Proton Iriz

Metro Driving Academy, which provides driver education and professional driver training, has acquired a fleet of Proton Iriz cars for use at its facilities in Kampung Melayu Subang and Bandar Bukit Puchong. The fleet, totalling 50 units, was delivered recently to the company.

As the cars will be used for training, they have been modified for the purpose in accordance to the rules and regulations set by the Road Transport Department (JPJ). The modification work was carried out by ACE, a subsidiary of Proton Global Services specialising in custom builds and modifications.


Proton, like other carmakers in Malaysia, has been seeing a steady sales growth since the government allowed businesses to start operating again from the middle of August. While there were only two weeks of operations in August and many sales outlets also had to prepare their premises to meet SOPs, September was a full month and customers began returning to showrooms.

For Proton, September was very encouraging as the total number of vehicles sold (including exports) was 10,380 units. The company estimates that the Total Industry Volume for the month will be around 43,500 units and, on that basis, Proton’s share would be 23.9%. This would keep it in second place in overall sales for 2021.

September’s sales volume takes the cumulative volume sold to 73,017 units after 8 months. That’s almost similar to the 73,547 units over the same period in 2020 although this year, Proton’s market share to date is slightly higher at 23% compared to 21.5%.

Although there is usually more news about the newer models like the X70 and X50, it was the Saga that was Proton’s bestseller in September. 3,907 units were sold, a number said to be the highest in the A-segment.

The newly launched Iriz and Persona also recorded strong first month sales. Even though production was affected by a shortage of components, the factory still managed to release 1,440 units of the Persona and 749 units of the Iriz (including the new Active variant) which were immediately delivered to customers.

As for the hotselling SUVs, deliveries accelerated to catch up with demand. For the X50, 2,431 units were delivered while 1,577 units of the X70 reached their new owners. To date in 2021, 27,312 units of SUVs have been sold by Proton which accounts for 37.4% of the overall year’s sales of 73,017 units.

“As the numbers show, sales were strong for Proton in September, so we are happy with the results. While we could have sold more than the 10,380 units achieved, some context should be given to our performance as Malaysia is recovering from a pandemic that is still affecting our vendors. The situation is slowly improving but the shortage of chips and other components is a real issue that will not change in the short term, so we must exercise caution when trying to forecast sales as production volumes remain subject to change,” explained Roslan Abdullah, CEO of Proton Edar.

“Therefore, for the remaining three months of the year, Proton will concentrate on meeting our commitments to our customers and delivering as many cars as possible. Clearing the backlog will free up more volume for the next calendar year and help us move forward with plans to expand our offerings both locally and in export markets,” he said.

Encik Roslan said that while there is growth in the number of bookings made online, Proton and its dealers have made big investments to upgrade the sales and service network the last few years. “The best brand experience is still delivered in person, so we have adopted new operational procedures in light of the pandemic situation,” he added.

With all states in Phase 2 or higher of the National Recovery Plan, all Proton outlets and service centres have now reopened nationwide. While operations remain governed by strict SOPs to limit the physical number of people at a facility, fully vaccinated customers can visit showrooms to view and test drive the company’s range of offerings.

EON now has a website dedicated to Proton products and services

Vaccination does not make you immune to COVID-19 infection. You can still get infected and although you may not show symptoms, you can spread the coronavirus to others. Do not stop taking protective measures such as wearing a facemask, washing hands frequently and social distancing.

The auto industry is still having most of its normal activities suspended, as ordered by the government, but for some, new model introductions need to go ahead as planned. Proton is one of the companies that planned to launch the new versions of its Iriz and Persona, and has gone ahead to do so today using online channels (which can also be used to make bookings).

Updating exercises for both models
The two new models are well established products but have been in the market some time so updating is needed. Proton DESIGN has incorporated new styling elements which continue to use the Infinite Weave with Ethereal Bow grille. As with such updating exercises, the designers have also taken the opportunity to restyle the bumpers and some areas of the lighting units. Such cosmetic changes do not require changes to sheet metal so they are less costly to do.

On the Iriz, the grille has a new profile with a red highlight whilst the Persona’s comes has more chrome for greater distinctiveness. The top versions of both models also have black roofs.

The LED headlamps (not available for the standard variants) have the convenience of automatic on/off as well as a ‘follow me home’ function which keeps them on for a while after the engine is switched off. This is to provide illumination while walking to the front door of the home.

