Ranger Raptor

Remember the news about a new Ford Ranger Raptor being entered in the SCORE-International Baja 1000? Run in California, it’s one of the world’s toughest off-road races and just making it to the end in one piece is an achievement.

The Ranger Raptor – prepared in Australia for desert racing but still quite standard and even road-legal, finished its class in first place. And it was still in such good condition that the team decided to drive it back to its home base. In 2017, a stock F-150 Raptor also did the same thing.


Even as the Ford+ Plan has the carmaker putting in bigger investments in electric vehicles, attention has not diminished for vehicles with combustion engines. Particularly with pick-up trucks, which Ford is a leader in, there is continued development with sustainable clean energy solutions being explored.

At the SCORE International Baja 1000 – one of the toughest off-road races in the world – Ford Performance will enter a new Ranger Raptor running on a low-carbon biofuel, demonstrating the potential of these fuels in the most demanding environments.


One of the pleasures that driving enthusiasts enjoy is the ‘music’ from the exhaust of their cars. It can convey emotion and form part of the car’s character, especially with sportscars. Some manufacturers have their engineers spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that the car has a sound unique enough to become an aural signature that signifies the presence of the car near or far.

Generally, the growls or roars have been associated with sportscars but now, Ford is also bringing a new feature to truck owners which will allow them to customise the exhaust sound in various ways. It’s made possible by the new active valve twin exhaust system fitted to the 3-litre twin-turbo V6 engine of the latest Ranger Raptor.


Following the preview of the new Ford Ranger, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) will soon present the next-generation Ranger Raptor to the Malaysian public. The high-performance pick-up truck – only one of its type in the country – will be officially launched soon.

As already demonstrated with the previous generation, the Ranger Raptor sets the benchmark as Asia Pacific’s only purpose-built high-speed off-road performance pick-up truck. Developed with input from Ford Performance, the high-performance division of Ford, the new Ranger Raptor promises to raise the performance bar yet again,

“With its significantly enhanced performance, modern technologies and best-in-class capabilities, the next-gen Ranger Raptor is the definitive king of pickups. Bolder, faster and edgier, this is the ultimate lifestyle enabler for customers to work hard and play harder. Yet it’s safe and comfortable enough with an upscale and roomy interior for family,” said Turse Zuhair, Managing Director, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion-Ford.


The next-generation Ford Ranger has arrived in Malaysia and also joining the range before the end of the year will be the new Ranger Raptor. Developed by Ford Performance, the Ranger Raptor has proven to be the ultimate Ranger which blends raw power with mechanical and technical precision to create the most advanced Ranger ever.

The big news for performance fans is the introduction of a new twin-turbo 3.0-litre EcoBoost V6 producing up to 392 ps at 5,650rpm and 583 Nm at 3,500rpm tuned by Ford Performance. However, the 2.0-litre Bi-Turbo diesel 4-cylinder engine will also be available in markets where a smaller displacement is more practical. Malaysia would be one of them.

The 2-litre Bi-turbo engine with high-pressure Commonrail Direct Injection is already a familiar powerplant as it is used in the latest Ranger Wildtrak. With two turbochargers, the engine (for the Raptor) pushes out 213 ps, with a massive 500 NM of torque.

All that power and torque flows through Ford’s own 10-speed automatic transmission which has been specially calibrated to work perfectly with the turbocharged engine. Not only is power delivery smooth but gear changes are also quick and precise with advanced programming to ensure the right gear for every situation.

With an electronically-controlled active exhaust system that amplifies the engine note in 4  selectable drive modes (Quiet, Normal, Sport and Baja), the Raptor’s vocal character ranges from mild to wild. Drivers can choose their preferred engine sound by pressing a button on the steering wheel or by selecting a drive mode.

While there are similarities, the new Ranger Raptor has a unique chassis when compared to latest Ranger. A series of unique mounts and reinforcements, for elements including the C-pillar, load box and spare wheel, as well as unique frames for the jounce bumper, shock tower and rear shock bracket all combine to give the vehicle much more capability in extreme conditions.

