The Takata airbag matter may have quietened down after many years of frantic efforts by many car companies to get owners of affected vehicles to have the dangerously flawed airbag inflator replaced. Nevertheless, with millions of vehicles affected – the largest ever recall exercise in history – there are still vehicles out there which have not had the crucial replacement done.

Honda Malaysia was among the companies which was very pro-active and should be commended for its strong commitment and efforts. And it has not stopped trying to make sure that every single affected vehicle has its airbag inflator replaced. Of course, a 100% score is probably impossible but it should be close to that achievement.

The company now has identified another 2,784 units of Honda vehicles which also need to be recalled as a preventive measure to carry out the replacement of the driver’s side airbag inflator. These vehicles are the 1999 model year Accord and 2000 model year CR-V. All currently sold models are not affected.

1999 Honda Accord
1999 Honda Accord

Warranty ended but replacement free
Yes, they are pretty old models, which goes to show how far back the problem went. Fortunately, the manufacturers have not dismissed the matter as being something ’beyond the warranty period’ and have taken the necessary action even over 20 years after the vehicle was sold. This is, after all, literally a matter of life and death.

In case you have forgotten what the fatal flaw was, it was related to the inflator module for the airbag system. In certain cases where inflation was triggered, the internal pressure – already very high – would become critically high and break the module. This would send sharp metal pieces shooting at the driver or front passenger, some cases causing serious injuries that led to death.

So it’s a very, very serious problem that needed to be fixed. While there were incidents, some fatal, all over the world, Honda Malaysia says that it has no report in Malaysia of any incidence or injury caused by the Takata driver front airbag for these two particular models.

2000 Honda CR-V
2000 Honda CR-V

As before, the owners of the affected will be informed via notification letters. They will be asked to contact any authorized Honda dealer to make an appointment to make the replacement (subject to parts availability).

Current owners may not be known
However, one problem that could be faced is whether the current owners of the vehicles get the recall letters. As the vehicles are already 20 years old, ownership is likely to have changed and Honda Malaysia may not have the contact details of the current owner. And the original owner who receives the letter may also not know who has the vehicle now, so the latter can’t be forwarded.

Honda Malaysia hopes that members of the public who have relatives or friends owning these two models can help to make them aware so they can contact Honda Malaysia for assistance in getting the replacement inflator module. All parts and labour related to this recall will be borne by the company.

Owners of who are unsure if their vehicle is affected can obtain information by calling Honda Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020 or visit the Honda Malaysia Product Recall page to check their vehicle status.

Honda Malaysia also wishes to remind the public that there are Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) introduced during the Movement Control Order (MCO) which are still in force nationwide. To protect the well-being of customers and Honda personnel, the company requests customers to make an appointment in advance  and adhere to the SOPs when they are at the service centre.

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Following a recall notice announced in March, UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd (UMWT) has expanded the list of affected Toyota and Lexus vehicles that require a fuel pump replacement. The expansion has been prompted by additional information received from Toyota Motor Corporation which has identified 9,500 new units of Toyota models and 850 new units of Lexus models. These were units officially distributed by UMWT between July 2017 and July 2019.

Models affected
The Toyota models affected are the Alphard, Vellfire, Camry, Corolla, Fortuner, Innova, C-HR and Harrier. Lexus models affected are the ES250, GS200t, GS350, IS200t, LC500, LS500, LX570, NX300, RX300 and RX350. Models not mentioned are not affected, UMWT stresses.

The issue with the defective fuel pump is a serious one as it may stop operating. If this were to occur, warning lights and messages may be displayed on the instrument panel, and engine power  or hesitation may occur. Therefore it is very important that owners respond to this recall announcement and visit an authorised Toyota or Lexus service centre for the replacement.

Models such as the Toyota Harrier (above) and Lexus LS 500 (below) imported from Japan by UMWT are among the vehicles being recalled under the Special Service Campaign.

UMWT says it will officially notify affected vehicle owners to request them bring their vehicles in for the replacement of the fuel pump unit. There will be no charges for the parts and labour involved in this Special Service Campaign.

It is possible that some owners might not receive such a notification if they are not the original owner and their contact details are not registered with UMWT. If you own one of the vehicles listed (and distributed through the authorised Toyota and Lexus network) but do not receive any notification from UMWT, you can contact any authorised Toyota Service Centre or call the Toyota Freephone at 1800-8-TOYOTA (869682) for assistance. For Lexus owners, contact authorised Lexus Service Centres or call the Lexus Freephone at 1800-22-LEXUS (53987).

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Mazda Corporation has announced a product recall of 6 of its models which were manufactured between 2017 and 2019. The recall is a precautionary measure relating to a fuel delivery module (fuel pump) which needs to be replaced. A defect in the module could result in loss of engine power or vehicle stalling.