Other new features include new styling for the 16-inch alloy wheels and new finishing on the rear combination lamps. There are also new body colours – Space Grey for the Persona and Citric Orange and Passion Red for the Iriz, which would be aimed at younger buyers.

Concept finally becomes a production model
The Iriz finally gets the sporty Active variant which was shown as a concept some 7 years ago. Back then, there was a trend towards adding ‘SUV elements’ to cars and Proton DESIGN came out with the concept. According to the Head of Proton DESIGN, it was one of those ‘skunkworks’ projects that the design team did quietly in their studio.

The Iriz Active concept which the designers at Proton DESIGN created as a ‘side project’ of their own.

“It wasn’t in the development timeline of the then freshly launched Iriz, so the whole premise was to project the future. Based on foresight and a hunch, I believe it achieved what it was created to do,” he recalled

Sportier lifestyle image
Though having the same shape and dimensions, the hatchback has moulding that runs around the body to add distinctiveness. A black roof with roof rails adds the ‘SUV touch’, while the 16-inch wheels have a new design.

The cabin of the Iriz Active has red highlights using embroidery on the front seats, door trim and carpet mats, as well as red stitching on the steering wheel and seatbelts with red straps. Red is also used on other areas to highlight the different forms. There are also aluminium sport pedals for a sporty look and feel.

More premium cabin for Persona
While the Iriz Active has a sporty interior, the new Persona Premium gets seats and door trim upholstered in brown leatherette (in the same shade that debuted on the Proton X70) to complement the enhanced interior design and give a more premium image.

A noticeable change to the interior of both the Iriz and Persona is the new 8-inch floating infotainment display panel. This ‘command centre’ has voice command functions that have been updated to control the air-conditioning system and driver’s window. Starting off with ‘Hi Proton’ and then saying certain commences, actions can be executed without lifting the hands off the steering wheel.

The display panel is located at the top of the dashboard for easy access, and the air vents have been repositioned accordingly. The controls for the air-conditioning now come with a digital display as well. Between the front seats, the centre console has been redesigned to provide an armrest and improved storage space.

Cleaner, healthier cabin air
Since last year, following the initiative by the Geely Group which Proton is part of, more attention has been given to ensuring that the air quality in the cabin is healthy. This led to the fitment of a N95 Cabin Filter which is standard in the cars. The N95 Cabin Filter, as the name suggests, can remove 95% of particles that are larger than 0.3 microns. Additionally, it can remove 98% of PM2.5 dust particulates, which is important to promote respiratory health. Apart from effectively filtering smoke particulates, dust and bacteria; the N95 filter can help to promote an allergy-free environment by reducing allergens from pets, aphids and pollen.

Both cars come with a comprehensive list of features and equipment and among them are no less than 6 USB ports around the cabin. One is even thoughtfully located behind the rearview mirror for easier connection to power a dashcam, instead of having the cable dangle down to the dashboard.

Tops in safety
Proton models are top scorers in ASEAN NCAP tests and the Iriz and Persona have scored the maximum of 5 stars from the safety organization. Crash tests have shown that the reinforced body structure using Hot Press Formed steel provides very good protection in collisions, while active safety systems such as Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control System help the driver retain control of the car in slippery conditions. Airbags are, of course, standard as they are required by law as are seatbelts for every occupant.

“The Proton Iriz and Persona have won many fans since their introduction, so we took a measured approach to updating them. The styling changes and addition of a new Active variant for the Proton Iriz will help boost their visual appeal while the changes we have made to the interior and infotainment system ensures they deliver better comfort and connectivity while retaining Proton’s trademark driving experience,” said Roslan Abdullah, CEO of Proton Edar.

A Launch Package (with applicable terms and conditions) is offered with both new models. This consists of a Warranty Package (5 years or maximum of 150,000 kms); Service Package (free labour service for 3 times); and a Data Package for 5 years with 1GB each month (new Iriz Active and Persona Premium only).

1989 Proton Saga wins Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional in the UK


It’s a Sunday night and you’re out with friends at your friendly neighbourhood mamak stall and on the screen is a Formula 1 race. You then think to yourself: “It’s just a matter of driving fast. Anyone can do it.” Think again.

Like other intense sports, motorsports requires its athletes to undergo constant training and be in peak physical form in order to excel. Typically, a driver in a race will have to be able to cope with g-forces higher than those experienced in everyday driving when taking corners in excess of 100 km/h. He or she must be able to feel oversteering or understeering due to tyre grip and the setup of the car’s suspension. In addition to being fit, a race car driver will need to have an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of a car.