The suspension is completely redesigned, with all-new tough, lightweight aluminium upper and lower control arms, long travel front and rear suspension and refined Watt’s link rear end designed to deliver more control across rough terrain at high speed.

The new suspension upgrades in the Ranger Raptor make the most of the new FOX Live Valve dampers. The suspension adapts in real time to enable exceptional on-road body control while absorbing corrugations and bigger ruts off-road with ease ensuring maximum control and performance.

Soaking up those humps and bumps are next-generation FOX 2.5-inch Live Valve Internal Bypass shock absorbers with cutting-edge control technology offering position-sensitive damping capability. These shock absorbers are the most sophisticated ever on Ranger Raptor and are filled with Teflon-infused oil that reduces friction by around 50% compared to those on the previous Raptor.

While the hardware is FOX, the tuning and development work was carried out by Ford Performance using a mixture of computer-aided engineering and real-world testing. Everything from adjusting the spring rates to setting the ride height, valve tuning and honing the ride zones was performed to create the perfect balance between comfort, control, stability and traction on-road and off-road.

2022 Ford Ranger Raptor

In addition to working with the drive modes, the system works in the background to prepare the Ranger Raptor for different conditions. As the shocks compress, different zones within the bypass system give exactly the amount of support needed for the travel being used and work in reverse as the shocks rebound back to full height.

The Ranger Raptor’s ability to tackle rough terrain is further enhanced with tough underbody protection. The front bashplate is almost double the size of the standard Ranger bashplate and made from 2.3 mm-thick high-strength steel. This bashplate, combined with the engine undershield and transfer case shield, provides protection for key components like the radiator, steering system, front cross member, engine sump and front differential.

2022 Ford Ranger Raptor

For the first time, the Ranger Raptor gets an advanced permanent 4-wheel drive system with an all-new electronically controlled on-demand 2-speed transfer case, combined with front and rear locking differentials, a feature that hardcore off-roaders will appreciate.

Unlike other pick-up trucks in the market with bodykits to just give a sportier image, the Ranger Raptor’s was specially developed by Ford Performance. The flared fenders accommodate a choice of two muscular 17-inch wheel designs, one with beadlock capability, and each wrapped in BFGoodrich all-terrain tyres.

Functional vents, aero features, and tough, new-design cast aluminium side steps help enhance the look and functionality of the truck. At the rear, LED taillights provide a signature link to the front, while the precision grey rear bumper features an integrated step pad and towbar that is tucked up high to aid the truck’s departure angle.

Inside, the theme continues to emphasize the off-road performance and high-energy nature of the exterior. The cabin features all-new, jet fighter-inspired sports seats – both in the front and rear – that are not only more comfortable but more supportive during high-speed cornering.

When the first Ranger Raptor was launched in Malaysia, its RM209,000 pricetag was thought to be excessive. But much to SDAC’s surprise, the model was in high demand. It was just the thing for the hardcore types who could get a factory-ready truck with genuine high performance – and with a warranty too.

The Next-Generation Ford Ranger Is Here!

You’ve been owning a Ford Ranger for some time, or you’re a new owner who’s just joined the world of trucking… do you want to enjoy your truck to the fullest and do more with it than just being able to carry more durians home? Many truck owners may not be fully aware of  the potential and features of their vehicle which has been built tough and very capable.

For such owners, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion-Ford (SDAC-Ford) has a special program called ‘Ford Ranger Getaways‘ where Ranger owners can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle trucks permit, and also learn more about using their vehicle in off-road conditions.

Designed for Ranger/Ranger Raptor owners
There are various packages during the year and coming up on March 26 is a 1-day guided session with trained driving instructors covering tarmac and off-road driving scenarios. Held in the district of Sepang in Selangor, it is designed for Ranger and Ranger Raptor owners.

During the session, they will learn valuable tips and tricks on seating and steering methods. They will also have hands-on experience navigating around an autocross course on tarmac, a 4×4 off-road course and a ‘Baja course’ that will showcase the true prowess of the Ranger Raptor, Ford’s performance truck. And to show the high performance of the Ranger Raptor, the participants will be taken around the Baja course with the instructors at high speed. Baja is a region in Southern California where desert races have been held for a long time.

