Hyundai begins testing Level 4 Autonomous Driving in Europe

Hyundai Motors is currently pushing their technology prowess on autonomous driving capabilities with their Hyundai IONIQ model. Still in early stages, the hybrid sedan is currently being tested on European roads with Level 4 Autonomous Driving, which is only one level away from a car being completely autonomous in every situation.

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The tyres on your car may generate electricity in future!

Our older readers will remember the dynamo which was a small device rotated by the bicycle wheel. As it rotated, sufficient electricity was generated to light up the lamp. That simple idea of using the tyres to indirectly generate electricity is being revived with a new technology being developed by engineers in Japan. Sumitomo Rubber […]

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‘Pay, Pump & Go’ with Setel at all Petronas stations in Klang Valley

Tired of waiting in line at petrol stations to pay at the counter? Line too long at the ATM machines? With Setel, Malaysia’s first mobile app for fuel payment, you can just ‘Pay, Pump & Go’ right at the terminal located at the pump, now available at all Petronas stations in the Klang Valley area. […]

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