Tips On Getting Your Luggage First After Landing

So when we came across an article by Hong Kong based publication DimSum about tips to on how to get your luggage quicker, we thought it would be good to share. Here’s the gist of it:

Fragile sticker

You can request that the agent at the check-in desk put a ‘fragile sticker’ on your bag. Fragile bags will normally be loaded last and released ahead of the other bags. Also, they might experience less wear and tear. The drawback of this strategy is that occasionally, staff members fail to notice these stickers.

Last to check-in

“Bags will always be loaded front to back on the bag carts, so if you check in last, your bags will be in the last bag cart, which will make them the last on the aircraft, and the first off the aircraft at your destination. If they are the first off the aircraft, they will most likely be the first on the bag carts and then the first to be unloaded at baggage claim,” says gate agent Thomas Lo Sciuto.

Be kind

Be kind to the counter and gate agents to increase your chances of getting your baggage out early. Lo Sciuto says that these employees are more inclined to go above and above to assist you if you are friendly with them. This might entail anything from making sure your luggage is loaded aboard the aircraft first to making sure it receives extra care when it lands.

It’s important to remember that these methods aren’t failsafe, and there’s always a chance that your bag could get delayed or misplaced. It might be worthwhile to try if you’re willing to take the risk.

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