Ranger owners will go through the same modules as the Ranger Raptor experience except for a dirt cornering and drifting course in place of the Baja course and a drifting hot lap with the instructors. Training on both days will begin at 8:30 am from the Sepang International Circuit. A Certificate of Completion will be presented to all participants at the end of the day.

50% discount + 1 companion
Owners can enjoy 50% discount on this Sepang training experience, and each participant can also bring along a companion for free. Interested owners are encouraged to sign up quickly for this one-of-a-kind experience as only limited slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Thanks to its renowned strength, engineering capabilities, smart technologies and increasingly luxurious cabin and passenger vehicle features, customers are choosing a Ranger not just for work, but also for play and family. With our new brand experiential programme ‘Ford Ranger Getaways’, we aim to provide a platform for owners to uncover the full potential and versatility of their Rangers through a series of handpicked local adventures,” said Turse Zuhair, Managing Director, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion-Ford.

Ford Ranger Getaways
‘Ford Ranger Getaways’ is the latest offering under the new ‘Live the Ranger Life’ brand positioning that encapsulates the values and persona of the Ranger. The Ford truck, introduced in the late 1990s, changed public perception of trucks and introduced a new lifestyle for Malaysians to enjoy.

Open to all Ranger and Ranger Raptor customers, ‘Ford Ranger Getaways’ covers a multitude of interest categories to cater to Malaysians from all walks of life who want short local adventures, be it on their own, with friends and family or for those who simply want to meet like-minded individuals.

Each getaway has been thoughtfully curated to reflect the diversity of the Ranger lifestyle – from fun city outings and outdoor or off-road excursions to foodie trails and even flying a plane over KLCC.

To book a slot or find out more, visit  shop.sdacford.com.my/getaways. To know more about the Ranger range, visit www.sdac-ford.com.my.

‘Ford Ranger Getaways’ by SDAC-Ford provide owners with ways to enjoy their truck to the fullest

The modern pick-up truck is a different vehicle from what it used to be. Before the Ford Ranger appeared in the late 1990s, pick-ups were pretty much workhorses and comfort was not a strong point. They were intended for use in rough conditions and mainly for business purposes.

Ford changed that image and usage norm when it introduced the Ranger which offered more comfort, a passenger car-like interior and even stylish looks – without losing that rugged ‘Ford Built Tough’ capability.

Many people found it easy to use a Ranger, and decided that it could serve as their daily drive instead of a passenger car. It was ideal as a multi-role lifestyle vehicle, just as useful for sending the kids to school as well as going off-road to explore the countryside on weekends.

Ford Ranger Raptor

If you’re keen on making the switch too, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) has special offers this month that will save you money. They’re offering up to RM7,000 savings for the Ranger Wildtrak, and up to RM8,000 savings for the more performance-oriented Ranger Raptor. These are for the 2020 models imported from Thailand and between 2020 and 2021, no major changes have been made so they are just as good and up to date.

Besides the comfort, the Rangers come with a high level of protection. The Ranger WildTrak has an extensive array of smart safety technologies including first in-class features such as Autonomous Emergency Braking with Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection, Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning.

It also comes with the first and only in-class Semi-Automatic Parallel Parking system – definitely a useful feature considering the length of the vehicle. Not only does the system help to find the right size parking space but it also automatically steers itself into the bay. All the driver has to do is control the power and there’s even a rearview camera to show what’s behind.

The Ranger Raptor remains as the first and only factory-built high-speed performance pick-up truck in Malaysia. It has been developed by Ford Performance and all the extra items on the vehicle are factory-fitted, not aftermarket installations.

Its race-bred suspension uses Fox Racing Shox that have extra-long travel for those who want to try ‘flying’ (literally) over the ground. The advanced Terrain Management System is like a ‘computerised co-driver’ which has various modes to suit different surface conditions and optimise stability and traction.

