The power of touchscreens and dashboards of the future

With the digitization of car interiors and the continuing addition of more and more electronic systems, the way a driver interacts with the systems and operates or adjusts them has been changing. For decades, mechanical systems used mechanically-actuated knobs and levers or pushbutton and rocker switches and generations of drivers have used them. No more […]

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Samsung Digital Cockpit 2021

Samsung Digital Cockpit continues to evolve with new ideas (w/VIDEO)

‘How far can we take vehicle technology?’ is a question that Samsung researchers constantly ask. While we can’t really predict the future with great accuracy, it is possible to look at innovations and advancements in technology for clues. One of the areas that company looked at is the cabin and combining Samsung Electronics’ latest advancements […]

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Nissan Ariya Concept

Why Nissan designers didn’t put a tablet display in the Ariya Concept

When digital graphic displays were available for use in cars, they were inserted in the dashboard, usually in the middle section. Before long, interior designers began to bring the display ‘out’, giving it the form of a tablet like an iPad slotted onto the dashboard. Perhaps this made installation easier and users would also have […]

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Maserati Innovation Lab

Maserati allows the world to look inside its top secret Innovation Lab

Some of the most secret areas in a car company are those where future products are planned and new technologies developed. These are the R&D facilities where, in some cases, even the employees are subjected to security checks every day. At one company, they are allowed to bring in handphones but these must be very […]

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