MG may sound like an old name and most Malaysians who do know of the brand might only have those old British sportscars in their minds. The MG brand is also no longer owned by a British company but by China’s SAIC since 2007.

The MG brand has actually been doing quite well in some markets and is sold in Thailand. It was supposed to come into Malaysia at one time but that has not happened yet. Perhaps we’ll see it soon with the wave of brands from China starting to sweep in.

MG’s modern products have been mainstream models but it is starting a new chapter with a high-performance electric sportscar. This is the Cyberster, just unveiled at Auto Shanghai in production form after the concept model was first shown two years ago at the same event.


MG Cars (the initials stood for Morris Garages) is often remembered, at least by the older generation, as a brand that produced some classic British sportscars. However, the company which was founded in 1924 was sold to Nanjing Automobile in 2005 and became known as MG Motor after Nanjing was merged with Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation (SAIC).

While some British brands were acquired by other companies and faded away, MG continued to have a presence, even in the UK. It has a range of modern products today and like other carmakers operating in Europe, is preparing to move into the era of electrification.

Design study by studio in London
Having acquired many of MG’s assets in England from the MG Rover Group, the new owners continued activities there and even set up an advanced design studio in London in 2018. This facility has been developing future products and the latest design study it is showing the world is the MG MAZE. This concept car is electrically-powered, of course, and is aimed at the next generation of car users in cities.

A compact 2-seater capable with agility and functionality, its core focuses are high-technology and emotional design. The exterior features a transparent shell, emulating high end gaming PCs with exposed componentry. The outer surface is fluid and dynamic, exposing aspects of the chassis and interior design, that are otherwise hidden from view.

Mobility and gaming concept
Built around the theme of of ‘Get Out & Play’, the concept brings together mobility and gaming. The gaming aspect of the car reflects a desire to discover and reach new achievements, via a points-based reward system. The MAZE helps users to rediscover their city and their world by seeking exciting digital street art that is interacting with structures, buildings, and landmarks.

Inside the MAZE is a pair of floating seats and UX/UI technology developed to enhance the gaming aspect by giving a fun and enjoyable driving experience. The steering is controlled not by a steering wheel but by the driver’s smartphone… which will probably take some getting used to. But who knows – the next generation of drivers may be comfortable with a different form of control, just as today’s fighter pilots are fine using joystick controls as they grew up using them in computer games.

Connecting digital realm to physical one
“With MAZE, we wanted to consider what the future of a car community might look like, building from MG’s fan base and following. The move to digital is unstoppable, so we wanted to create a concept that connected this digital realm to the physical one that gives us the real joy in driving,” said Carl Gotham, Advanced Design Director.

“The concept is a reaction to our lives during recent months, where we have been met with restrictions and limitations on our ability to move around and interact. Exploring the idea of ‘mobile gaming’, we used MAZE as platform for people to get out and rediscover their environment in a new and relevant way, opening up new experiences with their city.”

MG Cyberster concept

MG, will be launching its new compact SUV soon, which the automaker says will mark an exciting new era of design for the company. The Chinese owned British automaker is looking to dip its toes into the hotly contested waters of the compact SUV segment with the MG XS.

The new vehicle will join the automaker’s MG3 and MG GS to offer UK customers a home grown alternative to the Japanese and Korean offerings. Sporting an angular look, the new design philosophy is based on what the automaker calls, ‘Emotional Dynamism’.

It has been said the new vehicle has been designed in a way that best expresses the company’s new design language that emphasizes the premium nature of the XS. Though not groundbreaking, the the curved lines and creases of the frontend do give the vehicle an interesting look.

The new face features an enlarged grill design that was inspired by the automaker’s older vehicles but modernized to have a more contemporary look. MG says that the larger grille is able to accommodate a bigger badge, which, for vanity purposes, helps show off the brand’s heritage that can be traced to the early days of the automobile.

Carl Gotham, Design Director of SAIC European Design Centre, said, “It’s a really exciting time for MG as it starts to roll out its new brand identity. Emotional Dynamism brings to the fore a premium feel to the new Compact-SUV with exceptional attention to detail throughout, such as the distinctive detailing on the ‘eye’ headlights and signature tail lights.”

“It has a level of detailing and range of impressive features you would not expect to find on a car of this size or price,” he later added.

MG is expected to divulge more details regarding the brand’s new design direction closer to the launch date of the new vehicle. The automaker has stated that it is confident that latest addition will be able to bolster its sales figures that are already up by nearly 83% year-on-year.

The British automaker can trace its roots back to 1924 and has produced some of the most stunning vehicles from the golden area of the automobile. Stay tuned and we will let you know more when further details are released regarding the MG’s design direction.


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