China to end subsidies for New Energy Vehicles after 2022

There were electric vehicles 100 years ago; in fact, even Henry Ford’s wife, Clara, drove and electrically-powered car because it was easy to start and had no transmission. However, battery technology at that time was not advanced and poor performance made electric cars unappealing, allowing cars with internal combustion engines to grow and then dominate […]

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2021 Nissan Newbird EV

Nissan Newbird – body of a Bluebird, heart of a LEAF EV

During the 1980s, Nissan was among the early Japanese carmakers to begin setting up overseas plants – not plants merely assembling cars but full-fledged factories that carried out the almost all the manufacturing processes. As the brand was very popular in Europe, the company decided to establish a factory there and after considering a few […]

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Nissan Ambition 2030 – a long-term vision towards sustainability for Japanese carmaker

Nissan will be stepping up its electrification strategy as it aims to be carbon-neutral across the lifecycle of its products by its fiscal year 2050. With its new long-term vision – Nissan Ambition 2030 – announced today, the carmaker will advance technologies to reduce its carbon footprint and pursue new business opportunities and become a […]

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2022 Tevva EV Truck

Tevva Truck to help immediate commercial vehicle industry need to electrify

Commercial vehicles (CVs), like passenger cars, will also have to follow the electrification route during this decade. This is especially so in Europe where there is a commitment by industries and governments to a target of net zero emissions by 2050, alongside a proposed ban on the sale of all polluting vehicles by 2035. With […]

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BMW Group Malaysia moves into next phase of electrification with new BMW i model range

Although the Malaysian government has not provided a ‘roadmap’ or formulated a policy that is appealing enough to investors, BMW Group Malaysia has gone ahead with its own electrification program, albeit in a limited manner. To date, it has introduced a fully electric BMW model (the i3) and also the MINI Electric, as well as […]

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When will the Malaysian government start to get serious about moving the industry to electric vehicles?

Malaysia has long had national automotive policies which are intended to provide a ‘roadmap’ for the development and growth of the auto industry. Updated periodically, it is supposed to give a ‘roadmap’ for companies, especially carmakers, to plan ahead. Investments are often planned many years in advance so policies must be sufficiently long and more […]

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Nissan to invest £1 billion in establishing Electric Vehicle (EV) Hub as a world-first EV manufacturing ecosystem

The auto industry is accelerating towards electrification of products, ultimately leaving behind the combustion engine that has been blamed for causing pollution of the environment and bringing on climate change. However, unlike previous transitions, this one is a radical one that calls for a change in the ecosystem of the industry. The existing ecosystem has […]

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Croatian carmaker Rimac Automobili takes control of Bugatti from Volkswagen Group

While the Volkswagen Group is unwilling to sell off Lamborghini (which is in the group via Audi), it has divested its stake in Bugatti and Croatian carmaker Rimac Automobili is taking a controlling stake in the French supercar company. However, rather than referring to it as an acquisition, it is described as ‘combining forces’ since […]

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Honda BEV

PROLOGUE SUV will start new electric era for Honda in North America in 2024

In April this year, Honda announced that by 2040, it will sell only fully electric vehicles (not even hybrids), a bold move that will end its relationship with the internal combustion engine much loved by Soichiro Honda. While different regions may move at different speeds along the road to electrification of their vehicles on a […]

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