Toyota Eco Youth program continues to cultivate environmental consciousness

The Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) Program began 20 years ago and has become an annual event which UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) continues to run. Even the ‘new normal’ brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic did not dampen UMW Toyota  Motor’s efforts to cultivate environmental consciousness among Malaysia’s younger generation.

Spirit of inclusivity and freedom of ideas
For its 20th year, the event has an aptly coined theme – Reimagining Mobility – to promote the spirit of inclusivity and freedom of ideas as the foundation for creation of safe and eco-friendly mobility, despite the challenges of the  pandemic.

Toyota Eco Youth 2020-2021

Digital/online platform
In view of the pandemic conditions, the format has been revised to run on a fully online platform. Launched in January 2021  (for secondary school students aged 13 – 16 years old), it attracted the participation of 282 teams  from 177 schools, the highest ever participation recorded by the program.

The adaptability of the program into a digital/online platform has included interactive e-learning  lessons and workshops which proved to be highly effective. All in all, school teams were able  to showcase their ideas through impressively produced videos and online presentations.

Toyota Eco Youth 2020-2021

Toyota Eco Youth 2020-2021

Since last December, 16 shortlisted teams have been formulating their proposals which were  posted in social media channels for the public to view. Additionally, each team developed a  podcast episode presented on Spotify.

The final judging phase in April saw 10 finalists being selected and the winning teams will be chosen after making their respective ‘pitches’ through live presentations on May 29, 2021.

Waste and recycling themes
Addressing the issue of waste and recycling were popular themes for the proposals. Showcasing impressive capability for innovation and advanced technology, many schools put forward ideas for digital smart tools, supported by carefully built prototypes.

Toyota Eco Youth 2020-2021

Toyota Eco Youth 2020-2021

Prize money doubled
“As always, we are highly impressed by the quality of the projects and the innovative ideas  proposed. It is never easy for our judges to choose the best as everyone is a winner in their own way,” said President of UMW Toyota Motor, Ravindran K.

This year, UMWT has doubled the prize money to further reward ingenuity amongst the youth.  Winning teams stand a chance to win cash prizes from a RM64,000 prize pool.

About the Toyota Eco Youth program
The program began 20 years ago in collaboration with the Malaysian  Ministry of Education. Over the course of two decades, 258 schools, 1,910 secondary school students and 762 teachers. Have participated.

Each year, challenging and interesting themes have been provided, and participants have come  up with innovative solutions and proposals applicable to their school or community. Over RM7 million has been spent by UMWT to run the program annually.

An annual event that has the participation of secondary schools from all over the country.

“Toyota Motor Corporation and UMW Toyota Motor are proud to be playing a part in cultivating environment consciousness and innovative thinking for the young generation. This year, we are pleased to share our vision for mobility with these students. It is assuring to know  that the next generation will be ready to face new challenges that arise as we all strive to make our planet a more mobile and inclusive place for everyone,” said Akio Takeyama, Deputy Chairman of UMW Toyota Motor.

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