JPJ Urges Vehicle Owners To Update Current Addresses

In order for authorities to easily contact vehicle owners, including sending notifications after seizing their vehicles, owners must update their current addresses.

According to The Star, JPJ director Mohd Zaki Ismail stated that having a proper address allows the authorities to identify the car owner and take appropriate action for violations of Section 64(1) of the Road Transport Act.

When owners fail to claim their vehicles or do not receive the necessary notice due to address changes, a problem arises. To fix this issue, Mohd Zaki underlined the need for car owners to update their latest addresses. Failure to do so may result in the auctioning off of seized vehicles when owners fail to claim them.

Mohd Zaki said this at the Kuala Lumpur JPJ public auction, where a total of 96 vehicles with a combined value of RM214,690 were auctioned off.

Of these, 76 were deemed to be roadworthy and capable of obtaining licences, while the remaining 20 were viewed as scrap.

The auction was open only to those who had paid for the auction documents and signed them. So remember to update your current address.

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