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Bentley’s bespoke studio Mulliner has introduced a limited-edition series of Bentayga SUVs, drawing inspiration from invigorating travel, nature, and well-being. The Extraordinary Journeys Collection captures the essence of Bentley’s curated global travel experiences, designed to offer exclusive access to the finest local cuisine, design, architecture, and wellness.

The collection, comprised of five unique models, reflects the spirit of journeys through New Mexico, Scandinavia, China, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Each SUV embodies the character and ambience of its respective region through bespoke materials, colours, and finishes.

New Mexico: Ruggedness and Reverence

The New Mexico edition channels the ancient world’s connection and rugged beauty with warm browns and tans. It features Amber over Burnt Oak duo-tone paintwork, body-coloured wheels, and an interior palette of Saddle, Camel, and Coral, complemented by Copper Stone veneer. This design is inspired by the Sangre de Cristo mountains and vivid canyons, mirroring Bentley’s route towards Santa Fe.

Scandinavia: Natural Beauty and Ecological Sensitivity

The Scandinavian Bentayga combines Portofino blue exterior paint with Dark Sapphire wheels. Inside, it boasts a Mulliner White main hide, Imperial Blue secondary hide, light blue Stratos accents, and contrast stitching, alongside a Slate Stone open-pore veneer. This model reflects the crystal-clear fjords, seafaring traditions, and sustainable architecture experienced on Bentley’s five-day itinerary across Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

China: Serenity and Relaxation

China’s edition symbolises serenity through nature, featuring Arabica exterior paint and Pale Brodgar silver wheels. The interior showcases Linen-coloured hide, Burnt Oak and Odyssean tweed accents, Gold Green stone veneer, and Piano Burnt Oak veneer on the centre console. Inspired by the northwest of China, this model spans the Helan Mountains, Alashan Gobi, Yellow River, and the towering dunes of the Tengri desert.

New Zealand: Awe and Tranquillity

The New Zealand edition is painted in White Sand with Pale Brodgar silver wheels and a brown and grey interior featuring Portland main hide, Burnt Oak secondary hide, Highland Hare accents, and Jeera Green Stone veneer. This design reflects the majestic Milford Sound, historic gold mines, and Bentley’s journey through the Ahuriri Valley, Lake Tekapo, and the Southern Alps.

United Kingdom: Tradition and Reflection

The UK-inspired Bentayga celebrates wilderness and escapism with Alpine Green satin paint, Grey satin wheels, and a green-themed interior dominated by British Racing Green and Cumbrian Green. This model evokes Bentley’s heritage in endurance racing and passes through the Lake District, Crewe, Scotland’s Cairngorms, and The Macallan whiskey distillery in Speyside.

The Bentayga Azure, ideal for long-distance adventures, offers unmatched interior space and comfort. The Extraordinary Journeys Collection by Mulliner represents the pinnacle of luxury, blending bespoke interior shades with topographical embroidered cushions denoting each region.

In a bid to rejuvenate its vehicle lineup and boost sales, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled hints of upcoming new models during the company’s annual stockholder meeting. Musk presented a slide displaying three vehicles under white covers, though he refrained from providing specific details about these models.

“Obviously, we’ve got some new products that we’re working on under the covers,” Musk said. “I think these are going to be pretty special.”

One of the veiled models appeared to be a tall van, potentially indicating Tesla’s entry into the electric van segment, targeting both commercial and personal markets. The other two models were lower and sleeker, suggesting new additions to Tesla’s existing sedan and sports car lineup.


Proton has been honoured with the prestigious Excellence Award – Industry at the ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix Awards 2024, recognising the company’s relentless commitment to advancing vehicle safety and improving safety features across its entire model lineup. This accolade marks Proton as the first Malaysian brand to achieve this honour, reflecting its consistent prioritisation of safety in all its models over the years.

Proton’s newest models, the Proton S70 and Proton X90, are equipped with advanced features like the Fatigue Driving Reminder System (FDRS), aimed at reducing driver fatigue and enhancing safety.

Proton’s 5-Star Rated Models

Proton’s best-selling SUVs, the Proton X50 and Proton X70, have both achieved 5-star safety ratings. The 2024 Proton X50, for instance, is equipped with six SRS airbags, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), level two Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), showcasing the company’s commitment to integrating advanced safety technologies.


