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Design Details Of smart #3 SUV Coupe Revealed

A year after beginning a new model era with the smart #1, smart has now released preliminary design details of its next model, a SUV coupe which will be called smart #3. Like the smart #1, this new model has also been designed by Mercedes-Benz Design, the German carmaker being a partner in the company together with Geely.

To be displayed at Auto Shanghai 2023 next month, the smart #3 (hashtag 3) has another interpretation of the brand’s visual identity, this one being even sportier. The exterior form is defined by athletic curves and shaped by organically connected lines like the smart #1.

Tips On Getting Your Luggage First After Landing

So when we came across an article by Hong Kong based publication DimSum about tips to on how to get your luggage quicker, we thought it would be good to share. Here’s the gist of it:

Dealing With Parking Bay Squatters

Parking nowadays can be really hard to come by, especially in busy areas such as shopping malls. The two-hour limit parking system is a solution by the government which works just fine. That is not the issue that people are dealing with right now. It’s the existence of parking bay squatters.

Big Increases in February Sales For Most Brands With 29% Higher Cumulative Volume

After the drop at the start of the year, sales for almost all brands picked up again in February, even though this is the shortest month of the year and typically sees low sales. However, with the urgency to deliver vehicles to those customers who had booked prior to the June 30 2022 deadline for sales tax exemption, many companies rushed to get vehicles registered.

Data source: Monthly reports of Malaysian Automotive Association.

Among the non-Malaysian makes, Toyota has again gotten off to strong start as an indication of its determination to retain the lead in the segment. However, Honda will be putting in a strong challenge this year as it has announced that there will be three all-new models, one of which is known to be the WR-V compact SUV. This takes the brand into Perodua and Proton territory as it will be a rival for the Ativa as well as the X50.

The erratic production volumes reflect the disruptions caused by shortage of parts, especially microprocessors which are needed for the many electronic systems in today’s vehicles. Just one microprocessor not available and the vehicle cannot be completed. Some manufacturers have even taken to sending vehicles out with some features omitted due to the systems lacking the necessary microprocessor. However, some stability is beginning and the plants are able to push out more vehicles.

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March should see higher numbers as well since it is the final month for deliveries of those long outstanding orders. It’s also usually a strong month because it is the end of the financial year for some car companies, so there is maximum effort to close their books with the best numbers of the year. And there are also promotions for the Hari Raya festive season to attract buyers.

Click here for more videos at The Piston Show.

Subaru To Replace STI With STe Badge

Subaru said a year ago that there wouldn’t be a WRX STI for the next generation since the company was focusing on electric models in the future.

With the now-standalone WRX being the brand’s only current performance vehicle in North America, it would make the most sense for either a hybridized performance WRX variation to replace the original STI or a totally electrified vehicle.

Ford Australia Introduces A Baby Raptor, The Wildtrak X

To fill the gap between the Wildtrak and the Raptor in terms of off-road capability and on-road comfort, Ford Australia has introduced the Wildtrak X variant for the Ranger.

In addition to a list of already existing standard equipment, the new trim, which is also available on the pickup from the previous generation, gets enhanced suspension, a wider track, and improved ground clearance.

Updated Hyundai Sonata Revealed With Sportier Looks

While the early Hyundai Sonatas had a formal design language as it was largely presented as an executive sedan, the sixth generation onwards from 2009 saw a transformation of its image with the ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ design language. From this more advanced look, the Sonata has evolved to become a bigger car too and by the eighth generation, ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ design language (first previewed in the Le Fil Rouge concept) was adopted.

The eighth generation is still in production, having made its debut in 2019 (October 2020 in Malaysia), and although there are rumours that it will be discontinued, Hyundai Motor has still one more facelift to go through before ending the model line.

Mitsubishi To Sell Only EVs and Hybrids by Mid-2030s

The Japanese automaker has announced a new strategy to keep up with the electric competitive market by strengthening its electrification approach.

By the middle of the following decade, Mitsubishi plans for hybrid and electric vehicles to make up all new automobile sales.

Formula E: 1-2-3 Finish For Jaguar Powered Cars In Sao Paulo e-Prix

Formula E is a truly world championship: in just 6 rounds, the event has been held at venues in 5 different regions of the world – Central America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and this weekend, South America for the Sao Paulo e-Prix.

The Brazilian city hosted a round of the all-electric single-seater championship for the first time this year. Like the other venues, the event ran on a street circuit and this 2.96-km one was challenging with the high speeds possible. The drivers raced their Gen3 cars along roads with long straights normally reserved for carnival floats and revelry

Blueshark Offers Alternative Personal Mobility With Zero Emissions

While public transport is a popular means of commuting in many countries, it is, unfortunately, less appealing to Malaysians. This is partly due to the various issues that affect punctuality as well as accessibility, discouraging many from using public transport systems more. We often read of delays and disruptions on rail lines and buses seem to be unpredictable in their frequencies.

Thus personal mobility, where one has better control of travelling, is preferred even if it means putting up with congestion and then looking for parking spaces. For many, it may be better than standing on a platform waiting for a train to come – and then find that some technical problem has suspended services and an alternative way to get to office has to be found.

Using a car does mean enduring congestion daily and parking charges can also be high. An alternative to a car would be a two-wheeler which cuts through jams and is generally easy to park almost anywhere. It’s also cheap to maintain and the only thing you have to accept is that when it rains, then your journey will be interrupted.

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Design Details Of smart #3 SUV Coupe Revealed

A year after beginning a new model era with the smart #1, smart has now released preliminary design details of its next...