2021 Baojun Kiwi EV

Baojun Kiwi EV uses interstellar geometry design language to draw younger buyers

With electric vehicles (EVs), many of the heavy or bulky components that were needed by a traditional internal combustion engine drivetrain are no longer present. Not only is there weight-saving but less space is also wasted. For designers, there’s a new freedom, just as the switch to front-wheel drive gave interior designers more volume for […]

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Clive Sutton customises the LEVC TX to become the world’s most luxurious taxi

The Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (commonly referred to as Geely) now owns many car companies, including Proton, but did you know that it also owns a company in England that originally produced the famous Black Cabs. Known today as the London EV Company Limited (LEVC), it was acquired in 2013 and has focussed on developing […]

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Microlino – the zero emissions bubble car for the 21st century

The era of the ‘bubble cars’ was during the 1950s and 1960s and were low-cost, very basic, motorized vehicles for two persons. They were made by manufacturers that no longer exist with the exception of companies like Citroen and BMW, the latter having produced the Isetta under licence from Italy’s ISO Rivolta. As more conventional […]

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2022 Renault Mobilize Limo

Renault’s Mobilize brand offers an all-electric sedan designed for ride-hailing industry

Mobilize, the young brand within Renault Group, was conceived with the aim of going ‘beyond automotive’ to offer services related to mobility, energy and data. Its business will be based on sustainable open ecosystems, in line with the group’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040 and its ambition to develop the value […]

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Pininfarina Battista

Production-spec Pininfarina Battista hypercar cruises on roads of California

Joining the exotic and very expensive supercars and concept cars like the Aston Martin Valkyrie Spider and Audi Skysphere in the Monterey Car Week in California is the first production-spec Pininfarina Battista. Laying claim as the world’s first pure-electric hyper GT, the Battista first road outing on California’s roads marks the beginning of a new […]

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Electrogenic 1971-2021 Citroen DS EV

Electrogenic gives the iconic Citroen DS a new 21st century ‘heart’

The Citroen DS is one of the legendary design icons of 20th century automobiles. Its sharp futuristic design was unlike other cars that were on sale in 1955, the year it was launched at the Paris Motor Show. Besides the design – which had children referring to its as the ‘spaceship car’ – it was […]

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2021 Volvo C40 Recharge

All-electric Volvo C40 Recharge spearheads the future of the Swedish brand

Electrically-powered cars are not new to Volvo but the new C40 Recharge will be the first such vehicle that the public can buy. It’s the first Volvo model in history designed as pure electric only, spearheading the future of the Swedish brand. Its SUV elements and benefits combined with a lower profile means that Volvo […]

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Jaguar Land Rover developing fuel cell vehicle to meet zero emissions objective by 2036

Aiming for net zero carbon emissions by 2039, in line with the Reimagine strategy announced last month, Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) aim includes zero tailpipe emissions from its vehicles by 2036. This means that internal combustion engines will no longer be used. Electrical power is the most viable solution for future powertrains as they will […]

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2021 Toyota Mirai FCEV distance record

2nd generation Toyota Mirai sets world distance record for hydrogen FCEV

Fuel cell technology for use in cars is still something in its infancy and only a few manufacturers have started to offer them commercially and even then, in limited numbers and markets. The Toyota Mirai is one of the fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) already in production, its first generation having been launched in 2014. […]

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