TyreSafe urges drivers not to fully rely on TPMS for tyre safety

Modern day cars, especially the higher end ones, are fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems or TPMS. And even if that isn’t the case with lower end ones, there are plethora of aftermarket kits that offer the same level of functionality if not more.

A tyre pressure monitoring system does have its advantages. It serves as an early warning system to drivers, notifying them when there is a sudden drop in tyre pressure, which could indicate a puncture. This will allow him/her enough time to get the problem sorted out before its too late.

Apart from this, TPMS can also indicate to drivers when the air in each tyre requires topping up. As soon as air pressures drop below the normal values, TPMS will activate an indication light on the meter cluster to warn drivers of an issue.

Though this may seem like a Godsend, TyreSafe, a company in the UK has taken it upon itself to remind vehicle owners that they shouldn’t rely solely on TPMS for tyre safety. TPMS has its uses, it has proven to have improved driver awareness as far as tyre pressures are concerned.

That said, TPMS does not warn drivers of the condition of their tyres and whether they have sufficient tread depth left. These two criteria are just as important as air pressures are, when it comes to tyre safety. Tyres that have heavily degraded could disintegrate at any moment in time, posing a major threat to vehicle safety.

TPMS is a reliable technology and should work well for a significant amount of time, but this does not mean that they are safe from malfunctions or failures. This is because batteries of the wheel-mounted sensors can ran out of power or the sensors themselves, can provide inaccurate readings over time.

This is why the UK based company is urging vehicle owners to remain vigilant and ensure that their TPMS is monitored regularly for signs of failure. This way, the chances of them failing could be considerably less than usual.

Your tyres are what connect your vehicle to the road. And regardless of how sophisticated your on-board electronic driver aids are, they won’t be able to do much good if the tyres aren’t up to the task at hand. Looking after your tyres are just as important as the attention given to the engine and gearbox.