Proton R3

For Proton R3’s Mitchell Cheah, Fariqe Hairuman, Syafiq Ali, Admi Shahrul, Nurul Husna, Faye Kusairi and Leona Chin, racing came naturally – but only after they began preparing for the race several weeks beforehand. ‘Weekend racers’ may just go to the track and drive fast but for those who are serious about racing, there’s a strict exercise regime and they must follow a healthy and balanced diet. Trips to the mamak stall are definitely out of the question (at least until after the racing season is over).

One of the drivers (we won’t tell who) even spends some time playing Call of Duty in the name of improving hand-eye coordination. Those who spend time on Playstation4’s racing simulators also gain ‘experience’ that can be useful when they race in the real world. So yes, it’s easy to drive a car, but challenging to race in one.

Teamwork is imperative for success
Another crucial aspect about competitive motorsports is the fact that it isn’t a one-man show. Teamwork is imperative for success – engineers are required to analyse and make quick adjustments to the car; engine and tyre specialists have their self-explanatory roles; a pit crew must be quick and precise at refuelling and replacing tyres; a crew chief, who oversees the technical crew; and a team manager who keeps administrative duties in check.

Proton R3

Proton R3

Typically, a racing team begins preparations several days before the actual race day. The driver(s) will have to work closely with the rest of the crew to ensure that their cars are set up for the circuit – tuning to the suspension is critical as every track has its own characteristics.

You wouldn’t want to use a soft suspension set-up for a track with lots of corners, unless you enjoy being in a boat that’s constantly bobbing up and down. There’s also the fact that the engine and drivetrain have to be tuned properly to ensure the car is able to provide a good compromise between acceleration and top speed.

Proton R3

While a car’s set-up is important, there’s only so much that can be done to boost the reliability of the car itself. For the Proton R3 drivers this year, the availability of the improved 2019 Saga and 2019 Iriz made a difference and both achieved significant success in the annual Sepang 1,000km (S1K) race.

This is no easy feat because these cars are driven at an average speed of 110 km/h. Other than the brief moments they are in for pit stops, they are constantly pushed hard and this year, that was for 9 hours and over 181 laps. The strain placed on the cars and drivers is therefore intense and both must be in top form.

Proton R3

Proton R3

A successful endeavour
Both the Proton R3 drivers and cars rose to the occasion and dominated the S1K. The 2019 Iriz that was driven by Mitchell and Fariqe captured first place while the 2019 Saga that was driven by Syafiq and Admi came in second.

Also impressive was the all-ladies team which managed to blitz past the competition from 26th on the grid, to seventh overall, ahead of all the other lady drivers. When interviewed, all Proton’s racers attributed the success to the handling and reliability of their Malaysian-made and engineered cars.

Proton R3

All said and done, participating in motorsports events like the S1K takes dedication, discipline and a strong level of focus from the entire team. While many are able to drive well on the roads, participating in a race like the S1K requires more than just good driving skills.

Proton R3 wins Sepang 1000km again – that’s 3 years in a row!



Team Proton R3 (R3) capped a successful 2019 season yesterday by winning the Sepang 1000km (S1K) race for a third consecutive time. The impressive achievement was led by Mitchell Cheah and Fariqe Hairuman in the latest Proton Iriz which dominated the proceedings in a tough 9-hour race. There was double joy for the team as the 2019 Proton Saga driven by Syafiq Ali and Admi Shahrul crossed the finish line in second place.

2019 S1k Proton R3

Most successful manufacturer in S1K
With a third consecutive and fifth overall S1K victory, Proton has stretched its lead as the most successful manufacturer in the history of the event. It not only reflects on the capabilities of the cars but also the skill, professionalism and teamwork of R3, arguably the leading racing team in Malaysia.

2019 S1k Proton R3

“Being successful in motor racing requires a combination of factors. A manufacturer, for instance, would firstly need the correct models in its range that would be suitable for the job. Even if a suitable model is available, it is difficult to achieve success as the car needs to be developed while the skills of the racing team, from the technicians to the drivers, needs to be finely honed. This requires an investment in time and money and Proton’s success in motorsports is proof our investment in R3, our in-house racing division, is a wise one,” said Dr. Li Chunrong, CEO of Proton.

