Motorist Super App Now Available For Malaysia As Well

Motorist, an online automotive concierge platform which has been available in Singapore since 2015, and in Malaysia since 2018. It is now expanding its scope with services comparable to what is offered to motorists in Singapore with the launch of the Motorist Super App for Malaysia.

The app for smartphones and tablets offers a full range of services and information that relates to vehicle ownership, besides also being a place for buying and selling vehicles. It encompasses matters pertaining to driving, managing and maintaining the vehicle from the time it is purchased until the time it is sold.

With the launch of the Super App for Malaysia, Motorist has also included safety ratings of some 150 models which have been assessed by ASEAN NCAP (the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian countries). This information is made available through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) which is involved in ASEAN NCAP.

Information on the Motorist Super App includes ASEAN NCAP ratings for many models as well as links to traffic cameras.

“We are excited to introduce the Super App to vehicle owners in Malaysia and to collaborate with MIROS to drive awareness on vehicle safety through the app,” said Martin Belson, General Manager of Motorist Technology Sdn Bhd which operates the Motor Super App.

Mr. Belson said that the inclusion of ASEAN NCAP ratings (which will be updated as more new models are assessed) is one of the value-added services. “By providing such information, those who are buying a vehicle will be able to make a more informed decision on the level of safety provided.”

Other services available include reminders for roadtax expiry and insurance renewal. Over the past few years, Motorists has signed on partners in the insurance industry and also has over 2,100 certified automotive partners for other services. Users will be able to save time by receiving competitive quotes within 24 hours for motor insurance for vehicles they want to buy.

The Super App’s smart tools and services include alerts on summonses and should traffic fines can be paid online as the app will connect to relevant payment portals. If there are vehicle recalls, these will also be drawn to the attention of owners of the relevant models (if the recall is applicable to the Malaysian market).

The app also has a link to live feeds of traffic cameras on all major highways so motorists can check on traffic and road conditions before they start their journey. In addition, with the app’s ‘Co-Driver’ feature, users will receive real-time audio alerts when approaching police enforcement camera zones, as well as reminders to drive more responsibly.

Through its Super App, Motorist will also help to create communities of owners of various vehicle models. This will enable owners to share information on their experiences with the model which may be beneficial.

As the same app is also used in Singapore and Thailand, those who drive to the two countries will still be able to enjoy similar features with the information switched to the country. Mr. Belson said that the aim is to reduce the number of apps that one has to refer to on a smartphone, hence the extensive range of features on the Motorist Super App which is available for download and installation at no charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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