Malaysia’s First Mobile Charging Vehicle Presented By BMW Group Malaysia And EV Connection

BMW Group Malaysia has launched a first-of-its-kind mobile-charging second-life battery programme, partnering with EV Connection to repurpose batteries from existing electrified BMW and MINI vehicles that have reached the end of their lifecycle as mobile EV chargers.

Sashi Ambi, Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainability of BMW Group Malaysia said, “The repurposing of these end-of-life batteries from our electrified vehicles essentially places them back into the loop to continue serving the EV ecosystem, after they have completed their lifecycle in our vehicles. The closing of this loop recognises the significant value of the precious metals that are in our batteries, which are finite resources on this planet, and prolongs their use as much as possible before they are eventually retired. Our partnership with EV Connection addresses the
crucial role we play as leaders in the field of electromobility to not only develop the EV landscape, but to do so in a way that is both circular and responsible.”

Dr. Che Hang Seng, Technical Director at EV Connection Sdn Bhd said, “EV Connection is honoured to be part of this unprecedented innovative initiative with a trusted automotive brand such as BMW in the development of this mobile charger. It is our hope that we will be able to elevate the range anxiety of EV drivers and contribute towards driving the Electrified Mobility revolution in Malaysia.”

From data centre backup to mobile EV charging solutions, the second-life battery programme aims to shift the mindset of recycling automotive waste to repurposing, giving batteries a more meaningful second life while also encouraging the development of sustainable innovation and the sharing of technological know-how.

The prototype Mobile Charging Vehicle is powered by 16 recycled BMW battery modules with an estimated State of Health (SoH) of 70%. The system is designed with a capacity of 20kWh and can deliver up to 30kVA three-phase AC power on demand. The Mobile Charging Vehicle, when combined with a 30kW DC charger located at the back of the vehicle, can rescue up to two EVs and supply them with enough range to reach the nearest charging station.

Furthermore, at full capacity, the Mobile Charging Vehicle can power up to eight homes in disaster zones.

The second-life battery scheme is part of BMW Group Malaysia’s RE:GENERATE commitment to promote circularity inside the firm, with the goal of redirecting all retired EV batteries here to further increase electrification options. High-voltage solutions such as an urban charging centre, roaming generators to power communities in disaster zones, and rural electrification in the coming years are among the opportunities.

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