2019 S1k Proton R3

Lady drivers impress too
There were three Team Proton R3 entrants for the S1K this year with the third car crewed by an all-female driving team. Nurul Husna and Faye Kusairi were selected from the MSF-R3 Lady Drivers Search that gave aspiring female racers a chance to compete in the S1K race. The lead driver for the team was Leona Chin, Malaysia’s fastest female racer.

A technical issue during qualifying meant the team’s 2019 Proton Saga started the race from 26th on the grid. Despite the early setback, the ladies showed amazing skill and fighting spirit as they carved their way up to seventh overall and first among all lady drivers by the end of the race.

“Our lady drivers performed very well and we are proud of their achievement. By finishing seventh, they have proven their capability to compete in the male dominated arena of motorsports and Proton are proud to have given Malaysian women an opportunity to showcase their talents,” said Dr. Li.

2019 S1k Proton R3

“Win on Sunday, sell on Monday”
The marketing phrase refers to an age-old ethos for car manufacturers who compete in motorsports. By being successful on the track, their products gain an image boost thus helping to improve their performance in the showroom. Additionally, owners also get to feel a sense of pride to be driving a car from the winning brand – especially if it is the same model.

“By winning the S1K for the fifth time in 11 editions, Proton has proven its mastery of the event. A 1,000-km race requires speed as well as reliability and our models have both. What we learn in the heat of competition we then engineer into our products to create better cars. The success of both the 2019 Iriz and 2019 Saga in motorsports helped boost the image of each model and as a result, Iriz sales have increased three-fold while the Saga has achieved over 35,000 bookings since its launch,” Dr. Li revealed.

Want to experience the performance of the latest Proton Iriz and Saga? Visit www.proton.com to locate a showroom near your for a test-drive.

Team Proton R3 takes Malaysian Championship Series title



Buying a new car is a better idea than buying a used one. You get not just a brand new car, never driven before but also a warranty to cover defects over a number of years and (depending on the company), free scheduled service which saves you money. But for many, even though the gap has narrowed, it is still not easy for them to commit to taking a H-P (hire-purchase) loan to buy a new car.

Up to 100% financing
To help those who want to own a new Proton, specifically fresh graduates and government employees, Proton and Bank Rakyat are collaborating to offer special financial packages that can provide up to 100% financing. To be eligible for the packages, the applicants must be Malaysians who are new graduates aged between 20 to 30 years, or government employees aged between 18 to 60 years old.

There are two special packages, which run until December 31, 2019: An-Naqlu 1 – which offers 90% financing starting at an attractive rate of 2.88% per annum; and An-Naqlu 2 – which offers 100% financing starting at 3.30% per annum. Models available for these packages are the Persona, Iriz, Exora and Saga.

Proton Bank Rakyat financing packages

Special service and insurance schemes
“Under this special scheme, Bank Rakyat offers customers easy financing approval, while Proton makes it more attractive with a free service package of up to 2 years, depending on the models that they choose,” said Fazli Hisham Shukor, Director of Corporate Sales at Proton.

Proton service
Customers will also get free scheduled service for up to 2 years (depending on the model chosen), which helps to save money too.

On top of this, customers will also benefit from an enhanced insurance package. Designed with Etiqa Takaful and Zurich Takaful, the Proton Insurance Programme provides customers special coverage which includes key care cover, flood relief allowance and also all driver coverage, including a guarantee of zero excess charges for Proton vehicles up to 10 years old.

More information can be obtained at Proton outlets nationwide. Companies interested in fleet programmes can send in their requests to corporatesales@proton.com.

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Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, many fuel economy runs were organized by clubs and leading car companies would participate to demonstrate how economically their models could run. However, on the matter of fuel consumption, most Malaysian motorists didn’t seem to take much interest as the price of petrol was low. So, before long, economy runs faded out but for the car companies, there were other selling points to promote.

Now Proton is reviving the economy run activity with new approaches. The inaugural edition of the event that was known as the ‘1 Tank Adventure’ last year focused mainly on routes in Peninsular Malaysia but the 2019 competition will feature 2 rounds in East Malaysia (one each in Sabah and Sarawak). The Grand Final will see participants embark on a journey from Kota Bharu to Johor Bharu using just a single tank of fuel.

