13-Year-Old Malaysian Boy Detained For Being Part-Time Lorry Driver

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) have detained two young Malaysian brothers after they were spotted operating a Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) lorry in Shah Alam.

The older brother, who is 15 years old, was a passenger while the younger brother, who is 13 years old, was driving the truck. The brothers were apprehended when JPJ enforcement officials had suspicions about the RoRo vehicle.

Surprisingly, the brothers were part-time lorry drivers despite being significantly younger than the legal age to operate a private vehicle, much less a big commercial vehicle like the RoRo lorry. Following an investigation, it was discovered that both the vehicle and the individuals who were inside were violating various laws and rules.

Underage driving, driving with an expired licence, tinted windows, installing strobe lights, failing to display a speed limit sign, and numerous more offences fall under this category.

As a result, in accordance with Section 64(1) APJ 1987, JPJ confiscated the RoRo lorry and took it to the Ijok enforcement station. Under Section 39 APJ 1987, for underage driving, the owner of the vehicle may face a fine of up to RM2,000 or up to six months in jail or both.

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