Special Edition of Honda HR-V available, priced at RM105,363.85

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Honda Malaysia today announced the availability of a limited number of Honda HR-V Special Edition models with enhanced safety features. The limited edition SE version comes with Blind Spot Detection (BSD) to detect and alert the driver of vehicles or motorcyclists coming up in the blind spot behind and along the sides.

While Honda has installed the camera-based LaneWatch blindspot system in many models, the BSD for the HR-V SE is a simpler system using proximity sensors in the bodywork. When another vehicle is detected, the driver will be alerted so that he or she will not make a turn or change lanes and cause an accident.

Other active safety features
Additional safety features using the same sensors in the bodywork include Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) which monitors the traffic situation on either side as the vehicle is reversing out of a parking bay. This is especially useful as the driver often cannot see the road on either side because the view is blocked by other vehicles. RCTA sends out signals on both sides from the bumper sensors and if a vehicle is approaching, the driver will receive a warning and can then stop the vehicle’s movement.

The sensors that are used for BSD are also used for the Door Opening Warning system, a feature that has appeared in recent years. It may not be a very common accident but people still do open doors without checking behind and can cause an accident. If the sensors pick up an approaching object – like a cyclist – the occupant will be warned just before opening the door.

There is also Lane Change Assist (LCA) which will make it safer for the driver when intending to move into another lane. This should not be mistaken for the Lane Keeping Assist which is one of the technologies in the Honda SENSING driver assistance suite. From what we can gather, LCA is an extension of BSD and helps the driver change lanes when it is safe to do so.

Extra equipment
Apart from the enhancements in safety, the HR-V SE doesn’t have any other technical differences from the 1.8-litre versions. However, a Digital Video Recorder (more commonly referred to as a dashcam), boot tray and boot organiser are included in the HR-V SE. The price of RM105,363.95 excludes insurance and sales tax (until the end of 2021) and includes a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty as well as free labour services (terms and conditions apply).

Visit www.honda.com.my or any authorised Honda showroom in Malaysia for more information.

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