This second running of the ‘1 Tank Adventure’ invites Proton owners to experience the sights, sounds and cuisine of Malaysia while driving economically. It will commence on September 14, 2019 with 3 preliminary rounds and a Grand Final. The participants will consist of owners of the 2019 Proton Iriz, Persona and Saga as well as invited media members and celebrities. Over RM100,000 worth of prizes are waiting to be won this year.

2018 Proton 1 Tank Adventure
Scenes from last year’s event

Demonstrate real-world fuel efficiency
One of the main aims of the ‘1 Tank Adventure’ is to demonstrate the real-world fuel efficiency of the current range of Proton cars. Participants will be required to drive their cars over a variety of roads and traffic conditions to deliver fuel economy figures that can be replicated by other owners on a daily basis.

“Proton would like to demonstrate the efficiency of our cars by embarking on some epic journeys around the country. These figures won’t be obtained in a controlled environment but in driving conditions owners experience every day. Ultimately, we will prove the current range of Proton cars can deliver fuel economy figures that will help keep running costs low,” said Dr. Li Chunrong, Proton’s CEO.


Showcasing improvements
The ‘1 Tank Adventure’ will also showcase the improvements Proton made to the Iriz, Persona and Saga, models updated and launched in 2019. From incorporating the ‘Hi PROTON!’ voice command system, improving build quality, adding Internet connectivity and creating a variant with the most comprehensive safety equipment list for a car priced below RM40,000, each model has a unique set of characteristics to appeal to its target market.

2018 Proton 1 Tank Adventure
As in last year’s event, the participants will get to experience the driving dynamics of the latest models

Additionally, the participants will get to test the dynamic capabilities of the cars during driving sessions held at each round. They will perform maneuvers in a safe and controlled environment and for many, it will be the first time they experience the limits of tyre adhesion. The aim of the exercise is to show the participants what their own cars are capable of, thus reinforcing the message about Protons having class-leading dynamics.

“We would like to use the ‘1 Tank Adventure’ to remind Malaysians there are many factors to consider when buying a car. Proton has updated its entire range in 2019 and this is a great opportunity to travel around the country to show everyone the result of our hard work. With revised styling, improved quality, better handling and ride comfort as well as higher equipment levels and value for money, we have models to suit every budget and need,” added Dr. Li.

For more information and updates on the event, visit www.proton.com.

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The Proton Iriz and the Persona have always only enjoyed some success in the Malaysian B-segment. Not a lot as the competition in that segment is intense and the Myvi really is king of the hill. But that much desired segment success that Proton has longed for could just be around the corner.

To achieve this, Proton has updated the Iriz and Persona for 2019, and both now offer first in-class technology features.

For starters, the cars now feature intelligent infotainment systems accessed via a 7-inch touchscreen function. What this means is that both the Iriz and Persona use an embedded eSim card that connects the car to the internet.

Through this system, the car offers applications for music streaming and online navigation. And through the eSim, the system will also receive Over The Air (OTA) updates with new apps added to the system when they become available.

It also has 16GB of internal memory and features a mirroring function for Android smart phones.

And for those who were impressed with the voice recognition which made its debut in the X70, the Iriz and the Persona too offer the same voice recognition app with the now famous catchphrase ‘Hi Proton’!

An updated car usually features aesthetic updates as well, and both the Iriz and the Persona too feature an extensive exterior redesign.

The Proton ‘Ethereal Bow’ grille design which debuted on the X70 now sets the new Iriz apart from the old. And this is completed by a new set of front and rear bumpers, a black rear garnish, new rims, as well as a shark fin antenna.

As for the Persona, Proton says it has been restyled more conservatively but also features the Ethereal Bow as well as the Infinite Weave pattern which is now a styling trademark for Proton.

The restyled Persona is topped off by a new boot spoiler, updated bumpers and new rims.

The prices of both cars have also been revised with prices for the Iriz starting from RM36,700 for the standard 1.3 up to RM50,700 for the top of the line 1.6 CVT.

The Persona on the other hand is priced at RM42,600 for the standard 1.6 manual, and up to RM54,600 for the 1.6 CVT. These prices are for Peninsular Malaysia, our readers from East Malaysia will have to pay RM2,000 more across the board and can refer to the price table below.

But it doesn’t just end there. Proton is spicing up the package even further and gives you an even better reason to buy these two cars.

Proton is offering:

1. Free two-year road tax for cars booked prior to the launch date
2. Free two-year road tax for the first 1,000 units registered
3. Free 5-year internet data with 12GB/year
4. Interest rates starting from just 2.93%
5. Free labour for 3 scheduled service appointments up until 20,000km
6. Insurance coverage package which the table below simplifies for you.

