BMW X5 PHEV uses world’s first FSC-certified tyre

Pirelli is the first company in the world to produce a range of FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) tyres which represent a new horizon for increasingly sustainable tyre production. The tyres are made from rayon and FSC-certified natural rubber which comes from FSC-certified plantations. What is FSC? FSC forest management certification confirms that plantations are managed […]

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Run-flat tyres – an example of technology transfer from motorsports

Run-flat tyres, though seemingly a recent development, have been around since the 1930s although they were not as commercialized like today. From the 1980s onwards, most of the major manufacturers developed tyres that could continue to be used even when the air pressure was lost due to a puncture. This capability was initially required for […]

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The Pirelli tyres to be used for the 2021 F1 season-opener in Bahrain

The 2021 Formula 1 World Championship starts off this weekend in Bahrain, instead of Australia where the first round has traditionally been. So instead of preparing for the circuit in Melbourne, tyre-suppliers Pirelli have had to change plans and select tyres for the circuit in the desert which has some of the most abrasive asphalt […]

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Pirelli Track Adrenaline system

Pirelli’s Track Adrenaline system can make you a better driver on the track

Track Adrenaline, a system from Pirelli, gives track day enthusiasts and driving schools a way analyse their driving style. At the same time, they can also learn how to best to manage tyres as sensors assess the conditions of the tyres such as pressure and temperature. Track Adrenaline includes a high-precision GPS and an App […]

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Pirelli to be sole tyre-supplier for FIA World Rally Championship

Pirelli has been the tyre-supplier to Formula 1 teams since 2011 and from 2021, the tyremaker has also been chosen by the FIA as the sole supplier for the World Rally Championship (WRC). Taking over from Michelin, the supply contract is to run until the end of 2024. Pirelli will supply all the 4WD cars […]

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