There’s even a Baja Mode, the name referring to a region in California where desert races are run. Ford engineers have taken experience from engineering vehicles for such races and in this mode, the Raptor can rocket over rough terrain at high speeds with stability and more linear power delivery.

The Ranger Raptor is powered by a 2-litre Bi-Turbo diesel engine with 213 ps/500 Nm (compatible with B7 and B10 diesel grades) Power flows to four wheels through Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission and a robust transfer case which provides a second set of ratios that are very low for tougher conditions.

Ford Ranger Raptor engine

“As models at the top of their class, the Ranger Raptor and Ranger WildTrak are the epitome of  lifestyle pick-up trucks that are gaining in appeal to discerning customers and pick-up enthusiasts in Malaysia. With these special deals, we hope to offer customers more savings this festive season,” said Turse Zuhair, Head of Sales at Sime Darby Auto ConneXion.

Find out more about the Ranger models by visiting www.sdacford.com.my where you can also check the locations of authorised Ford dealerships. You can also send a WhatsApp message to the Ford Digital Salesperson at +60 19-204 1200 to get information and immediate answers to queries.

Ford Ranger wins International Pick-up Award 2020

The Chinese New Year festive season is coming up and if you want to celebrate it with a brand new vehicle, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) has some deals for you which could save up to RM6,000. The savings are for the Ford Ranger Raptor and Ranger Wildtrak models (selected year) and while stocks are available.

The Ranger Raptor is still the only pick-up truck of its kind in Malaysia and even the region. Built with the expertise and assistance of Ford Performance, it sets a new benchmark as the first and only factory-built performance pick-up truck in the country.

While there are some models which have bodykits installed to give them a more macho look but the performance is not increased, the Ranger Raptor has enhanced performance to go with its much more aggressive appearance. In particular, the Fox Racing Shox that are installed as standard provide higher damping forces at full bounce and rebound to enable better off-road capabilities – and the ability to handle jumps.

The Ranger Raptor comes with a powerful 2-litre Bi-Turbo diesel engine which produces 213 ps/500 Nm which goes to the rear or all four wheels through a 10-speed automatic transmission. An intelligent Terrain Management System offers 6 modes, including a Baja Mode, which customise the engine and performance characteristics to the terrain for optimum grip and stability.

Ford Ranger Raptor engine

To know about other promotions at BHPetromart, visit www.bhpetrol.com.my.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Not everyone may need the extreme capabilities of the Ranger Raptor but still want off-road capability without giving up on refinement. This is where the Ranger WildTrak will prove to be an ideal choice. Besides a generous list of standard equipment and features, it also has an array of smart safety technologies.

Some of the first-in-class features are Autonomous Emergency Braking with Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection, Forward Collision Warning, and Lane Departure Warning. There’s also Semi-Automatic Parallel Parking which will certainly be welcome by those who have been deterred by the vehicle’s size and length. At the touch of a button, the computer slots the Ranger Wildtrak in and all the driver has to do is manage the power.

Its 2-litre Bi-turbo diesel engine is also mated to a 10-speed automatic gearbox and provides drivers with 180 ps of power and 420 Nm of torque. This gives the WildTrak the ability to carry a maximum payload of 1000 kgs and a towing capacity of 3500 kgs.

To locate a Ford showroom in Malaysia, visit www.sdacford.com.my . In view of the current pandemic requiring observation of SOPs, customers are encouraged to make an appointment first. They can do so using WhatsApp to connect to the Ford Sales Line at +60 19-204 1200.

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COVID-19 Facemask

It’s that time of the year again when car companies want to make the festive season a more joyful one for you with money-saving offers if you plan on getting a new vehicle. Thanks to the coming of the Year of the Rat in conjunction with the Chinese New Year, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), which represents Ford in Malaysia, has attractive prosperity deals for the Ranger Raptor and Ranger WildTrak.

Until January 31, 2020, customers who purchase a Ford Ranger WildTrak or Ranger Raptor won’t have to pay for scheduled maintenance for the first 2 years (or maximum of 40,000 kms). Ang Pao worth RM2,000 and an exclusive Ford Performance Golf Umbrella are also included in the promotion.