With these updates, especially with the new intelligent infotainment system, Proton is set to continue its march to the top of the market.

The company has enjoyed huge success with the X70 garnering a very healthy 25,000 bookings with 11,000 units delivered.

Proton Iriz 2019 baru sahaja dipratontonkan kepada pihak media Malaysia semalam di Proton Centre of Excellence (COE) semalam dah secara terus-terang, generasi terkini Proton Iriz memang nampak menarik. Model kali ini telah dikemaskini dan ditambahbaik dengan lebih 300 perubahan (367) yang akan menarik perhatian ramai rakyat Malaysia dengan reka bentuk dan kelengakapan baharu. (more…)

Yup, voice commands in an introductory model, your eyes didn’t deceive you in that title. The Iriz is also the very first existing Proton model to be upgraded under the new partnership with Geely, and the Persona will follow suit soon. Targeted for a March 2019 launch, here’s the official media unveiling of the Iriz FL…

Very prominent changes to the Iriz styling are the use of the “Ethereal Bow” and “Infinite Weave” in the front facade; these design elements made their maiden appearance in the X70 of course, but this design was integrated into the Iriz by Proton’s Head of Design, Azlan Othman (below).

During his presentation to the media, Azlan explained the Iriz was penned to portray intelligence with a sporty look, hence the model slogan of Intelligence That Excites. He also mentioned the use of styling elements to create a visual link with other Proton models. Starting from the front, there are new slim headlights integrated with a prominent grille garnish. The shape of the chrome bar is inspired by the “Ethereal Bow” design while the radiator grille features the “Infinite Weave” pattern, topped by a trademark Proton logo. There is also a bold new front bumper that features a new lower radiator grille as well as sleek LED daytime running lamps (DRL) that add a sophisticated touch to the overall design.

At the rear, the PROTON name is now spelled out on the tailgate garnish in place of the logo previously used. Visually, it now looks wider, an impression reinforced by the new rear bumper with vertical garnish inserts and a new bumper stripe. Finishing touches consist of an Iriz nameplate in a distinctive new typeface, a shark fin antenna and new rotor blade design alloy wheels.

The 2019 Iriz is the first B-segment hatchback in Malaysia to feature an intelligent head unit that uses an embedded eSIM card and offers apps for music streaming, navigation and voice recognition. Access to the apps and other functions is via a 7-inch touchscreen featuring a full colour display and 16GB of internal memory. Similar to the system used on the Proton X70, the Iriz also has Wi-Fi connectivity so it can be used as a mobile hotspot or connect to Wi-Fi services that are within range. You can see more of this being demo’d in the video below…

Full mirroring capabilities with Android smart phones is also offered. “Following the introduction of the Proton X70, the 2019 Proton Iriz will be the second Proton model to receive an intelligent head unit offering functions such as voice command, navigation and music streaming. It will also use the same Hi Proton! catchphrase to access the system. You can therefore say that because of the Proton X70, the Proton Iriz was inspired to be intelligent,” said Dr Li Chunrong, Chief Executive Officer of PROTON.

Flash promotion to be held in run-up to official launch
PROTON will be holding a ‘flash promotion’ for the 2019 Iriz where interested buyers can make an online booking for only RM9.99. By doing so, PROTON will also reward them with free road tax for a period of two years as a sign of gratitude for booking the Iriz prior to its launch. The promotion starts at 10am on 1 March 2019 and ends at 11.59pm on 11 March 2019. Have a look at the Iriz on Proton’s test track below!

“By holding a flash promotion, we want to make the 2019 Iriz accessible to more potential buyers. Aside from the low commitment fee, we are also offering convenience as bookings can be placed online. This is however a limited time offer so we would encourage interested parties to book their units as soon as possible,” added Dr Li Chunrong.
The Company will also be holding customer previews at several of its Proton Edar outlets to give members of the public a chance to see the 2019 Iriz up close before its official launch. The first location will be at the Proton Edar 4S centre in Chan Sow Lin, where the preview will be held from 2 – 3 March.

Here are the variants to choose from:

Our final video showcases the Iriz’s handling capabilities, stay tuned to Piston.my for the official launch and price announcement coming soon!

Proton Iriz FL Media Preview Photo Gallery…


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