Ford Patents Idea For Turning Multiple Cars Into A Combined Surround Sound System

Just when you thought that the ricer going around your neighbourhood blasting music is loud, Ford is taking it to another level. A new patent recently filed by Ford can now allow multiple cars to sync their stereos together to make one giant sound system. That’s right, now there’ll be a pack of them around your neighbourhood.

What does the Ford Multi-Vehicle Audio System allow you to do? Well, you could park two cars, one on either side of the party, and have a split sound system with left and right speakers instead of carrying speakers, an amplifier, and power outdoors.

A few diagrams of up to four cars that are utilised to play music simultaneously may be seen in the patent documentation. Even different configurations for the cars are shown in the schematics to provide listeners the finest possible audio and audiovisual experience.

Ford not only demonstrates how to set up this four-car system but also explains that the Multi-Vehicle Audio System was designed with autonomous EVs in mind. Once connected, Ford EVs will be able to sync with one another and arrange the moving speaker systems on their own with the push of a button.

Of course, the technology would function just as well without autonomous vehicles. All that would be necessary before syncing the vehicles to play would be for them to be physically parked in the appropriate position. According to the patent, cars would utilise GPS and wireless communication to locate themselves in the audio system and play the appropriate channel content in accordance.

According to The Drive, Ford has yet to comment on the patent and any future plans to put it into production.

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