5 things to check before your long trip back home

The festive season is a upon us and many will be making plans to leave for their hometowns soon. We at Piston are concerned for your well-being and want nothing more than for you reach your destination safety and in good time. As such, we have compiled a list of five things that you need to check before setting off on your journey.

Bear in mind that there is much more you can do to be prepared for your journey home, but the list that we have here today, will help you check the essential stuff.

#1 Check your tyre pressure
Inspecting your tyres visually isn’t going to cut it. You are going to need a tyre pressure gauge to know for sure if your pressures are good. If you don’t happen to have one lying around, there’s always the tyre pressure pump that you can use at any petrol station. If you are unsure about how much pressure you need, check the tyre information sticker located on your vehicle’s driver’s side side sill.

#2 Check the quality of your wiper blades
Wiper blades are very important especially during the rainy season. The difference between a worn wiper blade and one that is still in good shape, will determine whether you make it home safely, or not.

#3 Check your brakes
It will be a little difficult to visually inspect your brakes especially if you lack the experience in this area. The best you can do is gauge your brake pressure based on the feedback from the pedal. If it feels squishy and unreasonably soft or making squeaking noises under braking, then its probably time to have them inspected by a your trusted mechanic.

#4 Check your service schedule
It’s important to note that if a vehicle is serviced at regular intervals, the chances of something going wrong on a long trip will be considerably less. As such, check the service ticker on the righthand side of your windshield. If it’s time to pop in for a quick oil change, please do so. There’s no point in braving it on your journey home on engine oil that has seen better days. Neither you nor your oil will be doing your engine any favours.

#5 Check your headlights
This might seem like an oxymoron, but it pays to inspect it once before you set off. Turn your headlights on, and check to see if they light up properly. Modern cars are fitted with sensors that warn drivers if certain headlight bulbs fail to illuminate. But even of you do have this system, check it once just to be sure.

These simple tips will help you slightly in preparing for your journey home. As always, ensure that you are well rested before setting off, and if you aren’t, please leave the driving to a more suitable candidate. Drive safely and we hope you have a wonderful time this Raya holiday season.