2021 Nissan Newbird EV

Nissan Newbird – body of a Bluebird, heart of a LEAF EV

During the 1980s, Nissan was among the early Japanese carmakers to begin setting up overseas plants – not plants merely assembling cars but full-fledged factories that carried out the almost all the manufacturing processes. As the brand was very popular in Europe, the company decided to establish a factory there and after considering a few […]

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GoCar GoEV Nissan LEAF

Experience living with an electric vehicle for RM24.90 an hour

With the duty-free incentive for fully electric vehicles (EVs) to start next month, there may be many who are wondering if they should switch to such vehicles. While the exemption of all duties and taxes will mean a lower price, don’t expect prices to drop to the same as a Nissan Almera Turbo just because […]

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Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2020 Grand Prize winner receives his fully electric Nissan LEAF

In recent years, you would be reading a lot about electrification and how motorists in Europe are steadily switching to electric vehicles. The shift has yet to start in Malaysia but for 23-year old Haqiem Rusli, it has started. The young and talented singer, composer and actor from Selangor, took delivery of a new Nissan […]

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Nissan RE-LEAF concept

Nissan EVs as mobile power supply units in disaster areas (w/VIDEO)

Many of today’s electric vehicles (EVs) have a battery pack that can store a considerable amount of energy. The energy is used to power the electric motors that move the vehicle, but the battery packs can also be used as mobile power supply units in areas that have experienced natural disasters. Nissan is exploring such […]

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Nissan LEAF beats fire and wind in 1-kilometre challenge (w/VIDEO)

In a first-of-its-kind driving contest, Nissan pitched its LEAF – the world’s first mass-market fully-electric vehicle (EV) – against the speed of nature’s powerful elements – fire and wind. The idea of having the challenge was to change the perception that electric vehicles are not dynamic or exciting. On an enclosed area at Samroiyod Beach […]

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Save almost RM48,000 with the Nissan Subscription Plan

This has been a decade of change in the motoring landscape, for the carmakers, the industry as a whole and also motorists. Concerns about the environment and safety have forced the manufacturers to be serious about ‘electrification’ of their products to drastically reduce emissions, and add more safety systems. At the same time, pressures from […]

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Electric vehicles are far from boring these days and you can even drift with them (w/VIDEO)

Although Formula E has shown that electric power can be used for racing cars and the appearance of fully electric vehicles (EVs) in some motorsports events has also proven that all-electric powertrains can be very powerful, there are still people who imagine EVs are slow and boring. Such vehicles were first promoted for their clean […]

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Prototype Nissan EV shows how electric car performance will move up to the next level

Nissan, which can claim leadership in mass-produced electric vehicles (EVs) with its bestselling LEAF, has long experience with EVs. Though we only read about its advances in recent times, it had a running electric car called the Tama in the late 1940s which was used as a taxi. But EVs in those days had poor […]

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