Bentley Kuala Lumpur Introduces New Continental GT

What colour is that? Exclaimed one of the guests in front of me during the official unveiling of the new Continental GT at Bentley Kuala Lumpur recently, and indeed, it’s quite an amazing shade of silver. So, once again redefining the benchmark of luxury grand touring in the industry, the new Conti GT has arrived.

“Designed, engineered and handcrafted in Britain, the new, third-generation Bentley Continental GT combines spirited, focused performance with handcrafted luxury and cutting-edge technology, to create the finest Grand Tourer ever produced.” – Bentley.

“Tonight, we celebrate not only the debut of the new Continental GT, but also a showcase of Bentley’s revolutionary design and engineering achievements. The all-new Continental GT marks another milestone for Bentley, setting the benchmark for luxury grand touring yet again with its unique combination of luxury and performance”, explained Jerry Lee, Managing Director of Wearnes Quest (above, right)

The launch featured the evolution of the Bentley Continental GT, drawing inspiration from the R-Type Continental 66 years ago that created a template and inspiration for the future of Bentley. Since then, the first generation of the Continental GT in 2003 has created a benchmark of revolutionary, luxury design, technology and performance, reflecting the best in class of each respective generation. You can read more about the new GT after the photo gallery below…

“It encapsulates Bentley’s desire to innovate while staying true to its design DNA, continuously evolving to shape the future of luxury and the future of performance. It is specially crafted for discerning Bentley owners and the new generation, who understand and thrive with real power, luxury and innovation – the future of Bentley Kuala Lumpur.” said Jerry.

NB: Due to overwhelming response prior to the launch, the new Continental GT will only be available for viewing by appointment, call +60 3 2162 2033Customer deliveries and handovers of the new GT in Malaysia will commence towards the end of Q2 2018. Estimated price from RM1.9million before GST.

New Bentley Continental GT Full Specifications: 02 Bentley Vehicle Technical Specifications – New Continental GT

New Bentley Continental GT Launch Photo Gallery…

 More on The New Bentley Continental GT

At the heart of the new Continental GT sits an all-new, enhanced version of Bentley’s renowned 6.0-litre, twin-turbocharged W12 TSI engine, mated, for the first time, to a dual-clutch eight-speed transmission, for faster, more efficient gear change.

A new, technically advanced, adaptive chassis uses Bentley’s intelligent 48-volt Dynamic Ride System to ensure a responsive ride and exceptional handling and refinement in all road conditions. The new system controls ride comfort and lateral roll, cushioning passengers from excessive movement, as well as making the car feel effortlessly precise.

The muscular exterior design, created using revolutionary technology, results in a lightweight, yet stiff body. The engine is positioned further back to improve weight distribution, resulting in driver focused, dynamic performance.

Offering four seats and improved luggage capacity for genuine real-world usability, the new Bentley Continental GT’s luxurious cabin is packed with exquisite details including a new ‘diamond in diamond’ leather design. In addition, significant work has gone into harmonising the extensive portfolio of 15 colours across hides and carpets.

The new Continental GT also showcases major evolutions in Bentley’s unique application of technology. An advanced, fully digital, driver-focused instrument panel and Bentley Rotating Display for the driver are among the suite of innovations. The latter features an impressive 12.3” touchscreen housed in a three-sided unit, which revolves the veneer to reveal the touchscreen, as well as three elegant analogue dials.

The interior design of the Continental GT is tailored specifically to the modern luxury customer, with unrivalled attention to detail that creates an effortless ownership experience. The cabin seamlessly integrates cutting-edge onboard technology with the finest handcrafted natural materials. The result is an exquisite, harmonised, connected and luxurious space.