19,685 units in Malaysia
Mazda vehicles sold in China, ASEAN and other are affected and in Malaysia, Mazda has identified a total of 19,685 units of vehicles affected. The model ranges affected are the Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-3, CX-5 and CX-9. Bermaz Motor, the distributor, stresses that all 2020 production models are not affected.

CX-9 is among the models affected.

Owners being notified my mail and SMS
Bermaz Motor is handling the matter as quickly as possible to minimise inconvenience to owners. All owners of affected vehicle will be informed via notification letters and mobile SMS, which will include details of the product recall. Upon receipt of notification to replace the fuel pump, they should contact any Bermaz authorized service centres to make an appointment for the replacement.

In the meantime, if an owner experiences unusual conditions while driving the vehicle, it is important to stop the vehicle in a safe place and make contact with a Bermaz authorized dealer or service centre for advice and assistance.

Replacement costs are covered by Bermaz
The replacement of the fuel pump all costs related to this activity will be borne by Mazda Motor Corporation. The duration of work is estimated to take approximately 1.5 hours or slightly longer, depending on the model and the service centre workload at the time of appointment. Replacement stocks will be available in stages.

It is possible that some owners may not receive the notification as they may not be the original owners and their contact details might not be with Bermaz. In such a case, they can check by visiting the Mazda Recall Information Centre website at mazda.com.my/mazda-recall-information-centre. By providing their vehicle chassis number, they will be able to know if it is on the recall list.

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After investigation conducted by Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd (ETCM) has been informed that approximately 4,001 units of Nissan Serena S-Hybrid (C26) manufactured in Japan between September 2012 and November 2013 need to be recalled. The vehicles that were imported and distributed by ETCM require reprogramming of the CVT control unit.

According to ETCM, only the imported CBU units are affected and the locally-assembled Serena that was subsequently introduced in November 2014 does not have the issue. The current locally-assembled Serena S-Hybrid (C27) launched in May 2018 and other Nissan models currently on sale are also not affected.

2012 Nissan Serena S-HYBRID

The work will be carried out by Tan Chong Ekspres Auto Servis (TCEAS) which has outlets nationwide. The reprogramming will take approximately 45 minutes and owners will not be charged for anything related to the exercise.

Owners of the affected MPVs will be notified directly by TCEAS by letter, SMS or Whatsapp. Selected TCEAS outlets have extended hours of operation and will service vehicles on weekends and public holidays as they are open 365 days a year. Owners are advised to call the nearest TCEAS outlet to make an appointment beforehand.

2012 Nissan Serena S-HYBRID

As vehicle ownership of some vehicles may have changed over the years, ETCM advises current owners of the model to call the Nissan Customer Care Centre toll-free line at 1800-88-3838 to find out if their Serena S-Hybrid is among those listed for recall action.

ETCM and TCEAS regret any inconvenience caused to owners and reaffirm their commitment to ensure customers’ safety, service and satisfaction are of the highest level.

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Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) has announced a voluntary recall for models produced between 2011 and 2015 to rectify the hydraulic pressure accumulator within the 7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG) caused by a production deviation.

In individual cases, it has been found that the hydraulic pressure accumulator starts to run at an excessive pressure and this can cause a leak, leading to possible pressure loss. This can interrupt power transmission between the engine and gearbox.

Volkswagen DSG recall

A total of 12,732 Volkswagen vehicles have been identified as being affected by this recall. The affected models are the Beetle, Cross Touran, Golf (Mk 6 and Mk 7), Jetta, Passat (B7), Passat CC, Polo (6R) and Scirocco. This exercise does not affect Volkswagen models produced from 2016 and newer.

Volkswagen recall
Some of the models sold between 2011 and 2015 in Malaysia which are being recalled.

The nationwide campaign will be executed in phases in order to manage the number of cases, and notification to identified owners will be conducted by mail with immediate effect. In the event that you own one of the Volkswagen models mentioned but do not receive any communication from VPCM, it could be that they do not have your contact details because you are not the original owner and their database has not been updated with details of the current owner. Nevertheless, your vehicle will still be accepted under the recall exercise.

Owners can also visit the Volkswagen website to check if their vehicle is affected or call Volkswagen customer care at 1800-18-8947 for further information.

Owners can use the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) usually located on the dashboard as shown to check whether their vehicle is affected.

They may then contact any authorised Volkswagen service centre to book an appointment and have their vehicle inspected and parts replaced, if need be. VPCM has taken the necessary steps with its dealer partners to ensure parts availability and that the exercise is conducted smoothly and efficiently. All labour and replacement parts for this service will be at no cost to owners.

Additionally, owners will receive a free Volkswagen Care Plus (VCP) membership card as a token of appreciation from Volkswagen. An integral part of Volkswagen Cares, VCP is an exclusive program for owners with vehicles that are 5 years old and older. Member privileges include three 20% service discounts vouchers, 2 years of complimentary Roadside Assistance, and 24-hour on-site battery support (terms and conditions apply).