Jaguar has officially ended production of the F-Type sports car, marking the end of an era for the iconic model. The final example produced, a V8 Convertible, will join the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust and be part of the official Jaguar Heritage collection. This notable piece of Jaguar history is finished in Giola Green, featuring a black roof and a Tan Windsor leather interior, echoing the configuration of the last E-Type built 50 years ago.

Heritage and Legacy
The F-Type’s inclusion in the heritage collection is significant, as it honours Jaguar’s long-standing tradition of creating celebrated sports cars. This final F-Type will be showcased at various special events throughout the year, allowing enthusiasts and the public to appreciate its place in the brand’s storied legacy.


The Porsche 718, encompassing both the Boxster and Cayman models, has long been a staple in the automaker’s lineup, offering a more affordable yet highly capable sports car experience. However, it has been clear for years regarding its future, and it seems the transition to an all-electric 718 is imminent. According to recent reports, the current generation of the 718 (the 982) will cease production in October 2025, marking the end of its run as an internal combustion engine (ICE) car.

This information comes from Twitter user Zerin Dube, who shared an image purportedly from Porsche’s dealer portal. The screen capture indicates a bulletin sent to Porsche dealers, highlighting updated product and sales information, including the projected discontinuation date for the current 718 model. This aligns with the expected timeline for the launch of its electric successor, anticipated to arrive in 2025 or 2026.

A Look Back at the 718’s Legacy

The Porsche 718 model line dates back to 1996 with the debut of the Boxster, named in homage to the lightweight 1957 race car. The introduction of the Cayman, the hardtop variant of the Boxster, followed and together, these models have not only matched their market segment but often punched above their weight. Many enthusiasts believe the 718 could have rivalled the 911 in terms of performance if not for the internal brand politics that ensured the 911 remained Porsche’s flagship sports car.


The Shift to Electric

The decision to end the ICE era for the 718 comes amidst evolving automotive regulations and a global shift towards electric vehicles (EVs). Notably, the 718 has already been pulled from the market in Europe due to a new EU cybersecurity law, underscoring the increasing regulatory challenges for traditional combustion engines.

The forthcoming electric 718 aims to retain the core driving dynamics that Porsche enthusiasts cherish. Unlike some EVs that prioritise extreme horsepower and long range, the electric 718 will focus on maintaining a lightweight structure to ensure superior handling and performance. This approach aligns with Porsche’s commitment to preserving the driving experience, even as it transitions to electric powertrains.

2022 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 ePerformance

Future Prospects

The shift to an electric powertrain might offer the 718 an opportunity to step out of the 911’s shadow. The electric 718 could potentially unlock new levels of performance and innovation, allowing Porsche to explore the true potential of this model without the constraints of internal combustion engines. Additionally, the introduction of a hybrid 911 alongside the electric 718 suggests a broader strategy to modernise Porsche’s sports car lineup while maintaining their storied legacy.

In conclusion, while the end of the ICE 718 marks the closing of a significant chapter in Porsche’s history, it also heralds the beginning of a new era. The transition to electric power offers exciting possibilities for the 718, promising to deliver the performance and driving pleasure that Porsche is renowned for, in a more sustainable and future-ready package.

Careless and reckless attitudes among express bus drivers are putting passengers’ safety at risk, particularly during festive seasons, according to Stien Van Lutam, the director of the Kedah Road Transport Department (RTD).

According to NST, during an undercover operation conducted by the RTD yesterday, two express bus drivers were caught violating regulations, including using mobile phones while driving. One of the drivers, a 61-year-old, was transporting 30 passengers from Alor Star to Kuala Lumpur.

“The driver was caught using his mobile phone near Taman Wira in Mergong, Alor Star, at 8:45 AM,” Van Lutam reported. “Later, at 9:06 AM, he pulled over at an undesignated location to pick up parcels and passengers at Km43.6 of the North-South Expressway (Plus).”

The driver received two compounds issued by an undercover RTD enforcement officer as part of the Hari Raya Aidiladha Operation 2024. For using his mobile phone, he was fined RM300, and for stopping at an undesignated location, he received an RM150 fine.

Van Lutam highlighted the worrying trend of express bus drivers exhibiting careless and reckless behaviour, which poses a significant risk to passenger safety. “Whenever drivers fail to show competency, they put passengers at risk of accidents, including potentially fatal ones,” he said.

In response to these issues, the RTD is conducting proactive inspections at two main express bus terminals during the Hari Raya Aidiladha festive season to enhance the safety, quality, and reliability of express buses.


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