Lexus and Infiniti demonstrate off-road capabilities of their large SUVs in all-female rally

Although the Range Rover, launched in the mid-1970s, can lay claim to being the first premium SUV, large premium SUVs only appeared in the late 1990s. However, the two Japanese premium brands – Lexus and Infiniti – had developed their own versions of luxury SUVs based on existing 4×4 models of their parent brands, Toyota […]

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2020 Lexus LX570

2020 Lexus LX range joined by LX570 Sport

Lexus, like most carmakers, saw the SUV trend surging upwards in the 1990s and to quickly have a representative in the growing segment, it introduced the LX in 1995. Largely adapted from the Toyota Land Cruiser, a well-proven model, the LX had all the qualities of a Lexus, especially luxury, and also off-road capability. Meanwhile, […]

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