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“As a responsible car manufacturer, customer confidence and peace of mind is of utmost importance to us, and we hope that our owners understand that this campaign is necessary to ensure their continued confidence in the performance of their vehicles,” said Erik Winter, Managing Director of VPCM.

He expressed his regret for the inconvenience caused to the owners and added that while the affected vehicles have been identified, it is possible that not all the vehicles will require parts replacement. “This is a significant exercise for us, and we would like to ensure that all these vehicles are inspected. This campaign is part of our Volkswagen Cares initiative, and we are committed to a high level of customer safety, service and satisfaction,” he explained.

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BHPetrol RON95 Euro4M

55,354 units of Honda vehicles assembled in Malaysia in 2018 and 2019 are being recalled to replace a fuel pump. This move follows a global action by Honda in many other countries.

It is understood that the fuel pump in affected vehicles may contain faulty impellers. The fault may, in some cases, cause the fuel pump to get stuck and unable to provide fuel, resulting in the engine not starting or stalling while driving.

According to Honda Malaysia, no injuries or accidents have occurred due to fuel pump issues and the replacement is a precautionary measure. The models affected are shown on the chart below:

Honda Fuel Pump Recall

In a statement issued today, Honda Malaysia apologises for the inconvenience caused to the affected customers and reassures that all its models produced in 2020 are not affected in this product recall.

Owners of affected vehicles will be informed via notification letters which will include details of the product recall. The company urges owners to contact any Honda authorized dealer to make an appointment upon receipt of notification to replace the fuel pump (subject to parts availability). The replacement of the fuel pump and all related costs will be free of charge.

Honda HR-V Hybrid
The recall includes the hybrid models as well (HR-V Hybrid pictured).

As the Honda Toll Free number is undergoing technical maintenance, owners can obtain more information on this product recall by contacting any Honda authorized dealer or log on to www.honda.com.my to check their vehicle status.

In the event that you are not the original owner of the vehicle, your contact details may not be available to Honda Malaysia and you might not receive a notification letter. If you believe your vehicle is also among the affected units, you can contact a Honda authorised dealer for assistance to check on the matter.

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Following a global recall of a number of Toyota and Lexus models, UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd (UMWT) has announced a Special Service Campaign (SSC) to replace a fuel pump. In Malaysia, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has identified around 12,000 units of Toyota models (Alphard, Camry, Corolla, Innova and Fortuner) and 1,500 units of Lexus models (GS300, GS350, IS300, LC500/500H, LS460, LS500/500H, LS600H, NX200T/300H, RC350/300H, RX350/450H and RX350/450)

The vehicles were manufactured between 2013 and 2019 and distributed by UMWT. The company stresses that models not listed above are not affected by this recall.

Lexus NX
Lexus NX is among the models which need to have the fuel pump replaced.

The issue with the fuel pump is that it may stop operating. If this were to occur, warning lights and messages may be displayed on the instrument panel, and engine power hesitation may happen. This may result in the vehicle stalling and being unable to restart. TMC is concerned that this could increase the risk of a crash while driving at higher speeds.

UMWT will officially notify affected vehicle owners to bring their vehicles in for the replacement of the fuel pump unit. There will be no charges for the parts and labour involved in this SSC.

If you own one of the vehicles listed and it was manufactured between 2013 and 2019 (and distributed through the authorised Toyota and Lexus network) but do not receive any notification from UMWT, you can contact any authorised Toyota Service Centre or call the Toyota Freephone at 1800-8-TOYOTA (869682) for assistance. For Lexus owners, contact authorised Lexus Service Centres or call the Lexus Freephone at 1800-22-LEXUS (53987).


Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (DMSB) has a Special Service Campaign (SSC) for 1,451 vehicles sold in the Malaysian market to carry out the replacement of a connecting rod in the engine. All the vehicles are the Gran Max model with the 1.5-litre 3SZ engine.

The light commercial vehicles were manufactured between March 7 2018 and April 10 2019 and distributed by DMSB. Daihatsu Motor initially became aware of a potential quality-related issue after routine examination of engines. It was discovered that the connecting rods in the 3SZ engine had a smooth crack and continued driving may cause stalling, accelerated wear and damage to engine. After  investigation, it was concluded that the problem occurred during forging of connecting rod at the production stage in the PT. Astra Daihatsu Motors factory in Indonesia.

Daihatsu 3SZ engine
The Daihatsu 3SZ engine of the Gran Max

Owners of the affected vehicles will be notified directly and requested to bring their vehicles to any authorised Daihatsu Service Centre for inspection and replacement of the connecting rod. The inspection and replacement process will take approximately 18 hours (subject to the work schedule at the service centre) and there will be no charges to the vehicle owner for parts replacement and labour.

