VR technology enhances vehicle development processes for Hyundai and Kia

Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation have debuted a new virtual reality (VR) design evaluation system at the brands’ global design headquarters. The new system, introduced to the Namyang Research and Development Centre in South Korea, demonstrates a heightened focus on enhancing vehicle development processes through the implementation of VR technology. The technology uses […]

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Kia’s Futuron concept is inspired by UFOs and flying saucers! (w/VIDEO)

Given the pressure to reduce costs all the time, many carmakers now prefer to show off concept cars that are ‘near-production’, rather than futuristic showcars that cost a lot to build. But once in a while, we get some extreme designs intended to show what could come. Like the Futuron concept by Kia which the […]

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Naza Kia Malaysia ‘making it rain’ with petrol cards

There are a lot of ways car companies here in Malaysia have been rewarding their loyal customers. As a token of appreciation for their loyalty and support, Naza Kia Malaysia gifted 62 winners of the “Fuel Your Freedom, Discover Malaysia with Kia’ Contest with RM620 worth of petrol cards last weekend at Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

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Kia e-Niro

Kia’s ‘Electric Mission’ gains insights into the electrification of personal transport in Europe

Following a 4,100-km drive through the world’s most developed electrified car markets, Kia Motors collected data that provides insights into the major trends for electrification in Europe. Referred to as the ‘Electric Mission’, the project was carried out in partnership with automotive research consultancy World Shopper. The Electric Mission lasted 10 days, with a team […]

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Hyundai Motor Group

Future Hyundai/Kia models to get additional airbag in the middle

Since the early 1980s when airbags started to be installed in cabin, millions of people have benefitted from the extra protection and experienced reduced injuries during accidents. The contribution of airbags to saving lives cannot be understated and as new technology has been developed, the effectiveness of airbags has increased. Preventing head injuries Now the […]

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Naza Corporation Holdings

Special Deals from the NAZA Automotive Group this Merdeka Season

If you’ve been thinking of getting a new vehicle this year, this month and the next would be a good time to find great deals. Various companies are celebrating the Merdeka season by giving their customers special offers and at the NAZA Automotive Group, there are models from three different cars brands to choose from. […]

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Quicker shift times in future Kia/Hyundai hybrids with Active Shift Control

The beginning of the computer age in the 1980s saw the rapid development of electronic systems for management of many different functions in cars. This led to significant leaps in performance and efficiency as computers could calculate at thousands of times a second, making adjustments to match operating conditions precisely. One area where such lightning-fast management […]

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