Video: We drive the Honda City Turbo 2 and Honda Motocompo from 1982!

Did you know that Honda introduced a solution to traffic jams in the 80s? This involved a foldable mini motorcycle that could be placed at the back of the Honda City Turbo. It was Honda’s solution to urban mobility back when it was not even an issue. Talk about fore sight. In this video we […]

Video: Beautifully Restored 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Driven!

There’s something truly romantic about driving classic Italians. Get behind the wheel and almost immediately it feels like there’s an orchestra playing in your head. Something along the likes of Luciano Pavarotti enthralling you his best operatic performance. Or Nino Rota serenading you with the theme to ‘The Godfather’. There’s just something other wordly about […]