2022 Cadillac InnerSpace concept

Cadillac InnerSpace concept reimagines the luxury experience of motoring in future

For those who have not followed the changes in Cadillac, the quintessential American automobile brand, their products are no longer the huge and heavy ‘aircraft carriers’ they once were. In fact, since the 1980s, the General Motors subsidiary has been ‘downsizing’ in response to energy concerns and the need to look for socially acceptable. It […]

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Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Cadillac

A Ghostbusters car could be worth up to half a million US dollars

Ghostbusters, the 1984 movie, became a cultural phenomenon with its ground-breaking blend of comedy, science fiction, horror and action. The second biggest film of 1984, it grossed US$295 million during its first run and is often considered one of the first movie blockbusters. There was a sequel in 1989, a reboot in 2016 and now, […]

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2022 Cadillac LYRIQ

2022 LYRIQ will be first model in Cadillac’s electric-only range moving forward

Cadillac is one of the first automotive brands in the world, with a history that goes back 118 years. While it was already established as a luxury brand from its early years, the name outside America was often associated with ‘gas guzzlers’ – cars with high fuel consumption and with dimensions like an aircraft carrier […]

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Cadillac LYRIQ concept

LYRIQ concept previews Cadillac’s first EV for the showrooms

Mention Cadillac and most people outside the USA will have an image of a big, heavy, fuel-guzzling limousine. That’s what the cars of the 118-year old company looked like for decades, with the ultimate being ‘The Beast’ which is the nickname of the car used by the US President. Like the other American carmakers, Cadillac […]

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Cadillac introduce limited edition CTS-V to celebrate its 115th anniversary

Cadillac, also known as the Rolls-Royce of the US market, has unveiled a new limited edition version of its sporty CTS-V called the Glacier Metallic Edition. This car has been introduced to commemorate the company’s 115-year history, and only 155 examples will ever be produced, which is quite fitting. Though remarkably similar to the regular […]

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