In the event that you may not be the original owner and your contact details are not available to DMSB, you can call the company’s SSC Customer Support Line 03-5512 3411 for clarification and assistance.



Honda Malaysia is recalling 23,476 units of Honda vehicles to replace the Takata front airbag inflator modules as a preventive measure. According to a statement from the company this evening, these vehicles have been recalled before but the reason for being recalled again is not explained. But whatever the reason, this is a very serious matter so don’t delay in responding to it.

The affected models are shown below:
Models involved in recall for Takata front driver airbag inflator replacement
Civic: 2006 – 2007 & 2009 – 2011
CR-V: 2007 – 2008 & 2010 – 2011
Stream: 2010 & 2012
Insight: 2011 – 2012
City: 2009 – 2013
Jazz: 2012 – 2013

Models involved in recall for Takata front passenger airbag inflator replacement
Accord: 2003 & 2005 – 2006, 2008 – 2009 & 2011 – 2012
Stream: 2003 – 2005
CR-V: 2002 – 2009
Jazz: 2003 – 2007, 2009 & 2012
City: 2003 – 2009 Civic: 2003 – 2011

2011 Honda Insight
2011/2012 Honda Insight Hybrid is also on the recall list.

The company apologises for the inconvenience caused to customers once again. However, it stresses that this replacement is necessary as a precautionary action and urges affected customers to respond as soon as possible.

Honda Malaysia would like to emphasise that all its current selling models are not affected and the company will continue to uphold transparency and stringent controls to ensure customer safety. Affected customers will receive notification letters from Honda Malaysia with the details of this recall and stock availability.

Takata stock
File photo of Takata airbag inflator modules at the Honda Malaysia warehouse.

The replacement of Takata front airbag inflator stock for these 23,476 units of Honda vehicles will be available in stages and Honda Malaysia is doing its ubest to ensure 100% stock availability in the shortest period of time. The replacement of the defective Takata front airbag inflators is free of charge and all related costs of the replacement will be borne by the company.

More than 249,000 modules replaced in Malaysia
This particular recall phase this year does not significantly change the total number of recalled vehicles as it involves replacement of inflators installed in vehicles previously subject to recall. As at October 1 2019, Honda Malaysia has completed more than 249,000 units of Takata front driver airbag inflator replacements, which translates to 91% completion ratio. The total number of Takata driver and passenger front airbag inflator replacements completed is at more than 537,000 units or 89% completion ratio.

Airbag centres
Honda Malaysia has been the most pro-active company in Malaysia where the Takata airbag inflator module recall has been concerned. It has used many different approached to get owners of affected vehicles to respond, making the process as convenient as possible. Personnel have even visited used car lots to locate affected vehicles and carried out the replacement.

Takata airbag recall - Honda

Honda Malaysia appeals to owners of vehicle affected who have yet to have their Takata front airbag inflators replaced to do so urgently as it may deploy with excessive internal pressure when activated. The defective airbag inflator casing might rupture which may result in injury or fatality of the driver and passenger.

If you are not the original owner of the vehicle, Honda might not have your contact details and you may not receive a notification. If you believe that your vehicle is affected, you can check its recall status either by logging on to www.honda.com.my or www.productrecall.honda.com.my or by calling Honda Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020. Authorised Honda dealers nationwide can also provide assistance to check.


UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has initiated a Special Service Campaign (SSC) to replace the airbag inflator module components of certain Toyota models sold by the company. The vehicles involved in this campaign were subjected to a previous Takata airbag inflator module recall and repaired between 2014 and 2019. At that time, a certain number of vehicles were replaced with non-desiccated airbag inflators modules produced by Takata but for this new SSC, those airbag inflator modules will be replaced with one that has improved components.

Approximately 41,000 Toyota vehicles
UMWT says there are approximately 41,000 Toyota vehicles manufactured from 2001 to 2013 involved.  These are the Toyota Vios produced from May 2003 to August 2007, and September 2007 to July 2013; Toyota Corolla Altis produced from July 2001 to July 2007; Toyota Camry produced from June 2002 to December 2005; and Toyota Yaris produced from January 2006 to August 2007.

(Above and below) The models being recalled for the Special Service Campaign


In accordance with standard practice, the company will notify all affected vehicle owners officially and perform the necessary replacement at no charge to the owners. In the event that you believe your vehicle to be affected but have not received any notification, you can visit Toyota’s Special Service Campaign webpage to check using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Checker. To those who have uploaded the Toyota Drive Apps, there is also a link to Toyota’s SSC page and the VIN Checker.  Information on other vital SSCs is also available on the webpage.

Further information can also be obtained from any authorised Toyota service centre or by calling the Toyota Freephone at 1-800-8-TOYOTA (869682).

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