Nissan Pavilion 2020

Nissan Pavilion opens in Yokohama and visitors can pay with electricity from their EVs (w/VIDEO)

Even though the COVID-19 situation continues, the Nissan Pavilion was opened today in Yokohama, Japan. The 10,000 sq. metre interactive centre to show off Nissan’s products and technologies, located near the company’s headquarters, will be opened until October 23, 2020. “The Nissan Pavilion is a place where customers can see, feel, and be inspired by […]

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Yokohama GT Special Classic HR

Yokohama revives production of classic tyres for old car models

Owners of classic cars will know that when it comes to getting replacement tyres, finding the right size can be difficult. Understandably, over time, tyremakers have stopped production of older tyre products as demand has fallen and technology has also advanced. Now Yokohama is reviving some of the company’s iconic heritage brands, incorporating modern technology […]

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