems

The New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN NCAP) assessment protocol for 2021-2025, introduced in Indonesia last year, has four pillars of assessment. These are Adult Occupant Protection (AOP), Child Occupant Protection (COP), Safety Assist (SA) and Motorcyclist Safety (MS). Under the SA domain, ASEAN NCAP will be assessing the effectiveness of Autonomous […]

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Euro NCAP assessments become tougher in 2020 with new protocols

Since 1997, the European New Car Assessment Programme – better known as Euro NCAP – has conducted independent assessments of new vehicles sold in Europe for consumers’ information. The assessments include crash tests (but are not the only aspect) as well as other active systems influencing safety performance. While several European governments, motoring, consumer and […]

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ESP – the innovation that has prevented millions of accidents in 25 years

Until the mid-1990s, mention of ‘ESP’ would have had people thinking about Extra Sensory Perception, which is what those letters usually referred to. ESP was related to psychic abilities where some people could sense something that others could not, especially events that might happen. After 1995, though. ESP came to mean something else and interestingly, […]

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Volvo 180 kmh

Soon, you will be able to go only up to 180 km/h in any Volvo

Volvo’s reputation for safety has been built up over decades to the extent that it is recognised as a pioneer in the field. It therefore has a lot of credibility with its actions, even if they may be controversial. Like the announcement that it will limit all its vehicles to a maximum speed of 180 […]

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ASEAN NCAP revises crash test assessment procedures in view of COVID-19 pandemic

ASEAN NCAP – the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian Countries – is taking precautionary measures in support of efforts to break the spread of the virus and minimising effects on the community. Understanding that due to current restrictions and the possibility that ASEAN NCAP Inspectors may not be allowed to travel to conduct […]

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BMW Child Safety

BMW Malaysia’s Child Safety Seat Subsidy program moves to Phase 2

With the compulsory use of Child Restraint Systems (CRS), typically childseats, having been imposed at the beginning of this year, parents have to buy such seats if they want to bring their small children out in the car. However, for those in the lower income group, it may be tough to purchase this item. To […]

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Meet Buckle Up Bear

Volkswagen’s ‘Buckle Up’ campaign educates children on importance of road and car safety

In these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of messages to the public focus on social distancing and personal hygiene to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. However, traffic accidents still happen and road and car safety are still important. Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) has not forgotten this and is taking an […]

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