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FLUX Offers A Tesla EV Experience For 3 Years

While Teslas, which are all battery electric vehicles, are sold in many countries, they are still not officially sold in Malaysia. PEKEMA, the association of Bumiputera dealers, is however taking orders for Tesla models which it is importing in large numbers this year to be sold through its members’ dealerships. Pricing indicated by some dealers shows the cars (imported from the UK) to cost between RM342,800 and RM418,800

PEKEMA has indicated that they will offer owners aftersales support, but without an official representative of the brand owner supporting the business, they will still rely on obtaining assistance from other parties.

However, if you are keen to find out what it’s like owning a Tesla – and not having the aftersales worries – FLUX is offering the Model 3 and Model Y on a subscription basis. The company says it will also give subscribers a 4-year warranty for peace of mind. Additionally, a concierge service is also for  maintenance and document renewals along with nationwide roadside assistance and car theft recovery.

Citroen oli Concept Proposes Lighter, Simpler Approaches To EVs

Citroen oli concept EV (2022)

French concept cars have often been taken to extremes in trying to be avant garde, generating controversy but also spurring discussion. The latest one presented by Citroen yesterday certainly is as radical as they come, with polarizing views on whether it is an intelligent design or something outrageous as usual.

The Citroen oli concept is a vehicle intended to have multiple roles in mobility, with a major effort to make it affordable and simple. The carmaker feels that the industry is stuck with offering heavier, more complex and expensive zero emission vehicles and wants to buck that trend.

Ferrari SP51 – Only One In The World

Ferrari is an exclusive brand and owning one is already something special. But for those who must have ultra exclusivity, the company’s Special Projects programme will create a ‘One-Off’ model that is literally one-of-a-kind in the world. Each of these unique Ferraris will take around 2 years from start to finish and the latest example is the SP51.

Commissioned for a customer in Taiwan, this latest addition to Ferrari’s One-Off series was designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre and sits on the 812 GTS platform. The front-engined V12 spider’s most striking characteristic is its total absence of a roof, making it an authentic roadster in every respect.

Tata Motors Launches Tiago.Ev Priced Under RM50,000

Tata Tiago.ev (2022)

Back in 2008, Tata Motors introduced what was then the cheapest car in the world – the Nano, which cost around US2,200 then. It was intended to enable more people in India, especially families, to travel in a safer 4-wheeler than a 2-wheeler. Unfortunately, despite being cheap, it did not catch on and sales were poor so it was discontinued after 10 years.

Nevertheless, the company’s founder has long wanted to help his countrymen and does so in various ways and Tata Motors has again come up with a low-priced electric car. Tata Motors, having been a pioneer in EVs in India, has used its expertise to produce an EV at a cost low enough to price it from  8.49 lakh (about RM48,000). However, this is an introductory price for the first 10,000 buyers from October 10 when the car – known as the Tiago.ev – goes on sale.

More Hardcore Ford Ranger Raptor Launching Next Month

Following the preview of the new Ford Ranger, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) will soon present the next-generation Ranger Raptor to the Malaysian public. The high-performance pick-up truck – only one of its type in the country – will be officially launched soon.

As already demonstrated with the previous generation, the Ranger Raptor sets the benchmark as Asia Pacific’s only purpose-built high-speed off-road performance pick-up truck. Developed with input from Ford Performance, the high-performance division of Ford, the new Ranger Raptor promises to raise the performance bar yet again,

“With its significantly enhanced performance, modern technologies and best-in-class capabilities, the next-gen Ranger Raptor is the definitive king of pickups. Bolder, faster and edgier, this is the ultimate lifestyle enabler for customers to work hard and play harder. Yet it’s safe and comfortable enough with an upscale and roomy interior for family,” said Turse Zuhair, Managing Director, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion-Ford.

BYD SUV And MPV Electric Vehicles To Be Distributed By Sime Darby Motors Malaysia

Automotive brands from China are not new to the Malaysian market and were already selling their products 20 years ago, mainly in the commercial vehicle sector. In recent years, perhaps encouraged by the partnership Geely was able to form with DRB-HICOM in Proton, more brands are making their appearance.

Among them will be BYD Automobile (BYD stands for ‘Build Your Dreams’), which will be distributed by Sime Darby Motors (SDM) Malaysia. The two companies have formalized the partnership with the signing of a Distribution Agreement which also involves PT. BYD MOTOR INDONESIA.

PETRONAS And Mercedes-AMG F1 Team Renew Partnership

Since 2010, Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team – a partnership between Malaysia’s national oil corporation and the Mercedes-AMG F1 Team – has continuously demonstrated world-class performance. In the space of nearly 13 seasons so far, the team has won 8 Constructors’ world championships and 115 Grand Prix victories – an achievement unmatched in F1.

The long-term partnership will continue into the future with the renewal of the Title and Technical Partnership between the team and PETRONAS from the 2026 season onwards. PETRONAS’ continued involvement in the team and Formula 1 from 2026 onwards will see it facing the sport’s most significant challenge yet with its ambition to race towards a more sustainable future.

Fuel Price Updates For September 29 – October 5, 2022

Fuel price updates for the following week (effective after midnight today) see RON97 petrol being reduced further to the RM4.00 level with a 5 sen reduction per litre. Other grades remain unchanged as the government continues to subsidize the pump prices.

DHL Express Takes First Step To Electrify Its Vehicle Fleet in Malaysia

The vehicle fleets of logistics companies travel non-stop delivering goods and as most are powered by internal combustion engines (ICE), they obviously generate a lot of CO2 (carbon dioxide) which has been identified as the gas causing global warming and climate change. While the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers have done a lot to make engines run cleaner, it’s clear that there needs to be a shift to zero emissions electric powertrains soon.

Understanding that its vehicles contribute large amounts of CO2 around the world. DHL, the logistics company, has set a goal that by 2030, 60% of its vehicles involved in ‘last-mile’ deliveries (from depot to customer’s location) will be electrified. This is part of its commitment to have sustainable business practices with the ultimate goal of zero emissions logistics by 2050.

From Just A Showroom To The Largest Dealership in Kelantan And Terengganu

One of the missions of Proton, which initiated the first National Car project, was to advance the automotive industry at all levels. Prior to the 1980s, the auto business was largely in the hands of a small number of players – many foreign-owned – and the aim was to help Malaysian businessmen get into the business in a bigger way.

Thus when Proton started, it saw the establishment of a network of dealers, small and large, starting up all over the country. For some, it was the first entry into the car business and they received the necessary support to grow their business. Over time, many of these dealers have worked hard to grow and with guidance and encouragement from Proton, they have become bigger.

Today, the small 1S dealerships which rely only on sales of new vehicles are no longer viable and Proton has persuaded dealerships to upgrade to 3S or 4S facilities where they offer sales, service, spare parts as well as body repairs and painting. In other words, they offer their customers the full range of services that will be required throughout vehicle ownership.

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FLUX Offers A Tesla EV Experience For 3 Years

While Teslas, which are all battery electric vehicles, are sold in many countries, they are still not officially sold in Malaysia. PEKEMA,...