Ford Ranger Raptor
Ford Ranger Raptor

During the same promotion period, the Ranger WildTrak will cost RM3,000 less with the cash rebate SDAC is offering. This can offset the downpayment, reducing the amount of the hire-purchase loan and therefore the monthly instalments.

Benchmark for pick-up trucks
Since being originally launched in the late 1990s, the Ranger has been a benchmark in the pick-up truck segment. Besides inspiring a trend to depart from the boring old utilitarian design, the Ranger also introduced, many class-leading safety features showing that Ford cared about the lives of its customers.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak
Ford Ranger Wildtrak

With the latest Ranger WildTrak, there are smart safety technologies which are on par with passenger cars. And of course, ‘Built Ford Tough’ capabilities ensure that the vehicle can take on any kind of terrain and provide many years of reliable service to its owner.

The Ranger Raptor – Malaysia’s first and only performance pick-up – will get the adrenalin gushing. It has Ford’s Performance DNA and features like the Terrain Management System, a huge Bash Plate underneath to protect against impacts and FOX Racing Shox dampers that will soak up the shocks from jumps.

Ford Ranger Raptor

Both variants, as with the rest of the Ranger line-up, come with a full manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years or maximum of 100,000 kms.

For more information the Rangers available in Malaysia, visit www.sdacford.com.my.

Ford Ranger wins International Pick-up Award 2020


Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) doesn’t let a year go by without making the Merdeka/Malaysia Day celebrations special for its customers. This year, the company’s sales promotion focusses on its Ranger model line with extras for those who buy and register a new vehicle during the promotion period.

The extras for 2019
From August 1 to September 30 2019, customers who purchase either the Ranger WildTrak or Ranger Raptor will enjoy free scheduled maintenance for the first 2 years. Additionally, they will receive a complimentary PETRONAS Gift Card pre-loaded with RM1,000 for purchases at PETRONAS stations nationwide.

Ford Ranger Raptor
Ford Ranger Raptor

Customers who prefer the Ranger WildTrak and become owners during this promotional period will receive a rebate of RM3,000, reducing the H-P loan they take and therefore lowering the monthly instalments.

“We are constantly looking for meaningful ways to appreciate our customers. This new deal offers customers more peace of mind and value-add with free maintenance and attractive rewards in conjunction with the upcoming celebrations,” said Syed Ahmad Muzri Syed Faiz, Managing Director of SDAC.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak
Ford Ranger Wildtrak

SDAC’s Motor Insurance Package
With their vehicle purchase, they can also opt for the Sime Darby Auto Connexion Motor Insurance Package which offers additional benefits and privileges for greater peace of mind.

For example, besides 24-hour emergency towing and roadside repair, approval for estimation on repair works below RM20,000 can be obtained within 24 hours (terms and conditions apply). You have the option either to get full compensation for theft or total loss based on agreed value for the first 10 years (T&C apply).

Both variants, as with the rest of the Ranger line-up, come with a full manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years or maximum of 100,000 kms.

Built Ford Tough
Since its introduction in the 1990s, the Ranger has been a benchmark for pick-up trucks, especially with its ‘Built Ford Tough’ reputation.

A benchmark for pick-up models
Since being introduced in the ASEAN region first – and then globally – in the 1990s, the Ranger has proven in many ways to be the industry benchmark in the pick-up truck segment. Various generations have received awards in Malaysia and other markets for product excellence.

The popularity of the Ranger continues in 2018 as SDAC reported that its sales performance gained 1.7 percentage points from the same period last year to 17.2% in the pick-up segment.

“The ‘Built Ford Tough’ Ranger continues to earn the favour of customers across the country and build on its growing success in the market,” said Truong Kim Phong, MD, Asia Pacific Emerging Markets, Ford Motor Company.

Visit www.sdac-ford.com.my to locate a showroom in Malaysia where you can view, test or purchase a Ranger.

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