BMW Group Malaysia continues to help B40 income group with subsidies for childseats

BMW Group Malaysia has been among the more supportive car companies with regard to the introduction of childseats by car-owners. As far back as 2019, the company was already running a subsidy programme to help parents in the B40 income group to purchase childseats required when the mandatory requirement came into effect in 2020.

Now it has announced the NEXTStep Subsidy Programme in collaboration with long-term partner Safe ‘n Sound, to provide fully subsidised childseats to parents in the B40 income group. This programme is part of the BMW Safety 360° initiative. It follows on from the successful subsidy programme that saw over 300 childseats delivered to parents across Malaysia since the end of 2019.

The new subsidy programme will provide parents with childseats for children of up to 36 kgs with donations previously made by BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia.

Over the past 2 years, BMW Group Malaysia has provided subsidies for parents in the B40 income to purchase childseats.

“For over eight years, the BMW Safety 360° initiative has focused on raising awareness and encouraging action amongst families for more responsible road and car safety practices in Malaysia. Although we have placed a strong emphasis on child carseats in recent years with our many programmes and partnerships to advocate for the use of these seats, we recognise that the issue of low uptake must be tackled beyond verbal advocacy and partial subsidies, especially within communities that are in need in a time like this. With the NEXTStep Subsidy Programme, we aim to continue making child safety seats even more accessible to parents who can use a helping hand, ” said Hans de Visser, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia.

How to apply
The NEXTStep Subsidy Programme is applicable for families expecting a newborn or with a child up to 36 kgs, and whose monthly household income is below RM3,500. Parents can register at the Safe ‘n Sound website from now until May 22, 2022. Eligible applicants will be notified by Safe ‘n Sound via a WhatsApp to the contact number they provide.

Selected parents from outside the Klang Valley will be notified on the delivery status, while parents within the Klang Valley will be informed of a date, time and place to pick-up their new childseat. A suitable seat will be selected for the recipient according to their child’s respective weight and height, as well as vehicle requirement.

The range of fully subsidised childseats and prices (including shipping fees to recipients outside the Klang Valley) are shown below:

“For those still traveling back from their hometowns with their children, we would urge parents to think of their children’s safety by ensuring the right child car seats are used while on the road,” Mr. de Visser added.

BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia contributes over RM200,000 to BMW Safety 360° subsidy programme