Lotus Evija aerodynamics

The phenomenal aerodynamics of the Lotus Evija hypercar explained

Aerodynamics are one of the crucial elements in achieving high performance. Designers and engineers spend thousands of hours running simulations and then testing prototypes in wind tunnels to get the air to flow optimally around the bodywork. This is the work of Richard Hill as chief aerodynamicist at Lotus Cars, where he has been for […]

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Lotus Evija factory

Lotus Evija production to start soon as new factory is completed

The new manufacturing facility where Lotus will build its Evija all-electric hypercar is being readied for final prototype production. Shortly after production commences in mid-2020, the first of 130 customers can expect deliveries of their cars. The first year’s production allocation is already designated to customers around the world. The hall is situated trackside next […]

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Lotus’ financial health showing signs of improvement

For the first time in a while, Lotus is showing signs of financial stability. This comes after a statement from Lotus Group International Limited (LGIL), saying that it had finished financial year (FY) 2016/17 on plan with a EBITDA profit of £2.0m. This is a marked improvement over the £16.3m EBITDA loss for the same […]

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Lotus Evora GTE430 is lightest and most track focused in the family

Lotus has released a new variant of its Evora sports car called the GT430 and boasting that its the most powerful road going car that it has ever produced. Sporting lightweight carbon-fibre panels and better performance, the car is pipped to be the most exhilarating Lotus on the road right now. In fact, it has […]

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Lotus Elise Sprint edition is the anorexic Elise you’ve been waiting for

Lotus has introduced a new variant to its featherweight Elise family. Named Sprint edition, the new car adopts new clever weight saving measures that are reminiscent of the good old days when Colin Chapman was running the shop.’ Engineered in and out to be the lightest of the Elise family, the Sprint edition receives new […]

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