GENTARI To Provide Clean, Green New Energy Mobility Solutions

GENTARI Sdn Bhd, which was established in June this year, had its official launch by the Prime Minister recently, raising its presence among Malaysians. The company, formerly known as PETRONAS Gas & New Energy Sdn Bhd, aims to become a one-stop integrated clean energy solutions provider, beginning with a suite of renewable energy, hydrogen and green mobility solutions for commercial, industrial, and retail applications.

Having begun operations earlier under its old name, GENTARI has already embarked upon a series of initiatives and collaborations in its mission to rank amongst the world’s leading clean energy companies. Guided by the Net Zero Carbon Emission 2050 goals of PETRONAS, it has set a course to ensure that PETRONAS continues to evolve as a cleaner and renewable energy provider, while supporting the energy transition.

GENTARI aims to differentiate itself from the competition through an integrated model, which seeks to fulfil multiple aspects of each customer’s needs through a portfolio of net zero solutions that cut across the electron value chain, by partnering them to remove hurdles in the journey towards net zero.

While it will secure support from PETRONAS during its growth phase, GENTARI will operate as an independently managed entity and will seek financing opportunities to accelerate its growth in order to both meet existing demands and explore emerging energy technologies.


“Since our announcement earlier this year, GENTARI has been making steady progress in its efforts to supply lower carbon energy and help its customers both in Malaysia and beyond to reduce their carbon emissions. This was delivered by providing affordable and accessible solutions and systems, enabled by scale of production and infrastructure. As we work towards realizing GENTARI’s aspirations, we also hope to significantly contribute towards national renewable energy goals by helping our local customers transition to cleaner energy sources,” said the Chairman of GENTARI, Datuk Tengku Muhammad Taufik.

Besides supporting PETRONAS’ commitment to Malaysia’s own Green House Gas emission reduction agenda, GENTARI will also help to achieve the Twelfth Malaysia Plan (2021-2025) targets. These require 31% of the country’s total installed energy capacity to be renewable by 2025, while the Malaysia Renewable Energy Roadmap has the target of 40% renewable energy by 2035.

GENTARI’s suite of renewable energy, hydrogen and green mobility solutions will be applied locally and internationally. In Renewable Energy, GENTARI will build an overall energy capacity of 30-40 GW in key markets by 2030, through utility-scale projects across solar, onshore and offshore wind, and battery storage, targeting commercial, industrial, and retail customers. To date, GENTARI already has 1.1 GWp of renewable energy capacity in operations and under development globally.

GENTARI is also playing a critical role in PETRONAS’ decarbonisation efforts groupwide, which include Malaysia’s largest single solar rooftop installation (7.4 MWp) recently at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, and solar rooftop installations currently underway at some 60 PETRONAS stations.

For Hydrogen, GENTARI aims to offer cost-competitive low carbon hydrogen solutions via a comprehensive global supply network for both export and domestic demand, with an aspiration to produce up to 1.2 mtpa of clean hydrogen by 2030.

This segment will target industrial, power and transportation customers, particularly the early adopters. To date, GENTARI has already signed 12 Memoranda of Understanding with international partners for project development in Malaysia, India and the Middle East as well as customers in East Asia, covering initiatives to explore the development of green hydrogen projects and its transportation, advocacy on policy and regulations to support the hydrogen industry, and studies on a low-carbon ammonia supply chain, amongst others.

GENTARI’s Green Mobility commitments include supporting the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem by capturing a 10% market share. To deliver this, it is estimated GENTARI will need to set 25,000 public charging points across key markets in Asia Pacific by 2030, with a mid-term target of up to 9,000 public charging points by 2026, anchoring its presence in Malaysia and India. It is also offering Vehicle-as-a-Service (VaaS) solutions starting with Light-duty Electric Vehicles, as well as value-added services such as digital platforms, data analytics and advertising.

Currently, GENTARI has already installed more than 190 charging points, and delivered a mix of over 250 electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers as part of its green mobility fleet in India and Malaysia. Through the VaaS offering in India, GENTARI has achieved 1,000,000 clean kilometres, equivalent to 83.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduction.

In supporting PETRONAS’ groupwide decarbonisation efforts through an integrated model, GENTARI has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with PETRONAS Refinery and Petrochemical Corporation Sdn Bhd to collaborate on introducing a Zero Emissions vehicle fleet supported by EV charging points, and exploring the potential for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at the Pengerang Integrated Complex, one of the biggest integrated petrochemical facilities in the region.

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