It’s discount time again! Pay 50% less if you settle your summons between January 18 and February 1.

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It’s discount time again from Malaysia’s traffic police department. Following the incentive offered during Christmas, the police will be offering a 50% discount on compoundable fines for certain summonses.  As always, the discount is expected to encourage motorists to settle their summonses, and if they still don’t do so, they will be subject to blacklisting and a warrant of arrest could be issued.

The period that the discount will be offered is from January 18 to February 1, 2020. During the Christmas campaign, motorists had to go to the police station to make the payment and at the Traffic Police headquarters in Jalan Tun HS Lee, the queues were very long.

To reduce such inconvenience, the PDRM will accept e-payments via MyEG and Rilek.com.my. This approach benefits both sides – motorists don’t have to queue up for a long time and processing can be done by the police electronically. To use both MyEG and Rilek.com.my will first require registration (no charge) and then the various services can be accessed. Both portals have a service charge of RM2 for each transaction made.

Rilex MyEG

For MyEG, the PDRM-related services available are enquiries about outstanding summonses (you may discover some you never realized you had!), purchase of accident documents and payment of summonses. You can also register with MyEG for a service which alerts you if a summons has been issued for your vehicle.

Rilek.com.my, like MyEG, provides an easy facility for the public to check whether they have any outstanding summons and then make payments, if the offence is compoundable. Generally, offences for illegal parking or exceeding the speed limit have compoundable fines up to RM300. However, the ones relating to serious offences like accidents and which will be subject to court cases may not be compoundable.

Up to 50% discount on traffic summonses on December 24 & 26


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